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Homeless Shakespeare upload. BBC - On Truth - Media Centre. Dodd Alfred Shakespeare Creator of Freemasonry. The Shugborough inscription deciphered. Complete list of Shakespeare's plays, by genre. See a list of all the characters(warning: takes several seconds to load) Plays Sonnets Poems Concordance Character Search Advanced Search About OSS.

Complete list of Shakespeare's plays, by genre

Complete list of Shakespeare's plays, by genre. Download Magic Books, Occult Books, Esoteric, Ancient, Rare Books And Texts. Grimoires, Spellbooks, Manuscripts For Free. On this page you can download all John Dee's and related books (64 books) in one zip archive or get them on CD.

Download Magic Books, Occult Books, Esoteric, Ancient, Rare Books And Texts. Grimoires, Spellbooks, Manuscripts For Free

The major purpose of this page is to distribute primary-source materials relevant to the "Enochian" work of John Dee and Edward Kelly, particularly reconstructions of original manuscripts of John Dee, books on Dee and his Works and also Biographical Material about John Dee. The collection offered is especially interesting in that it covers Dee in all his complexity, and does not focus on only one aspect of his life.

Thus while there is an obvious focus on Dee's magical work, other facets of his life: his geographical and mathematical pursuits for example, are also covered. Understandably there is a special emphasis on books written by Dee (including a section on works falsely attributed to him), but it also has biographies, studies, fictional accounts of his life, and an unusually good selection of works by modern commentators who have personally explored his Enochian system. What do Walt Whitman, Jackson Pollock and Jimi Hendrix have in common? Folger Shakespeare Library. The Folger Shakespeare Library has the world's largest collection of materials relating to Shakespeare and his works, from the 16th century to the present day, as well as a world-renowned collection of books, manuscripts, and prints from Renaissance Europe.

Folger Shakespeare Library

The Library actively acquires new materials that build on the strengths of the collection. In the Folger’s state-of-the-art conservation lab, conservators prepare collection material for exhibition and for hands-on study by researchers. To learn more about the Folger’s collection, please visit their website. Images that are under Folger copyright are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This allows you to use our images without additional permission provided that you cite the Folger Shakespeare Library as the source and you license anything you create using the images under the same or equivalent license. Shakespeare, Bacon Enigma (1996) Spencorp. Introduction. THE DARK PATH: Conspiracy Theories of Illuminati and Occult Symbolism in Pop Culture, the New Age Alien Agenda & Satanic Transhumanism. I’ve been talking about it for months; and NOW is the time to read the most revealing effort to understand the Luciferian ways of the occult!

THE DARK PATH: Conspiracy Theories of Illuminati and Occult Symbolism in Pop Culture, the New Age Alien Agenda & Satanic Transhumanism

THE DARK PATH is a comprehensive guide to decoding the “Illuminati” agenda of instilling occultism into the masses through entertainment. Months ago I asked YOU what topics you were interested in learning more about, and this book addresses the esoteric themes of music, film, and television. It also details the demonic deception behind the alien agenda, a concept of great importance to the hidden hand of the Illuminati. Shakespeare Authorship - Unearthed. Elon Musk tells all, strange events. Incredible! What Was The Church Trying To Hide? By Tony Bushby What was the church trying to hide?

What Was The Church Trying To Hide?

IN 1415,THE CHURCH OF ROME TOOK AN EXTRAORDINARY STEP TO destroy all knowledge of two Second Century Jewish books that it said contained ‘the true name of Jesus Christ.’ The Antipope Benedict XIII firstly singled out for condemnation a secret Latin treatise called ‘Mar Yesu’ and then issued instructions to destroy all copies of the Book of Elxai. No editions of these writings now publicly exist, but church archives recorded that they were once in popular circulation and known to the early presbyters. Knowledge of these writings survived from quotations made by Bishop Hippolytus of Rome (176 –236) and St Epiphanius of Salamis (315 – 403) along with references in some early editions of the Talmud of Palestine and Babylonia. EMERSON - ESSAYS - THE TRANSCENDENTALIST. A Lecture read at the Masonic Temple, Boston, January, 1842 The first thing we have to say respecting what are called new views here in New England, at the present time, is, that they are not new, but the very oldest of thoughts cast into the mould of these new times.


The light is always identical in its composition, but it falls on a great variety of objects, and by so falling is first revealed to us, not in its own form, for it is formless, but in theirs; in like manner, thought only appears in the objects it classifies. What is popularly called Transcendentalism among us, is Idealism; Idealism as it appears in 1842. Publishing Shakespeare. Shakespeare First Folio discovered on Scottish island. A copy of Shakespeare's First Folio, one of the most sought-after books in the world, has been discovered in a stately home on a Scottish island.

Shakespeare First Folio discovered on Scottish island

This copy of the first collected edition of Shakespeare's plays, published in 1623, was found at Mount Stuart House on the Isle of Bute. Academics who authenticated the book called it a rare and significant find. About 230 copies of the First Folio are known to exist. A copy owned by Oxford University sold for £3.5m in 2003. Emma Smith, professor of Shakespeare studies at Oxford University, said her first reaction on being told the stately home was claiming to have an original First Folio was: "Like hell they have. " Francis Bacon Research Trust. “The essential form of knowledge… is nothing but a representation of truth: for the truth of being and the truth of knowing are one, differing no more than the direct beam and the beam reflected.”

Francis Bacon Research Trust

Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning, Bk I – 1605 These essays and information sheets are provided as PDFs which can be either read online or downloaded. They constitute an on-going work of research, writing, feedback and, where appropriate, revision and updating. The list gives an idea of what essays have been, are being or will be written. An emboldened blue title indicates that the essay has been uploaded and is available online. Additional essays are made available to FBRT Friends, as well as newsletters, reports, comments and insights. Tributes to Sir Francis Bacon. Home. Secrets of the Knights Templar: The Knights of John the Baptist. Soon after the Knights Templar founded their order in the Holy Land in 1118 AD they assimilated into a very ancient gnostic tradition and lineage known as the Johannite Church, which had been founded by St.

Secrets of the Knights Templar: The Knights of John the Baptist

John the Baptist more than a thousand years previously. How genetic crops can take over the world. Publications and Plays. Globalization-of-War Michel-Chossudovsky. Genetically Engineered Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation. Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union by David Swanson. America's secret government.

La verdadera historia del club Bilderberg (Divulgacion Actualidad): Daniel Estulin: 9788484531708: Books. The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government. This is a bold and profoundly important book, not only for the portrait of the evil spymaster Allen Dulles, but even more so for its examination of the legacy he spawned – the creation of a cabal hidden behind the public face of the United States government that secretly runs the country today on behalf of wealthy elites.

The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government

The psychopathic Allen Dulles was the enforcer for this group, called “the power elite” by C. Wright Mills in the 1950s. In recent years, especially since September 11, 2001, as its power has expanded, it has been given different names – the deep state, the national security state, deep politics,etc. – but that has not diminished its power one jot. Like a patient who goes to a doctor seeking a label for vague yet disturbing symptoms, people may feel relief from the naming, but the dis-ease continues until the root cause is eliminated.

The New Athenian. Mystery closeup. Nmathewsbook. The G.R.S. Mead Collection. GEORGE ROBERT STOW MEAD (1863-1933) was born at Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England. He came from a military family—his father was a Colonel in the Royal Army Ordinance Corps—but he chose to follow an academic career instead. From King’s School, Rochester, he went up to St. John’s College, Cambridge, to study mathematics but changed to Classics, in which he graduated with a B.A. degree in 1884. Rare Shakespeare volume discovered in French library. Rémy Cordonnier is in charge of a collection of over 50,000 ancient books kept in the provincial library of St-Omer, in the North of France. He was preparing an exhibition on Anglo-Saxon literature when he found the valuable book of the Bard's plays.

"We knew we had this compilation of plays by Shakespeare, but it was wrongly catalogued as being a copy from the 18th century. When I put my hands on it, I saw clues which could indicate it was much older, such as errors in the paging," he told DW. People in The Royal Secret. Secret Teachings of All Ages: The Chemical Marriage. Sacred Texts Esoteric Index Previous Next p. 161 THE self-admitted author of The Chemical Marriage, Johann Valentin Andreæ, born in Württemberg in 1586, was twenty-eight years of age when that work was first published. It was presumably written about twelve years prior to its publication--or when the author was fifteen or sixteen years old.

Bacon, Shakespeare, and the Roscrucians - The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Index Previous Next p. 165 THE present consideration of the Bacon--Shakspere--Rosicrucian controversy is undertaken not for the vain purpose of digging up dead men's bones but rather in the hope that a critical analysis will aid in the rediscovery of that knowledge lost to the world since the oracles were silenced. It was W. F. C. Wigston who called the Bard of Avon "phantom Captain Shakespeare, the Rosicrucian mask. " THE SECRET DOCTRINE. Shakespeare in Court by Alexander Waugh. The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare.

Baconplay. PhDThesis. Sir Francis and the New Temple of God. Location is everything by Petter Amundsen Norway has for a couple of years been swept by an Anti-Stratfordian craze. Even in schools some teachers will blatantly inform their students that the authorship of Shakespearean plays is open for debate, and that there is no correct answer to quiz questions like: “who wrote Hamlet?” , apart from being “uncertain”. Bacon and Spiritual Consciousness. By Mark Finnan. Book Review: Richard Wagner’s The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare by James Loren. Pin by The Royal Secret - The Book on Publications and Plays. Publications and Plays. Templars in America: From the Crusades to the New World - Tim Wallace-Murphy, Marilyn Hopkins - Google Books. Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla: Biography of a Genius. - Google+ Folger Shakespeare Library. Get our Newsletter & JOIN US. Ancient Origins seeks to uncover, what we believe, is one of the most important pieces of knowledge we can acquire as human beings – our beginnings. While many believe that we already hold such knowledge, our view is that there still exists a multitude of anomalies and mysteries in humanity's past that deserve further examination. We therefore wish to foster an open community that is dedicated to investigating, understanding and explaining the origins of our species on planet earth. To this end, we aim to organize, support and even finance efforts in this direction. Our aim is to move beyond theories and to present a thorough examination of current research and evidence and to offer alternative viewpoints and explanations to those currently held by mainstream science and archaeology. Come with us on a journey to explore lost civilisations, sacred writings, ancient places, unexplained artefacts and scientific mysteries while we seek to reconstruct and retell the story of our beginnings.

Publications and Plays. Christopher Marlowe - Doctor Faustus. A printing press circa 1600. Amazon. Hermetica: The Lost Wisdeom of the Pharaohs: Timothy Freke, Peter Gandy: 9780749917357: Books. Middlemarch - George Eliot - Google Books. Foucault's Pendulum. This article is about the novel by Italian philosopher Umberto Eco. For the physics experiment and implement, see Foucault pendulum. Foucault's Pendulum (original title: Il pendolo di Foucault) is a novel by Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco. It was first published in 1988, and an English translation by William Weaver appeared a year later.

Foucault's Pendulum is divided into ten segments represented by the ten Sefiroth. Muslim Demographics. 'Something Rotten' is Some Fun Show. Shakespeare Magazine 06 by Shakespeare Magazine. The Hiram Key. Book summary[edit] The authors begin by quoting Henry Ford, who was a Mason, saying "all history is bunk". They express the belief that, though Ford's statement may be abrupt, it is accurate, as history is often not a completely accurate and comprehensive account of facts, but only what the victor in any given situation has recorded for posterity. 32nd Degree - Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret _Master of the Royal Secret_ In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database. Before the Pyramids: Cracking Archaeology's Greatest Mystery eBook: Christopher Knight, Alan Butler: Kindle Store. Is Shakespeare Dead?

The Lost Secret William Shakespeare. New World Order The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies : William T. Still. Fullscreen Author:William T. StillKeywords:William T. Vision of Albion: The Key to the Holy Grail. Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Christ family in the Holy Land of Britain. Were Jesus & Mary Magdalene on the Holy Isle of Iona? Did Jesus Visit Scotland? Was Pontius Pilate a Scot?

The American Dream. The New World Order of the New Atlantis

The True Story of The Bilderberg Group - Extracts. By Daniel Estulin 2007 from Scribd Website. Second Treatise of Civil Government by John Locke. Digitized by Dave Gowan John Locke's "Second Treatise of Government" was published in 1690. Nonpartisan, non-advocacy public opinion polling and demographic research. International public opinion polls, data and commentaries. TABLE OF CONTENTS - BACON'S ESSAYS. Philosophy Karl Popper: Discussion Popper's Problem of Induction. Quotes Karl Popper. John Keats. The Science of Shakespeare: A New Look at the Playwright's Universe. The ghost at the atheist feast: was Nietzsche right about religion? Shakespiritualism: Shakespeare and the Occult, 1850-1950 - Jeffrey Kahan.

The Polarisation of Elizabethan Politics The Political Career of Robert. Is Shakespeare Dead?