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Regularly. Doing more things with your time.


Increasing your productivity. Improving your daily routine.This is what you can achieve with TimeTune Schedule Planner. Have you ever wondered how come some people seem to be able to do plenty of things in a single day while your time slips through your fingers? The answer is that they have a very sound and organized distribution of time. They use healthy routines and stick to them, allowing them to squeeze every minute available and do everything in their schedule. With TimeTune Schedule Planner, you can do the same.Here are some features to help you achieve it:

Cozi Family Organizer. Slack. Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business.


Copy Bubble - Aplicaciones de Android en Google Play. ■ This is an application that can easily copy and paste, memo, launcher ● You can "copy & paste" while opening other apps!

Copy Bubble - Aplicaciones de Android en Google Play

● You can make a memo while opening other apps! ● Automatically save a copy(Clipboard) history! Nimbus Note. OneNote. Organize your thoughts, discoveries, and ideas and simplify planning important moments in your life with your digital notepad.


Microsoft OneNote lets you take notes on your phone and sync them across all your devices. With OneNote, you can plan a big event, seize a moment of inspiration to create something new, and track your list of errands that are too important to forget. Take notes, write memos and make a digital sketchbook right on your phone. Capture pictures and add images to your notes. Sync notes across your devices to access them anytime, anywhere. Take notes, share ideas, organize and collaborate when you download Microsoft OneNote today. GNotes - Sync Notes with Gmail. GNotes is a simple and clear note app.

GNotes - Sync Notes with Gmail

TickTick - Todo & Task List. GTasks: Todo List & Task List – Apps para Android no Google Play. Tasks Free (Tareas) Cozi Family Organizer - Android Apps on Google Play. WorkFlowy - Android Apps on Google Play. Scan documents, organize them and access them anywhere – automatically takes on the complete filing of your documents.

WorkFlowy - Android Apps on Google Play

The most important functions at a glance: • Scan documents with the integrated scanner• Upload documents from your gallery or other applications (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox etc.)• Recover documents within seconds• Intelligent mapping of documents by categories, types and years • Automated tagging • Share documents with other applications• Access to important documents anytime and anywhere. Estrategia de Vida - Aplicaciones de Android en Google Play.

Never forget anything anymore with Life Reminders.Small oversights can have big consequences...Something to do at a given time ?

Estrategia de Vida - Aplicaciones de Android en Google Play

Medicine to take at a certain hour ? An sms to send to wish a happy birthday ? An Email to send next week ? Remember The Milk. aTimeLogger - Time Tracker - Android Apps on Google Play. RescueTime - Time Tracking. - Accurate automatic time tracking of your mobile apps- Report your voice call time- Know where your web site time is spent- Set yourself alerts and goals to manage your digital life- Flag milestones and highlight achievements- Historical productivity reports to see your progress- Privacy options to chose what you care about Wonder where your day went?

RescueTime - Time Tracking

RescueTime is an automatic time and attention tracker that helps individuals and teams propagate good processes and eliminate bad habits. Fight information overload and multitask thrash! Some fans have this to say: Tasks Free. GTasks: To-Do List & Task List. Wunderlist - To-do & Task List. Wunderlist helps millions of people around the world capture their ideas, things to do and places to see.

Wunderlist - To-do & Task List

Whether you’re sharing a grocery list with a loved one, working on a project, or planning a vacation, Wunderlist makes it easy to share your lists and collaborate with everyone in your life. Wunderlist instantly syncs between your phone, tablet and computer, so you can access your lists from anywhere. “The best to-do list app.” - The Verge Wunderlist has also been featured in The New York Times, Lifehacker, TechCrunch, CNET, The Guardian, Wired, and Vanity Fair, just to name a few. Our Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Learn more about Wunderlist at Any.DO Lista de tareas. Todoist: To-Do List, Task List. Millions use every day to remember all the tasks they want to-do and make sure they get them done.

Todoist: To-Do List, Task List

Key benefits: Seamless cloud sync, Speech recognition, Alerts, Moment, Snooze tasks, Google Task Sync, Notes, Sub tasks, Amazing Widgets, Repeating / Recurring Tasks, Missed call, Auto complete, In app actions, Gesture support & much more! ☞ Get the most out of ■ Beautiful & Functional - is beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly. ■ Always there when you need it - syncs seamlessly with the cloud so you can stay on top of just about anything across all your devices.

Toodledo - Android Apps on Google Play. From a simple checklist to full-blown project management, 2Do is an incredibly powerful, award winning, task manager that lets you focus on what's important. Zero complication. Zero frustration. Just a stunning to do list you can finally understand and use. With 2Do you get: ★ Sync tasks over-the-air on multiple devices running 2Do (including iOS, OS X) using Dropbox or Toodledo. DGT GTD & Task List [Alpha] DGT GTD is a FREE! App designed for managing tasks, todo, checklists, shopping lists and commitments that you need or want to get done.

FEATURES:- Organize tasks by folder, context, location, tags, star, and subtasks- Capability of managing infinite hierarchy levels- Advanced repeating options- Automatic tasks creation on missed calls- Nagging alarms- Organize your notes into folders- Light and dark theme- Synchronize with Keep devices in synch using your Dropbox or FTP account- Backup & Restore to Dropbox- Llama & Tasker integration- Samsung Multi Window- Scrollable/Resizable widget (only for Android 3.x and 4.x) GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company ( GTD is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.

GTD To-do List - Android Apps on Google Play. This is no ordinary to-do list app. Ultimate To-Do List gives you unique tools to help you organize, simplify, and get things done. Try it free for 2 weeks, then purchase unlimited use for $5 (US). Simple, but powerful. Pomotodo - Pomodoro meets GTD. Toodledo is an incredibly powerful tool to increase your productivity and organize your life.

More than just a to-do list, Toodledo provides you with a place to store your notes, outlines and habits. Access your data on any device or browser. GTD - App Android su Google Play. The only mail app that seamlessly integrates email and task management to Get Things Done* Quick Starter Guide: .Achieve Inbox Zero with completely customizable actions from any email (supports Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud and any IMAP & POP3 email accounts).

Use as a simple To-Do list or tap into a full GTD® productivity suite with Next Actions, Projects, Weekly Reviews and much more. “If you want that "one app to rule them all" for productivity, IQTELL does a great job. It fetches emails, includes to-do lists, lets you tag each item, and has a cool "Waiting for" category.”– Lifehacker “The Best GTD App Yet? “This application does it all. The app is fully functional while offline, and syncs data between your devices and the Web when online. Key Features * Full Task Management – actions and projects can be created from within email or independently. * Complete Email Functionality – access all your email from within the app. * Watch Lists – create ‘smart lists’ based on any search. for Android - Android Apps on Google Play.

From a simple checklist to full-blown project management, 2Do is an incredibly powerful, award winning, task manager that lets you focus on what's important. Zero complication. Zero frustration. Regularly. Thoughtback - App Android su Google Play. Fairshare – tasks and finances - Android Apps on Google Play. "Like Lifehacker for your home. " - Wired Magazine Keep your home in great shape without breaking a sweat! BrightNest helps you tackle important tasks with our home tips, personal schedule and helpful reminders. OurHome – Chores and Rewards - Android Apps on Google Play. Chore-R-Timer is a general purpose round robin timer. In the chosen use, for time slicing chores, it allows the setting of a period of time to be spent on each chore (including any rest or between time)before moving on to the next. The list cycles around endlessly until stopped by the user. It is intended to ensure each chore(task) task gets a measure of time spent on it.

However it can also be useful for helping children take turns at some activity, or perhaps for timing time spent at stations in gym. This is my first app (but has now been updated if you are running android 2.2 or above) and as such it has relatively few use cases. The main Screen is very simple it only has 3 parts, a button bar with 4 buttons(go prev next stop), a scroll-able list of chores(tasks). “Go” button starts the timer, “Stop” stops it and sets the first chore at the start of the list back as current chore. “Next” button switches to the next chore in the list of to the top of the list if at the bottom. My Job Chart - Android Apps on Google Play. Chore-R-Timer is a general purpose round robin timer.