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What Size Am I?

What Size Am I?
<div class="row"><p class="span12"> Sorry, this is an experimental application that needs you to enable JavaScript. </p><div class="span12 clearfix divider"></div></div> Sorry, this is an experimental application that needs you to use IE9, Firefox, Chrome or another modern browser with SVG support, and enable JavaScript. Finding clothes that fit shouldn't be so hard. Add your measurements here to see which high-street sizes are best for you (how to measure). How to measure: Measure around the widest part of your bust, the narrowest part of your natural waist, and the widest part of your hips.

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The absurdity of women’s clothing sizes, in one chart It's called fashion, look it up. (Andrew Toth/Getty Images) Here are some numbers that illustrate the insanity of women's clothing sizes: A size 8 dress today is nearly the equivalent of a size 16 dress in 1958. And a size 8 dress of 1958 doesn't even have a modern-day equivalent — the waist and bust measurements of a Mad Men-era 8 come in smaller than today's size 00. These measurements come from official sizing standards once maintained by the National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology) and taken over in recent years by the American Society of Testing and Materials.

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The Origins of Clothing Sizes   At one time or another, most of us have found ourselves in a changing room, tugging at ill-fitting jeans or frowning at a snug top. We blame ourselves, our shape, and our genetics. But these accusations may be mislaid. After all, very few of us are a perfect fit for ready-to-wear sizing, and even if we find one brand that works for us, that rarely translates to other brands or stores. At least sewing patterns allow us to customize sizing to create a perfect fit. DIY Geometric Necklace Pendant Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating. I actually made it until midnight...I was pretty proud of myself :) 2012 is going to be amazing...I just know it! I want to kick off the new year with a fun DIY that I have been wearing recently. What you will need:3 different colors of polymer claySome kind of roller (a large marker will also do the trick)Razor bladeCotton cordKrazy glueToothpick or object to poke a hole in clay

Easily Dunn So I got this shirt in the 6th grade. And I keep on keeping it because I like the stripes or something…and maybe the colors. But I can’t wear it because a) it’s too short and b) it’s too thick to layer with anything. To Err is Human: Typos in Literature on AbeBooks The Good Earth Pearl S. Buck The first through third printings contain an error on line 17 of page 100 - "flees" should read "fleas". Most readers find typographical errors to be one of life's little annoyances, like being stuck at a traffic light when in a hurry. For others, the publishing of a spelling or grammatical error is one of the most grievous mistakes imaginable. Target's Response To My Calling Out Their Girls' Clothing Problem It seems that my last blog post, A Target Intervention on Behalf of My Daughters, has struck a nerve. To my surprise, it got a lot of national attention. The Huffington Post ran it. It was featured on A Mighty Girl’s Facebook page, and it has been shared thousands of times in the past few days.