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Trash To Couture

Trash To Couture
DIY gifts are trending this holiday season. It's always special when thought, time, and love are put into gifts. Of course most will appreciate whatever you make them, but if you're going to go this route make sure it's worthwhile. Here are a few of my favorites and why… I'm obsessed with this batwing cardigan here. It's simple and little time commitment.

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DIY tee shirt into sheer back shirt refashion – styled 2 different ways This was a fun top to make because it was such a fast and easy refashion that takes a $4 shirt (or plain, non-special tee you have laying) and transforms it into something more fun and expensive looking. It will go with anything and the sheer can be any color or pattern you like. It can even be a knit (like this one). Complex Ojo de Dios Maybe you’ve made a god’s eye with a couple popsicle sticks at camp one summer in the hazy past, but have you considered the beautifully vast possibilities of this art form? South Carolina-based Etsy artist Jay Mohler has found a calling making Ojos de Dios (a.k.a. god’s eyes) with up to six sticks, twelve sides, and undulating intricate woven patterns. His creations are constructed from the very same humble materials that many of us associate with a camp craft — colorful yarn and sticks — plus, a healthy dose of ingenuity and a deep interest in Tibetan and Huichol artifacts and mandalas. For this week’s How-Tuesday, Jay has teamed up with local Etsy photographer Emily Munn to create a how-to designed to coach you through the process of crafting your own singular Ojo de Dios, transforming raw materials into a harmonious artwork. Ojos de Dios, which is Spanish for “Eyes of God,” are made from yarn and sticks by native peoples of Mexico and South America. Supplies You’ll Need:

Feature Friday - arm warmers, take two A year ago I did a Feature Friday on arm warmers. You can see it HERE. Well, I was rummaging through my craft room the other day and I saw four pairs of super cute knee socks I had purchased on clearance a while back. Quilled Snowflake Ornament - Reese Dixon Today I have a big fat tutorial to share with you. It looks really really scary and detailed, but it’s not so bad. Trust me. I’ll hold your hand through the whole thing. I’ve made a ton of these over the years and they never fail to elicit oohs and aahs. This is a perfect application for quilling.

Free soaker pattern Here is a free soaker pattern for use with wool interlock, wool sweaters, and fleece. **If you would like to sell soakers you make from the pattern, I don't mind you selling them. All I ask is that you offer up one to a momma in need FFS (free for shipping) or donate it to Miracle Diapers, Lend a Hand Diapers, or a similar organization. Braided rug from t-shirt yarn I started working on this braided rug about 3 weeks ago; it's taking me much longer than I expected, but I want it done, so I've been working on it feverishly! It makes me feel a connection with women/families of long ago who made things out of necessity, before the days of store-bought rugs (and everything else)...all my meticulously saved fabric scraps are being put to use. I also hate the sight of my apartment's old, ugly carpet, so I wanna make this thing as big as possible to cover it! (I found this old framed embroidery and stitched on some extra creepiness; it's hanging above our bed now.)

Pikachu Origami If you ever wondered how to make a Pikachu origami, your search is over. Thanks to synconi you can now make your own. With this extremely detailed tutorial its now pretty easy to make the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, Pikachu. *Holiday Tip: This cute origami can be a geeky add as an ornament to your Christmas tree. DIY: Banana Republic Braided Neck Tee Shirt You still have until tomorrow, July 22 to enter my first blogiversary giveaway! Get your entries in! Have you guys heard of Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual “pinboard” that allows you to visually bookmark images from all over the internet.

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