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City Brights: Howard Rheingold “Every man should have a built-in automatic crap detector operating inside him.” Ernest Hemingway, 1954 The answer to almost any question is available within seconds, courtesy of the invention that has altered how we discover knowledge – the search engine. Materializing answers from the air turns out to be the easy part – the part a machine can do. The real difficulty kicks in when you click down into your search results. Open Source LMS – 10 Alternatives to Moodle Since the economic downturn began I’ve noticed much more interest in open source Learning Management Systems (LMS), and it’s no surprise that when people ask what the options are, the answer is usually Moodle. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Moodle, but it certainly isn’t the only open source LMS out there. Because there is no licensing cost involved with open source solutions, its easy for organisations to just jump in and set up the first solution that comes along. There is however a cost to installation and support, either financial or time related. Anyone setting up an LMS has a responsibility to research and choose the solution that is right for the learners and the organisation.

- Article of the Future Resulting from the Article of the Future project innovations, we are now able to announce the SciVerse ScienceDirect redesigned article page, with a new layout including a navigational pane and an optimized reading middle pane. The Article of the Future project- an ongoing initiative aiming to revolutionize the traditional format of the academic paper in regard to three key elements: presentation, content and context. Learn what we are doing and why by viewing the video below. Last year, we introduced you to the Article of the Future project along with prototypes in 7 scientific areas. To achieve this evolution of the traditional research article, a three-pane article view has been proposed, which separates navigation (left pane) and value-added enhancements (right pane) from the core article (middle pane). Find out more in our About section.

Visual Arts - Exhibitions and Artist Portraits - Goethe-Institut Artists in the twentieth century had a dream of full audience participation. They wanted their works of art to be replaced by events, objects to be replaced by actions, and contemplation to be replaced by participation. The Internet, believes the Karlsruhe Centre for Art and Media, has now given this concept of interactivity a new dimension: as an Internet user, the beholder can become the artist. The Karlsruhe Centre for Art and Media, thanks to its director Peter Weibel, is never short of catchy diagnoses and bold prognoses. A veritable theory always accompanies the presentations set in scene by the Centre in its fantastic building, which encompasses four courtyards and surrounding galleries. You_ser.

The User Experience Experiment The Obox site is always in a constant state of change. Not a week goes by where either Marc or myself push a new update to the site in the aim of improving user experience or conversions. One of our missions this year was to focus as much as possible on User Experience and then take those learnings and apply them to User Interfaces. United Nations University United Nations University in Tokyo The United Nations University (国際連合大学, Kokusairengōdaigaku?), (UNU), established in 1973, is the academic and research arm of the United Nations. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with diplomatic status as a UN institution. MERLOT II - Home Return to MERLOT II Home Page Search all MERLOT Select to go to your profile Click to expand login or register menu

Podcasts The podcast is presented by Gareth Mitchell, a lecturer on Imperial's Science Communication MSc course and the presenter of Click Radio on the BBC World Service, with help from the Communications and Public Affairs Division pod squad. If you have feedback that you’d like to share or ideas for future editions, we’d love to hear from you – please contact Kerry Noble on or +44 (0)20 7594 8432, or tweet us @ImperialSpark. You can also find the podcasts on YouTube or on iTunes. A physicist plots an audacious space mission, a medical student invents an antibiotic, and two scientists get a taste of Westminster. Listen to the complete streamed podcast - 15 January 2014

Design Patterns of Crowdsourced Art Sometimes I try to google "crowdsourced art" in hopes that I'll find a comprehensive list of all such projects. Maybe there's something out there that I'm unaware of... that'll be on that list... that will really make my day or something. What I'm finding instead is either stuff that I've already heard about or things that fits into the same general pattern, one that I'm frankly getting a little tired of.

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