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Spoon & Tamago

Spoon & Tamago
Creative Chocolate Ideas from Japan by Johnny Forget Easter bunny chocolates. When it comes to reinventing the world’s favorite sweet, Japan does it best. From planetary chocolates to a chocolate-filled paint set, here are my favorite creative innovations using chocolate. Chocolate Replicas of Your Face

Cosas cool myampgoesto11: Mircea Cantor: Epic Fountain, 201224 k gold plated safety pins314 cm high x 21 cm largeMy Amp Goes To 11: Twitter | Instagram Added at 3:38pm — 1,072 notes "Inter-acciones" by Dionisio Gonzalez Empowering Architecture: architects, buildings, interior design, materials, jobs, competitions, design schools White Wolf Hotel by AND-RÉ White Wolf Hotel is a series of buildings intimately related with the rich surrounding natural environment. The built architecture is a realization of the holistic aspirations of the client. The Forge So of course after yesterday's post, things quickly turned around today and Logan decided to be a true toddler again... Oh well, the peace couldn't last forever and I was kind of jinxing it anyway by writing about it, wasn't I? On a different note, I finally found a pair of pants at Target that actually fit me nicely. So far I've never had real luck with their pants so I couldn't resist getting these dark blue ones from Mossimo.

MY AMP GOES TO 11 Broken Landscape Solo exhibition at Richard Taittinger Gallery June 23 - August 21, 2016 The Inspiration Blog of Nerdski Design Studio July 13, 2012 | Filed In: Architecture I remember when I had my very own tree house as a kid. Actually, it wasn’t in a tree, so I guess it was a club house of sorts.

Le gommage maison aux agrumes Il y a bien longtemps que je n’ai plus acheté de produits pour gommer mes vilaines cellules mortes. Quand on m’a proposé, il y a quelques années de cela, dans un spa un gommage au sel ou au sucre, j’ai trouvé l’idée géniale, bien qu’évidente ! Mais pourquoi n’y avais-je pas pensé avant ?

Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design Present&Correct New. April 17th, 2014 Foiled notebooks for admiring and writing in. Here. STOP IT RIGHT NOW I've been trying to avoid doing a post on Katie Shillingford's custom Gareth Pugh wedding dress; not because I dislike it - quite the contrary - but because lots and lots of blogs have already covered it. But I keep finding myself staring dreamily at it. The combination of the pale grey shreddy bits, her pastel pink hair, the veil (THE VEIL!), it's all just so so perfect. And to date, it's been the only thing that's made me regret (a teeny tiny bit) that I didn't have a wedding. Sweet Station The Fox Is Black keiko lynn