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Trash To Couture

Trash To Couture
DIY gifts are trending this holiday season. It's always special when thought, time, and love are put into gifts. Of course most will appreciate whatever you make them, but if you're going to go this route make sure it's worthwhile. Here are a few of my favorites and why… I'm obsessed with this batwing cardigan here. It's simple and little time commitment.

DIY Convertible Shawl/Shrug Supplies: one yard of fabric with stretch and drape. closure Great for a last minute gift, this shrug can be worn several different ways and takes a few minutes to make. Mineral Veil Face Powder I used to be obsessed with Bare Minerals makeup products for years, especially their mineral veil face powder. Three years ago, I glanced at the ingredients, and I was surprised. It was basically cornstarch with parabens (eek!) and iron oxides for color. Since then, I’ve been refilling the same powder container with my own mineral veil concoction, and it works EXACTLY the same (if not better) as the brand name powder.

An 1895 Skirt - The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion In Figs. 2-5 we give diagrams showing how to place the separate parts on the material. The skirt of which we give the diagram measures 4½ yards round the foot; and of ordinary home or walking-dresses it is the most comfortable width. This pattern is cut, with the least possible waste, from materials 44 inches wide, as each gore takes half the width of the material. The generality of tweeds, serges, hopsacks and crepons are 44 inches wide, therefore we will describe the making up of the skirt in material of that width. As will be seen from the diagram No.2 , the straight part of the front piece is placed to the fold of the material to avoid a join down the front. The straight parts of the two gores and the back are put to the selvedge, leaving the material folded; you can in this way cut out the two corresponding pieces at once.

The High Price of Cheap Clothes Business Published on May 23rd, 2011 | by Glenn Croston Most of us get a thrill from finding cheap clothes. New School Bags My girls needed new school bags this year and since I’m sooo on top of things, I started thinking about them in early summer. I fiddled with some designs on paper wanting to make a new pattern, but thanks to busy summer days that flew by faster than a roller coaster ride, that plan flew out the window. In the end I came back to what was comfortable and easy, and made the wonderful free pattern from Larissa from Mmmm Crafts.

Just Call Me MacGyver: A DIY Macro Lens For Your Phone This project is crazy cool, I love it, and I hope you do too. Ever wanted to shoot those super close-up macro photos? Well, it's so easy with your phone camera and a cheapo laser pointer (my laser pointer cost $1). *** Note: This is not my original idea. I found this tutorial on DIY: 10 Pretty Little Clutches Ten pretty little clutches that you can easily make at home. The clutch is, without a doubt, this fall’s it-bag. Instead of dropping major dough on one, revamp one that you already have or make one yourself from scratch. Here are ten of our favorite DIY clutch projects, some which require as little as tape and spray paint. Placemat Clutch Sometimes you come across things that are so brilliant in their simplicity that you can’t believe you never thought of it yourself. This DIY placemat clutch by Vannalisa Scafaria is such a thing.

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