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Palm Leaf, No Sew Halter: DIY. Ombre, Multi-way, No Sew Halter: DIY. I love to create different no sew designs in tee shirts.

Ombre, Multi-way, No Sew Halter: DIY.

Here is an easy no sew halter design I did that you can tie up in multiple ways to create diverse looks. Ombre is optional, but it is so fun and easy to create. Pearls & Scissors: DIY Paint splatter t-shirt. Hey, guys!

Pearls & Scissors: DIY Paint splatter t-shirt

It's been a while since I did a DIY on the blog, so I'm excited to share this tutorial with you today. T-Shirt Reconstruction DIY. Hi Lovelies, So I got this pretty darn cool T-Shirt from my amazing brazilian friend Samira back in CT.

T-Shirt Reconstruction DIY

I never wore it though due to it being kinda big on me. DIY – Off the Shoulder T-shirt. It seems everywhere I look these days I see pretty people rocking off the shoulder cuts.

DIY – Off the Shoulder T-shirt

First there was Leandra Medine – mother of all things fashion -, then the lovely Alissa, then the Sartorialist. Before I knew it my friends, neighbors, hell, the bus driver all went shoulder revealed. Now it might have been fashion hallucinations due to the fact that I’m properly obsessed. So I stole The Boy’s t-shirt and figured it was DIY time. Warning: Do try this at home! Welcome to My Galaxy (DIY Galaxy Pants) Our little blog hit 1000000 views yesterday.

Welcome to My Galaxy (DIY Galaxy Pants)

In honour of all those views we present you with a Galaxy pants tutorial! If you're reading this thinking I couldn't wear those, your wrong you could and you should. DIY: Banana Republic Braided Neck Tee Shirt. You still have until tomorrow, July 22 to enter my first blogiversary giveaway!

DIY: Banana Republic Braided Neck Tee Shirt

Get your entries in! Have you guys heard of Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual “pinboard” that allows you to visually bookmark images from all over the internet. You can sort your images onto separate pinboards to share them with friends and other pinners. It’s really fun and has been a great way for me to organize photos for fashion and home inspiration, as well as links to all the fabulous DIY tutorials I find and want to file away for a rainy day. Feature Friday - arm warmers, take two. A year ago I did a Feature Friday on arm warmers.

Feature Friday - arm warmers, take two

You can see it HERE. Well, I was rummaging through my craft room the other day and I saw four pairs of super cute knee socks I had purchased on clearance a while back. Trash To Couture. Trash To Couture. Snow and Ice Dyeing. With all the snow and ice that’s piled up in the Northeast and other parts of the country right now, we thought it was about time we put it to good use!

Snow and Ice Dyeing

Create unique and amazing colors and patterns with Snow and Ice Dyeing it’s a super easy and fun way to dye fabric. This would be a great project to do with kids. I really love this technique for dyeing. It creates some amazing color mixes and designs and it does all the work for you! In the summer you can do this with ice cubes! DIY Plain tank sewn zipper racer back. 60+ Fun Fashion DIYs from the iLoveToCreate blog. Monday, November 25.

60+ Fun Fashion DIYs from the iLoveToCreate blog

This Mama Makes Stuff T-shirt Refashion Tutorial. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

This Mama Makes Stuff T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

Thanks for visiting! How many workout shirts do you have that have been relegated to the back of the drawer because, as a result of reaching your fitness goals, or just pure overuse, they no longer fit so you don’t wear them but you can’t quite give them up? How to Cut the Top off of a Shirt to Make It Cooler. Glitter Bones and Heart Tee. I LOVE this time of year. When I was young I could not wait to come up with a costume to Trick or Treat in from things I just had laying around the house. Now that I am all grown up I still feel like a little kid when October rolls around. It brings back such awesome memories. I wanted to make a shirt that I could wear even after the month of October. So the Glitter Bones Shirt was created. Embellished tank top tutorial. I've got another last minute idea for everyone out there needing a little last minute holiday sparkle- transforming a simple tank into a pretty embellished top.

The only supply that you need is metallic Scribbles 3-D paint which is dimensional paint for fabric- otherwise know as puff paint. (friends I am telling you, I love 3-D paint! It is perfect to use for some many different projects) and a tank top- I purchased a nice dark grey tank from Old Navy for $8.99. I started at the collar of the tank and slowly made my way around the edge with tiny little dots. I added more designs and dots. Free Patterns. Learn How to Sew a Rolled Hem on the Craftsy Blog.

A rolled hem is a very small hem made up of two folds. It can be really tricky to sew since each fold is teeny tiny. Many sewing machines have a rolled hem foot that curves and folds the fabric as you sew, but I find that way of sewing it to be very fussy and difficult to control. This is my personal preferred method for a rolled hem and I find it works perfectly every time. A rolled hem is an ideal finish on a finer blouse or dress, or something made with silk or a sheer fabric. Don’t try it on heavy weight or bulky fabrics, since it is best on a lighter weight fabric.

Mini Top Hat free pattern and tutorial. This mini top hat free pattern and tutorial uses a template to make this accessory possible. Cute and chic, these mini top hats are all the rage. Whether you’re into Steampunk, Burlesque or classic Victorian this Mini Top Hat is the crowning piece to your costume. Make the perfect mini top hat in the perfect size that you want. Sew and No sew options available. The Large Hat is approx. 5.75 inches high and 8.5 inches at the brim The Medium hat is approx. 4.5 inches high and 6.5 at the brim The Small hat is approx.3.5 inches high and 4.5 wide at the the brim The Mini Hat is approx. 3 inches high and 4 inches wide at the brim.

Easy Fleece Hat tutorial {free pattern} Monster Mash up. Turn a Maxi Dress…into a Maxi Skirt {in MINUTES!!} I love Maxi Skirts. In fact, I love Maxi Dresses too. They’re comfy, usually light and flowy, and hide my whitey-white legs. ;) The Boho-Maxi Dress Tutorial and Pattern. Diy lanvin ruched beach skirt. Women's Shirred Maxi Dress Tutorial.

(Looking for more free patterns? Be sure to check out my free patterns and tutorials page here.) DIY Suspender Leggings. Make A Bandeau From Old Leggings. How to Lengthen Clothes With A Contrast Print. I've been drooling over mixed print trend that floated down the spring runway especially since mixing prints opens up all kinds of DIY opportunities--it's like an invitation to break all the rules. I used an an oversize mini dress from Charlotte Russe to create this look. The base color of the floral pattern was navy blue, so I thought a navy polka dot fabric would be an obvious choice, then made sure to incorporate the navy print with a small rectangle pocket flap. Crayon Magic Shirt. Vamos con un repasillo sobre cómo estampar con plastidecores.

Hace unos días vi una camiseta brutal de Each x Other, que pedía a gritos ser DIYizada sobretodo por el precio de 115€ (ejem..!) Tras pensar en cuál sería la mejor forma de reproducirla, decidí que era candidata perfecta para customizarse con plastidecores. Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt DIY. Taylor has been pinning a lot of galaxy inspired projects lately, so I've been super inspired to make something galaxy themed. DIY: 5 min Tshirt Refashion. 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS Archives. DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #22 with chain straps.

Strapless, No-Sew T-shirt #2, DIY. Altered Tie-Dye T-shirt Challenge featuring Anne of Wobisobi. Tie Dye Cut-out T-shirt DIY. DIY Rocker T-Shirt. DIY : Cut & Tie knotted crop top. E v e r s - DIY Fashion blog. DIY BRALETTE. Rock Mosaic: diy reconstruction: sweater into legwarmers. Typography Denim Shorts DIY Tutorial. It's always autumn - itsalwaysautumn - three methods for turning jeans into shorts in 20 minutes or less. DIY kids art smock. Farm Girl Apron Tutorial from Recycled Jeans. Old Mens T-shirt Sewn Into Women's Dolman Tee.