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Maycie After Five: DIY: How To Make Shorts. Diy Studded Cape ∙ How To by A Pair & A Spare on Cut Out. Make a totally unusual ROUND, circular, non-quadrangular bag. Round bag, 26 cm in diameter, with zipped closure and zipped pocket on the front.

Make a totally unusual ROUND, circular, non-quadrangular bag

Adjustable strap. Note: is round! This is my latest and most frivolous sewing project. What use is a round bag, after all? Well, you can put things in it, and if necessary roll it down a hill. Difficulty level: Because it uses bias tape, this bag is constructed right-side-out, with the bias tape then covering the messy seams. Size: The prototype is a small everyday shoulderbag size, but this tutorial is meant to inspire you - you can use the method described to make round purses and bags of all sizes.

Someone told me about Instructables when I had already started on this bag, so the early stages are possibly a bit under-photographed. Making a Cutout Back Lined Dress with a Center Back Zipper. How To Make An Easy Dress (For Cheap!) Guest post: DIY Cat Toe Shoes. Hi!

Guest post: DIY Cat Toe Shoes

I’m Kate and I blog at Scathingly Brilliant. For my guest post I’m doing a little DIY for all the cat ladies (myself included!) I love the cap-toe trend but I think cat-toes are even better, right? This project is super simple and only took me about 15 minutes tops! Materials needed: Shoes (preferably plain with a round-toe and enough room at the front for a cap-toe effect), black paint, brushes, masking tape, white paint and a white marker pen if you don’t have a very steady hand with a brush.

First, tape off the tops of the shoes. Paint the tops of the shoes black. When the paint is dry, peel off the tape and add little triangles for ears. For the eyes, I put a straight-pin in the eraser of a pencil to make a little dotting tool! To make my cats have some more character, I went back and added a second little black dot in the corner of the white to give the illusion that the cats are looking off to the side. And voila! Gathered Summer Dress. Free Sewing Patterns. I want to learn to crochet! This week’s Tutorial Tuesday is a fabulously simple (if you know how to crochet) tutorial on how to make your own slippers.

I want to learn to crochet!

I saw this image and was green with envy! They are so cute and I want to make myself some now! One problem I foresee is that I don’t know how to crochet. I’m a little bit obsessed with the colour green at the moment and combining this with other bright colours, so the fact that these slippers are green with a red trim, makes me want to make them even more! I’ve tried to crochet in the past and a few friends have tried to teach me, but it just doesn’t make sense like knitting does – in my opinion it’s not hard to go wrong or get lost when you’re knitting – but with crochet I never know how many rows I’ve done, or how many stitches or what stitch to use either. You can see the final slippers and the entire tutorial on the Zoom Yummy blog here. Free Pattern Month Day 10 - Adventures in Dressmaking: Paperbag Skirt Pattern. I've been following Adventures in Dressmaking so long I can't remember exactly when or how I stumbled across her blog.

Free Pattern Month Day 10 - Adventures in Dressmaking: Paperbag Skirt Pattern

But what I do remember is that I was instantly caught by her cute Anthropologie replicated designs. The nice part about Suzannah's blog is that she shows you exactly what patterns she used to make the dress and other examples of similar dresses that inspired it so that you can create the exact same look! Like the one we're seeing today! It's no wonder that Suzannah became such a fabulous sewing blogger. DiY Craft and Sewing Tutorials! Icandy handmade: (tutorial) Ice Cream Social Skirt. Just A Little Bit Of Magic (The Gathering) ∙ Creation by Rebecca R.

Mini Circle Skirt ∙ How To by Mystery Craft Girl on Cut Out. Cloak ∙ How To by Plan B on Cut Out. Ugly To Cute Dress Reconstruction ∙ How To by Judy on Cut Out. T-shirt Projects. Well, I’ve started a tradition, serving all of you would-be Halloween revelers who are down to the wire when it comes to your costume.

T-shirt Projects

For the third year running (see year 1 and year 2 here), we have another 10 quick-and-easy T-shirt-based Halloween costumes. From the literary to the painterly, nerdy to the nostalgic, from pop culture to popcorn. In most cases, all you need is a blank T-shirt and some fabric paint or markers. First up, make a masterpiece in just a couple of hours — grab a frame and hit the trick-or-treating circuit! Materials: -Plain white T-shirt (since I’m making a Mini Mondrian, it’s size 2T) -Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint (in black, red, blue, and yellow) -Tulip Fabric Paintbrushes-Scissors -Masking tape -Scrap paper (to insert between the layers of the T-shirt in order to prevent the paint from seeping through) -Newsprint paper or similar (to protect your work surface) Make it: 1.

. #1 Mondrian Masterpiece. . #2 Waldo. . #3 Popcorn. . #4 Crayon. . #5 Mickey Mouse. . #9 Twister. Bedsheet Dress ∙ How To by Crissi on Cut Out.