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DIY Fashion Using a Men's Dress Shirt

DIY Fashion Using a Men's Dress Shirt
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Heart Chakra Blockages Blockages can manifest as immune system or heart problems, or a lack of compassion. Characteristics of a blocked heart chakra include fear of rejection, feeling unworthy of love or loving too much. If there is blockage in the heart chakra, you may feel unworthy of love and skeptical of anyone who wants to love you (and paranoid that you will wind up hurt, yet again), or your love relationships may be completely co-dependent. You've probably experienced one or more of the following; shaming, authoritarianism, volatile situations, domination of will, physical abuse, dangerous environment, fear of punishment, enmeshment, age inappropriate responsibilities or inherited shame from parent. If this chakra is imbalanced in some way it means that somewhere along the line, there has been a disruption in your attitude and understanding of love. Look through the characteristics of both excessive and deficient energy flow; Physical Imbalances Physical Malfunctions Psychological Imbalances

Tank Top DIY & How to Create a Snakeskin Print with Sharpie Stained Markers Fashion The people from Sharpie so kindly sent me their newest invention, the Sharpie Stained Fabric Marker and asked that I create something with it. I thought instead of drawing a picture of something specific, I would try to create a print using a stencil. Lace came to mind and when I did a test run with some leftover vintage lace from my ballet skirt DIY, I got a bit of a snakeskin print from it and was thrilled. I used the lace to create a repeating snakeskin grid across the entire tank. Here’s how… * White t-shirt* A favorite tank top* Lace* Sharpie Stained Fabric Marker{they have no scent at all, unlike regular Sharpies and have a great long, paintbrush type tip.* Scissors* A paper bag or cardboard * Slide a paper bag or large piece of cardboard in between your shirt {so your markings stay on one side only}. * Flip it over and do the same on the back. * Carefully follow your pattern on each side and cut out your tank top. * Lay your lace on top of your tank and hold it taught. Have Fun!

Right@Home™ > Food & Cooking > Recipes > Pumpkin Pizza A tangy-sweet pumpkin sauce is the surprising base of this pizza topped with shallots, grapes and, naturally, mozzarella. Serve this creative and flavorful pizza for your next girls' night—the simple recipe even makes enough pumpkin sauce to freeze for your next get-together. step 1Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. step 2In a large, nonstick skillet over low heat add the olive oil and 3 Tablespoons water. step 3Meanwhile, in a medium-size pot over medium heat combine the pumpkin puree, 1 cup water, cider vinegar, rosemary, salt and maple syrup. step 4Place the pizza crust in the oven directly on the middle rack, top side down. step 5Using a large spatula and oven mitts, carefully remove the pizza. chef's notes This recipe makes a double batch of the delicious pumpkin sauce. If your family makes pizza a lot, investing in a pizza peel and a pizza stone will help you get pizzeria-quality results. Variation Seedless green grapes can be used instead of red.

How To: Shorten Sleeves with a Lining I do a lot of different sewing projects for people, and learn a lot of new things along the way. Today I thought I'd show you how to shorten sleeves of a women's blazer (or any sleeve that is lined). It is easy, even if you don't call yourself a seamstress, you can do it too! Here is the sleeve before I did anything to it: See how the lining is folded over the seam? Use a seam ripper to carefully rip out the stitches that hold the lining and the sleeve together. Fold the sleeve over to the desired length. Press sleeve to make this a permanent fold. **Note: I read recently that water with a little white vinegar will take that other fold line away when doing a project like this. Now, you know how long the sleeve will be. Measure 1” off your lining. Pin the lining in place and press. Now it is time to pin the lining and the sleeve back together. I just hand-sewed mine, since it was just a little sleeve hole, but you could always use a blind stitch to sew them together. Ta-da!

Penn's Leadership for Social Change Masters Program How to Hem Suit Coat Sleeves I have had this post in draft for a while. Altering suit coat sleeves is not difficult if you know a few tricks. It does take a bit of time, but it is very worthwhile. You will need a few basic supplies such as good quality matching thread, a sewing machine (straight stitch only, don't panic), an iron, a press cloth or dish towel, tailors chalk, a ruler, scissors, and a roll of fusible interfacing approximately 1" wide. The best advice I ever received on alterations, was to only work on one sleeve at a time. Fit your jacket sleeve length, mark with a pin, and measure how much needs to be hemmed. Remove the stitches that hold the lining to the sleeve. If your jacket is vented at the cuff, remove all stitches holding the vent in place. Now for the tricky part: measure how much your hem needs to be shortened and mark with tailor's chalk. On my jacket, I also used the ruler and chalk to mark the cutting line. Time to trim the excess fabric from the hem. Fold the hem in place. Designer Mom

Shoe Design Specifications - Shoes of Prey Go one step further and add an inscription to your fab shoes. A custom message, a name or an auspicious date stamped alongside the Shoes of Prey insignia transforms your shoes into a truly personalised keepsake! To add your own personal inscription to your shoes, select it in Your Order Summary at the checkout. Extra Petite | Petite Fashion, Style Tips and DIY I haven't been posting as much due to work and prepping for exam cramming, but follow me on Twitter for some fitting room photos and more. I've fallen very behind on emails and comments but will try to respond to any questions soon. Thank you for your patience! Lately, I've noticed that many bloggers have been sewing unique garments or doing alterations at home. I used to sew and gave up due to lack of patience and skill, but felt inspired to dust off my sewing machine again. Here's a little something that I worked on recently: Which sleeve looks more flattering? H&M Blazer, Item #037443, $34.95. When I initially tried on this blazer, I almost left it behind. I've done simpler alterations in the past such as slimming shirts and taking in the waist on a skirt. I think I got the hang of it after one sleeve, and took step-by-step photos the second time around. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. You can see my pins through the lining. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. All done!