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9 Rules For Emailing From Google Exec Eric Schmidt. Communication in the Internet Century usually means using email, and email, despite being remarkably useful and powerful, often inspires momentous dread in otherwise optimistic, happy humans.

9 Rules For Emailing From Google Exec Eric Schmidt

Here are our personal rules for mitigating that sense of foreboding: Cover of 'How Google Works,' by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg How Google Works 1. Respond quickly. There are people who can be relied upon to respond promptly to emails, and those who can’t. 2. 3. When you open a new message, you have a few options: Read enough of it to realize that you don’t need to read it, read it and act right away, read it and act later, or read it later (worth reading but not urgent and too long to read at the moment). If you do this well, then your inbox becomes a to‑do list of only the complex issues, things that require deeper thought (label these emails “take action,” or in Gmail mark them as starred), with a few “to read” items that you can take care of later. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

These 11 Hacks Will Forever Change How Your Clean Your House. They're Genius. Theconversation. Office space is one of the largest costs associated with running a business, which is why hot desking, where employees choose from a selection of available work sites rather than having an assigned workspace, has gained popularity since the 1990s.


Greater collaboration is an essential ingredient in the creative process, and one of the arguments in favour of the adoption of hot desking in organisations. But research on information processing suggests employees need space to concentrate without distractions, and interruptions inhibit creativity. 8 Google Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity. Mashable. When you have a minute to spare here and there, it can be easy to succumb to checking Facebook or playing a quick game on your phone.


After all, that's all you have time for, right? Wrong. In fact, there are plenty of productive ways you can use those minutes of free time—and since they can really add up over the days and weeks, we recommend you spend them wisely. Need some ideas? Check out the one-minute video below for 10 things you can do in just a minute that will really propel your career forward. Photo of watch courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Time Management Ninja - Tools and tips for effective time management strategies, goal setting, and motivation. AM Copy of Ninja Productivity Template 1 0. 15 Best Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Budgeting Templates For Personal And Business Use. Advertisement Budgeting has always been a time and money consuming issue, not only for the individuals but also for the business entities.

15 Best Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Budgeting Templates For Personal And Business Use

Though Office Excel has provided the spreadsheet for the calculation along with many tools based on the formulas but now, specialized templates have been developed for the purpose. Though the facility was available even in the Excel 2003 and Excel 2007, but now in Excel 2010, large number of templates are workable and are available; ‘Online’ which may be downloaded ‘Free’ from the site of Microsoft. 15 budgeting tools/template are listed and displayed below with the links to the download: Household Monthly budgetEvent BudgetPersonal BudgetQuarterly Budget AnalysisBusiness BudgetMarketing Budget PlanOperating Expense Budget PlanningTraining BudgetSmall Business Expense SheetMy Financial Plan For The YearBank Reconciliation And BudgetRoommate BudgetGroup Trip BudgetSavings Estimator Budget For Specific Time PeriodWedding Budget 1.Household Monthly Budget.

Log In or Sign Up. Blog « We talk a lot at Think Productive about avoiding meetings, and ways to achieve the goal in a different way.

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However, we mustn’t overlook the times when only a meeting will do. Image – License Some rights reserved by Sam Bald The unique facet of a meeting above almost all of the alternatives I’ve listed is that you have all the people that matter in a room together, and you can eyeball them. This means that you can really get a sense of the nuances, politics and potential commitment of all the key players. Time Management Training.

Weekly Review: Key to GTD and achieving goals. By Leo Babauta David Allen says that if you are not doing your weekly review, you are not doing GTD.

Weekly Review: Key to GTD and achieving goals

I agree completely, and I’d like to add to that: if you are not reviewing your goals weekly, you are not focused on achieving your goals. Every GTDer has put off the weekly review, sometimes for several weeks at a time. Every GTDer has felt the guilt of not doing the weekly review. Every GTDer, to live up to that title, needs to get back on the wagon and do the weekly review! It is the key to the system. In GTD, you capture everything, and process it, and use context lists for your next-actions … but things still slip through the cracks. A weekly review doesn’t have to take long if you do three things: process your inboxes on a daily basis, so you don’t have a huge pile of stuff waiting for you; set aside time dedicated to the weekly review, and clear aside all distractions; andreally focus on getting the review done quickly and completely.

Here are the basic steps to a weekly review: