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When Students Ask for More - Language Coaching by Amy Lenord. Spanish Teacher Blog - Throw Away Your Textbook!Ideas For a Fun & Focused Spanish Classroom. Mad Libs – The Comprehensible Classroom. Click here to download two mad libs that I created as a fun, easy-going activity to do after the kids have spent a full morning on state tests.

Mad Libs – The Comprehensible Classroom

We’re going to fill them out simultaneously (so that I can make sure students understand those nasty grammar terms) using the Round Robin structure (the same way that we do Write, Draw, Pass…one student fills in the first line, who passes it to the next student to fill in the next line, who passes it to the next, etc.). I’m using the Zombie Attack story for my 2As and the Adventure story for my 1Bs. I also translated each story into English in the PDF…if you’d like an editable version, just shoot me an email! Vamos a comer…¡¡Pretérit-Os!!

Spanish Speaking Activity-Bartering in a Market by World Language Classroom. <div class="deployment_message_block"><span> Hi, You need to enable javascript on your browser to use TpT.

Spanish Speaking Activity-Bartering in a Market by World Language Classroom

Infographic: The Most Complete List of Spanish Slang Words for MONEY. Well, it is that time of the year again: we are into tax season!

Infographic: The Most Complete List of Spanish Slang Words for MONEY

On April 17th all United States residents are supposed to turn in their tax forms. The same drill will happen in Puerto Rico for our local income tax or what we call planillas and often la dolorosa (that translatie to “the painful”). ¡Hice una bufanda! (la familia) (pretérito) (mandatos informales) (la ropa) Animals Should Not Wear Clothes Activity - Munchkins and Moms. Botas Perdidas - Lost Boots, by BASHO & friends. Spanish Clothing Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt... by World Language Classroom. Spanish Clothing Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt Activity Begin by cutting the picture/word pairs on the dotted line.

Spanish Clothing Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt... by World Language Classroom

There will be 20 strips. Place these slips of paper around the room in random places and in a random order. Students work in pairs or individually. Each group gets a copy of the “1:palabra→imagen” or “2: imagen→palabra” sheet depending on the version that you are using. Version 1 (palabra→imagen): Groups choose a word to begin on one of the slips of paper around the room. Groups search the slips of paper around the room for the picture that corresponds to the word that they chose. Groups then continue the activity with the word to the right of the picture that they found. Version 2 (imagen→palabra): This works the same as Version 1, but students see and picture and then locate the word. Body Parts And Clothes worksheet. La ropa – Suitcase paper craft : Spanish Cuentos. This is a super cute project that my students love!

La ropa – Suitcase paper craft : Spanish Cuentos

I use this activity to review clothing and travel vocabulary right before summer break but it can be used at any time. It's super simple to put together and your students will love it. My students are asked to pack their suitcases for their dream vacation. After they put together their craft, they enjoy practicing their speaking skills as they proudly reveal their destination, tell what clothes they plan to take and why...and present their creation to the rest of the class. The product includes a full color and a linear version for those who love to color. Suitcase template Sweater Coat Long sleeve shirt Scarf Shorts Sunglasses Skirt Swimming suit and trunks Blouse Suit Baseball cap Hat Gloves Flip-flops Boots Shoes for boys and girls Underwear for boys and girls T-shirt Socks Pajama Blue jeans Dress Number of pages: 20 Links to download this product will be emailed to you following checkout.

Ir de compras. Jiménez STEM and SPANISH. In Spanish A we are learning clothing, colors, and adjectives.

Jiménez STEM and SPANISH

To practice next week, we went outside. One person in each group was traced. Then they colored in the chalk people with different articles of clothing with a variety of colors. We took a picture so that next week they can write a paragraph about the person! Here are some pictures from the day… Resources for EL CUERPO unit. Resources for EL CUERPO unit Teaching a unit about los Partes del Cuerpo?

Resources for EL CUERPO unit

Here’s some resources for your Spanish classroom for this Body Parts unit: Youtube DIRECTV Argentina: Parecidos Youtube Juanes y Elmo “Manos, Cabeza, Pies“Canción “Sigue al lider” great for izquierda, derecha. Sung by Grupo Magia, Sol Habana, or children’s show Los Solecitos. Me encanta escribir en español: La ropa y las estaciones del año: ¿Qué me pongo? Señora Baxter's Spanish Class: A Different Kind of Fashion Show..." A Different Kind of Fashion Show...

Señora Baxter's Spanish Class: A Different Kind of Fashion Show..."

" So one of the many reasons I love teaching Spanish 2 is because we have the clothing unit. The clothing unit has a ton of opportunities for some really fun and engaging activities.I am going to share my top TWO favorite clothing projects:1. Create your own fashion line - This project is a individual written project. It makes the students write, use their vocabulary, tie in styles, use their adjectives that have to match in gender and in number. Infografías: ¿qué ropa llevar? - Blog de viajes y turismo. Learning Clothing FUN Activity! Okay, confession time = I don't USUALLY LIKE review days.

Learning Clothing FUN Activity!

I don't know why...I guess it's where I have spent the whole time TEACHING the unit, it's just like UGH...again we go! little game has changed my whole opinion on review games and the kids LOVE IT! I mean, hard core, in love with it...would choose it over ANYTHING!!! I'm talking heart racing, sweaty palms, and nerves, nerves, nerves but gosh, it is fun! How this game came about was kind of a mix of a bunch of games put together and changed up. Printable Spanish. Here is a fun little word merge puzzle worksheet to practice clothing vocabulary in Spanish.

Printable Spanish

For each line of jumbled letters, separate out the Spanish term and its English equivalent, as in the example. This particular Spanish worksheet features 13 Spanish-English vocabulary pairs, plus the example. Mis Clases Locas: Class Mercado. Vamos de compras. Resources for LA ROPA unit. Resources for LA ROPA unit.