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The 11 Best Code Editors Available in 2015 I recently found myself looking for a new text editor for web development. I’m new to development but I wanted to have a tool that I could become familiar with and “grow into” as I improved. Which would doubtless result in my spending a lot more of my time working inside said text editor. The result of my research is that I’ve got a pretty good lay of the land as to which code editors are the best at the moment and I wanted to share my findings with the community here at Elegant Themes. Key KPIs for Health Insurance Analytics. - Increased competition and stringent regulations have created pressure on Health insurance companies to improve their products and enhance their operations. Customers are demanding more transparency in terms of product information and documentation and lesser time for claim disbursement. On the other hand, companies face fraudulent claims which are increasing at an alarming rate. This scenario has pushed insurance companies to have a business intelligence system that can help them in proper pricing of their product, manage assets and reduce risk. Insurance companies are rife with data.

A Few Good Online Survey Tools Online surveys can be a huge help in understanding what your constituents think and how successful your programs are, without breaking your budget. Last year we spoke to five nonprofit staff members to understand how existing online survey tools compare—this is an update of that article with current information about the tools’ features and pricing. Ever wonder how well received your annual dinner event is? Apps Marketplace - Rainmaker: Social CRM for Google Apps Doesn't work by Jason Argall Verified userJuly 23, 2013 It seems like a great idea, but it didn't even work for me. All I got was this: Report this Does not return great results

Best free software for writing: 10 programs to unleash your creativity The best free software for writers Writers tend to make a very big deal of their tools, whether those tools are delicate pens or ancient typewriters. Increasingly, though, they'll talk about their software. Even the most genteel literary event can soon devolve into a fist-fight between fans of Scrivener and Ulysses (both of which cost around £27, US$40, AU$50). Word is the default tool for many writers, but the latest version – Microsoft Word 2016 – will set you back £109.99 (US$109.99, AU$149) for the non-commercial edition.

Predictive Analytics in HR - Experfy Insights Introduction My 10+ years professional track record within the European Institutions have given me the possibility to participate in major projects as the eParliament Program, MEMMOIRE, and a number of inter-institutional projects. These experiences helped me grow my skills in business process analysis, technical writing, and agile prototyping. Driven by my passion for Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Mining, I was mostly involved in projects where I was able to implement predictive analytics and build a number of custom-developed Business Intelligence solutions that are widely used within the European Institutions. Through these blog writings I hope to share my passion for Data Mining as well as some business and technical insights I have gathered throughout my career. In this first article I will discuss the role of predictive analytics in Human Resources while explaining some of the basics of analytics and data mining.

How/where to build your online study From PsychWiki - A Collaborative Psychology Wiki Got a tool which has helped you do your research more effectively. Share your experience here. Hosted vs. "HTML5" versus Flash: Animation Benchmarking 22 March 2010 I've written before about why you shouldn't let your current toolset dictate what it is you create and I still firmly hold to that mantra. Some of my more recent work has revolved heavily around animation (real-time, interactive motion graphics, to be precise). Screenshots Simple, free, multiplatform. Trelby is a free screenwriting application that runs on Linux and Windows. It automatically follows screenplay formatting guidelines and helps you write your story quicker. It has multiple writing modes, including a fullscreen mode that will hide away all other distractions from your screen.

Rules For Creating Insightful And Actionable Reports In Metrics Here is a typical situation during performance reviews: “All the business leaders and stakeholders are present in a room. A performance report / MIS is projected. Mobile Application Development Enterprise Solutions Custom mobile applications empower our enterprise clients by allowing them to untether their business and gain a higher level of flexibility. Our scalable, high-performing mobile solutions will engage your workforce by granting them the power to streamline their workday. OmPad: Free, beautiful, minimal and inspirational writing web app Welcome to OmPad! Free minimal writing app that helps you focus and concentrate on writing great content. Format your text with headings, bold, italic, links, images, lists, code and quotes. Customization: Change the theme, size, font and width by hovering over the OmPad logo (bottom left)Formatting: Select the text and a floating toolbar will show up.Images: Type in a URL, select it and click the image buttonHTML: Click the bottom right word-count

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