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GUITARE FOLK. Mon site sur les guitares. 2014 ERG Yaakov Hoter Gypsy (Kookaburra) - This lovely Selmer inspired guitar was meticulously handcrafted in Israel to the specs of the well known guitarist and educator Yaakov Hoter.

2014 ERG Yaakov Hoter Gypsy (Kookaburra) -

While the overall design is reminiscent of the original Selmer guitar, there are some notable exceptions. The body is somewhat larger, spanning 16 1/8" across the lower bout which is the same size that Busato generally used. Additionally, the nut width is also wider, measuring just shy of 2". The back and sides are fashioned out of a nice piece of kookaburra which are bound with attractive tortoise binding. The top is spruce, the neck was constructed from two pieces of maple, and the fingerboard is ebony. Matching Handmade Acoustic Guitar Set For Sale. If you are a guitar collector, guitar player, or just someone who likes nice things, this is an amazing opportunity to own one of the most-rare set of guitars I have ever made.

Matching Handmade Acoustic Guitar Set For Sale

One of the many things that makes these guitars so special is the book matched flitch cut flamed Brazilian rosewood backs. The two guitars have perfectly matching backs, made of the most-stunning rosewood I have ever seen. The necks profiles are also carved to perfectly match so that switching from one guitar to the other is comfortable and easy. The inlays, nut and saddle, are real pre-ban Ivory with papers. The steel string has an amazing bear claw top, and the nylon string has a stunning flamed redwood top. These guitars have great play-ability and rich and powerful sound which is a good match to the visual richness and beauty of these wonderful instruments. The Cremona Hand Made Archtop Guitar. The driving force and inspiration for my work as a luthier has always been rooted in never saying a design is good enough, in relentlessly pursuing higher and higher levels of excellence, and continual refinement in vision and sound.

The Cremona Hand Made Archtop Guitar

This newest iteration of my archtop guitar model continues this tradition of continual refinement and improvement. Some of the biggest breakthroughs are those that you can not even see, but somehow you can sense even when you simply look at the guitar. One thing is for sure; the difference is unmistakable when you hear it! Among the many advancements are the total refinement of the top and back architecture, graduation, and voicing treatments. The body tuning and subtle load balancing of the top and back plates allow for even more sensitivity and power. A unique blend of oils are used in conjunction with carefully chosen resins and other ingredients that are treated with my special process taking several weeks to prepare each small batch.

Klema Guitars. Les guitares de type archtop acoustiques. Dans la réalisation de ses guitares archtop, Stefan Hahl porte une attention majeure à l’excellence de l’équilibre sonore acoustique, c'est-à-dire non amplifié.

Les guitares de type archtop acoustiques

Seul un instrument doté d’une sonorité harmonieuse, d’un bon sustain et d’un timbre agréable à l’état acoustique, pourra également exprimer ces qualités à l’état amplifié. Le prototype de ces guitares a vu le jour alors que Stefan Hahl était encore en cours de formation à la lutherie. Son idée maîtresse était la suivante : Il s’agissait de construire une guitare archtop qui soit en première ligne capable de sonner comme une guitare acoustique de premier choix mais qui, amplifiée, revête les caractéristiques sonores typiques d’une guitare de jazz. De cette idée résulte une construction résolument fondée sur un idéal sonore au niveau acoustique pur. Les principes de construction qui découlent de cette idée ont été continuellement développés au cours des années. L’avis de la presse spécialisée :

17-awesome-guitar. Swirl painting. Guitar Design. A Brilliant Rethinking Of The Fender Telecaster, Inspired By Muppets And Baseball Gloves. A wall of electric guitars looks a lot like an expensive box of Crayola crayons. You’ll spot every color you could imagine, but beyond that, there’s little variation. Every model has the same flat surfaces coated in the same monotonous texture. “The guitar rests against the body in use, but why should it be made of what appears to be in most cases cheap carbonate material and wood?” Laments designer Matthew Schneider. “Why do the ‘pearl inlays’ on the neck remain unchanged when really they are nothing more than round stickers?” “I’ve seen little to no materials and design innovation from the major guitar manufacturers, and that to me signified an empty space in the marketplace,” Schneider tells Co.Design. You’d think a quilted guitar, or one coated in biker-friendly “Back in Black” pebbled leather, would be sheer kitsch.

But the musician will be able to feel the difference, all the same. Paul Fischer - Luthier - Home. Artinger Custom Guitars - Gallery. 2009 - John Flannery - Korina Brazilian Electric #078. Lin Keefe Luthier - Maker of Quality Guitars & Mandolins - Gallery. Jackson® Guitars. Myka Guitars - Handcrafted Custom Guitars - Options/Pricing, Seattle guitars, custom guitars, custom electric guitars, custom archtop guitars, custom acoustic guitars, custom semihollow guitars, custom hollowbody guitars, custom luthier, custom lutherie, Pricing and Ordering All of my instruments can be customized to suit your specific needs as player.

Myka Guitars - Handcrafted Custom Guitars - Options/Pricing, Seattle guitars, custom guitars, custom electric guitars, custom archtop guitars, custom acoustic guitars, custom semihollow guitars, custom hollowbody guitars, custom luthier, custom lutherie,

The base prices are as follows with links to examples: Jerry's Guitars. Harp Guitar Images - Unidentified European Instruments. David Antony Reid Luthier : : Guitars designed, made and repaired. Om Sympitar. William Jeffrey Jones Guitars - Official website. Ervin Somogyi: Guitar Models. 2005 Dragonfly Deluxe #027. NAMM Oddities 2004 - Guitars. Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Customer Gallery. Rickenbacker Guitar Factory Tour - Part 3/3. Ibanez Guitars. Vashon Guitar Company Our Guitars. Presents Dangerous Curves: The Art of the Guitar. The 6 Most Ridiculous Guitar Designs. In the world of music, there's always going to be innovation, creativity, and products of intense drug use masquerading as innovation and creativity.

The 6 Most Ridiculous Guitar Designs

The following guitars are primarily examples of that last category. #6. The Gittler Guitar Gittler Instruments The Gittler Guitar looks like someone put strings on a skeletal robot penis to fulfill a prophecy. . #5. Manzer via Oddmusic Homepage The logic problem that is the Pikasso Guitar was specially built for jazz fusion virtuoso Pat Metheny, who can play that stringed Escher painting better than the rest of us can do most things. . #4. Yoshihiko Sato It would be impossible to play this "guitar" without looking like a vaudeville comedy routine. . #3. Carver Doug The Wangcaster takes some of the subtlety out of being a rock musician by allowing you to hammer out Motley Crue songs on a giant wooden cock. . #2. Andy Manson #1. Guitars1.jpg (Image JPEG, 903x903 pixels) - Redimensionnée (66%)

O-the-impressively-simple-guitar-hanger.jpg (Image JPEG, 640x360 pixels) Workshop_luthier.jpg (Image JPEG, 640x480 pixels) Custom Carved Parker. So the details are a little hazy and maybe lost in translation a little because the person who sent me the details is from Indonesia and English is not his first language but I have edited his explanation a little and it sounds like the guitar which is some kind of Parker Fly (although I don’t know for sure if it is a legitimate one) has been sent to an artist to carve the incredibly intricate Eagle design out of the top of the body.

Custom Carved Parker

“About 2 – 3 years ago I went to surabaya (my hometown) in east Java, Indonesia and met my friend he told me he got a handcrafted guitar, he showed me the guitar and I tried it and loved it. This not made with a CNC machine because I know CNC cannot do this carving…” Specification: Mahogany wood body Hard maple neck Seymour duncan pickups Wilkinson bridge Grover tuners Thanks to Nonuz at for the details and pics. Horizon3.jpg (Image JPEG, 661x600 pixels) Stroh+guitar.jpg (Image JPEG, 182x320 pixels) DeGennaro1.jpg (Image JPEG, 227x383 pixels) Guitar.jpg (Image JPEG, 700x469 pixels) PHRED instruments.