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I2C modules

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I/O expander shield for Arduino. Kit I2C analog IO-card with PCF 8591 - Horter & Kalb Onlineshop. Kit I2C analog output module 4 channel 10 bit - Horter & Kalb Onlineshop. I2C-IN830M1, I2C bus optocoupler 5-30V din rail PCF8574. This is 8-channel opto-isolator board for input expander over I2C bus.

I2C-IN830M1, I2C bus optocoupler 5-30V din rail PCF8574

Each input accepts 5-30VDC. It is suitable for solid-state switching devices such as proximity switches. The board uses PCF8574 I2C chip. It supports 100KHz bus speed and 3.3-5.5VDC bus voltage. The board has three jumpers for setting an own address. The difference between I2C-IN830M and I2C-IN830MA is I2C chip. Features: Serial Interface.

SX1509 16 Output I/O Expander Breakout - BOB-11502. The SX1509 Output I/O Expander Breakout is one slick board and it would be better if Sparkfun could do the following re-design and make a 2 wire I2C Universal LCD and tact joystick interface controller board with the following features: ½ SX1509 8 bit port bank controls a 2x16 or 4x20 LCD with ST7077/HD44780 controller.

SX1509 16 Output I/O Expander Breakout - BOB-11502

Note: Liquid crystal library would need to be ported to drive your “off the shelf” character LCDs with the I2C SX1509. The other ½ SX1509 8 bit port bank would poll your remote mounted 5 position tact navigation joystick BOB. To add robustness to the universal LCD controller, an NMI interrupt is also used to detect any joystick changes. The Universal LCD and tact joystick interface controller would need to operate with dual 3 V or 5 V systems. Spare GPIO I/O bits from the SX1509 would PWM the backlight on the LCD displays for energy savings and a digital pot or PWM to control the contrast, if possible. RLY08 I2C Mode. RLY08 - 8 Relay Outputs Technical Documentation I2C modeFor serial mode click here Connections I2C Mode selection I2C operation is activated when the mode pin is left open circuit.

RLY08 I2C Mode

I2C OperationI2C BusThe RLY08 is located on the I2C bus at a factory default address of 0X70. The SCL and SDA lines should have pull-up resistors on them somewhere on the bus. RLY08 register setThe RLY08 has only two registers, register 0 and acts as a dual purpose register. TIAO USB Based Multi-protocol adapter DIYGADGET.COM. This item is IN STOCK now!

TIAO USB Based Multi-protocol adapter DIYGADGET.COM

Order it now, we ship it next business day! Click here for product manuals and tutorials! This TIAO USB Multi-Protocol adapter is powered by FTDI's flagship communication chip FT2232H. It supports the following protocols: JTAG, SPI, I2C and serial. With a 16-Bit Dual-Supply Bus Transceiver, this board can support voltage from 1.8v to 5.0v. Supported softwares: * Openocd * Urjtag* FlashRom * jtag pro * zJTAG - Windows console JTAG application to debrick wireless routers* XC3SPROG - Windows / Linux console application to program CPLD/FPGAPackage Content: * TIAO USB Multi-Protocol AdapterTechnical Specificatons: * USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mb/s) * JTAG / IEEE 1149.1 compatible You can use this USB based multi-protocol adapter to JTAG your router, cable modem or any JTAG/SPI devices. Kit I2C Input Module - Horter & Kalb Onlineshop. I2C RS232 modem 2 Description / I2C RS232 interface description. Die Hardware Der Befehlssatz ist der gleiche wie beim I2C-USB-Modem. man kann aber die Parameter für die serielle Schnittstelle beliebig einzustellen.

I2C RS232 modem 2 Description / I2C RS232 interface description

Als RS232-Schnittstelle haben wir den schnellen MAX232CPE eingebaut. Er hat eine Abtastrate von 200 kbps und kommt somit mit der schnellst möglichen Baudrate von 115200 Baud zurecht. Die Platinen der Hutschienenmodule wurden so gestaltet, dass sie mit den "WAGO Montagesockel für Kleinplatinen" auf eine Hutschiene aufgeschnappt werden können. Steht keine 5V Spannung zur Verfügung kann mit dem Schaltnetzteil-Modul diese aus der vorhandenen 24V Spannung erzeugt werden.

Steuerbefehle / Kommandos Nachdem das RS232-Modem 2 ein Kommando vollständig empfangen hat wird es auf den I2C-Bus angewendet. Der Befehl die Anzahl der Bytes im Datenblock (maximal 128) der Datenblock selbst und das Ende-Zeichen (EOT= END OF TRANSMISSION). Im nachfolgenden Beispiel werden 5 Bytes von einem I2C-Slave an Adresse 161 gelesen.

Baudrate und Zeichenfolge einstellen. I2C - PC Modem / I2C-RS232 modem interface. Kalb - Onlineshop.