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AREX - Clinic Management System AREX is a complete solution for Clinic / Doctor’s Office Management, it is designed to fully automate the process of managing a clinic, from staff creation to patients engagement with the clinic, to reporting, invoice creation, appointment request and management. AREX also acts as Doctor’s Reservation System, which can be managed via the doctors themselves or their assistants, which serves real-life setup for clinics and doctors’ offices. With AREX system patients will have access to their medical history anytime through their account, they can view or print it out any time. AREX makes life easier for patients, as they can opt-in for email notifications when they have new laboratory report uploaded to their account or when they have been queued for an appointment with the doctor. With supervisor and admin accounts, users will be able to have full stats and reports of the system The software also comes with language file for easy translation to any language Pharmacist: view all prescriptions

Turn your iPad into a Production Switcher - RecoLive - Galileo Galileo est une plateforme motorisée pour iPhone et iPod Touch. Elle permet d'orienter votre iPhone à distance, depuis la régie de RecoLive MultiCam ou RecoLive Switcher. Glissez votre doigt sur l'aperçu vidéo de la régie et la caméra va simplement suivre votre mouvement. Être caméraman et réalisateur en même temps n'a jamais été si facile. Vous pouvez maintenant créer d'excellentes productions multi-caméra même en étant tout seul. Combiné avec Galileo, RecoLive MutiCam devient l'outil idéal aussi pour le blogging vidéo ou le journalisme mobile (Mojo). Les apps RecoLive prennent en charge Galileo avec connecteur 30-pin et Galileo bluetooth. Galileo est produit par Motrr et disponible sur le site

create an embeddable Flickr slideshow in seconds URL Shortener Script with Statistics URL Shortener Script with Statistics is a powerful URL Shortener based on Google’s Shortener, it offers advanced link statistics from Google, such as referrals, browsers or operating system used by the visitors. The script is also mobile devices responsive and cross-browser compatible. Demo: PHP Shortener Script with Statistics – DemoStats Page: Features Powered by Google Shortener API.Short links with option for custom aliases ( results for best user experience.Frame bar (where you can place Adsense, any visitors of a shortened link will see it).World Map visitors from Google Shortener API.Advanced Statistics (Referrer, Browser, Platforms).Line Bar Charts for Referrers, Browsers, and Platforms.QR Code for each shortened link.JSON API (short links with custom name).Adsense ready (3 adspots available).Super clean and unique design.Cross Browser compatible, mobile & tablet responsive. and more… Updates Update 1.1 (4/8/2013)

Narrative Clip – a wearable, automatic lifelogging camera Login to Polldaddy Polldaddy now requires a account to sign in. You may use an existing account or create a new one. Learn why here. Don't have a account? What to expect with No Blog Required This account will not interfere with your self-hosted WordPress or other blogging tool if you already run a blog. One Account to Rule Them All is now the account hub for all of our services at Automattic, including VaultPress, Polldaddy, and Akismet. Same Company as Polldaddy Polldaddy was acquired by Automattic in 2008, so your data is 100% safe with us — as it really isn't going anywhere. One-time Account Connect Process Once you verify your email with, Polldaddy will ask for your existing account information. Need help connecting a account? Not interested in a account?

Riddles “Riddles” is a ready made riddles website which consists of more than 8000 riddles and their answers. Its also integrated with social media buttons so that users can share the riddles with their friends, not only this users/guests can also rate the riddles. Features 8000+ riddles Google Adsense support Social network buttons integrated User rating User riddles/answer submission Guests riddles/answer submission Unlimited pages creation via CMS SEO friendly URLs Easily customizable Themes support API Support Admin panel Manage riddles Advanced searching Manage pages Manage Google Ads Export user list Dashboard with stats/graphs Admin username/password: admin/123456 Requirements PHP 5 .1.0 or higher is required.

Make Business Video | Animated Video Production | Code for Artists iFree Skype Recorder - Télécharger VisuAlgo - visualising data structures and algorithms through animation MotivationVisuAlgo was conceptualised in 2011 by Dr Steven Halim as a tool to help his students better understand data structures and algorithms, by allowing them to learn the basics on their own and at their own pace. Together with some of his students from the National University of Singapore (see "Team"), a series of visualisations were developed and consolidated, from simple sorting algorithms to complex graph data structures and algorithms. Though specifically designed for the use of NUS students taking various data structure and algorithm classes (CS1010, CS1020, CS2010, CS2020, CS3230, and CS3233), as advocators of online learning, we hope that curious minds around the world will find these visualisations useful as well. Ongoing developmentsVisuAlgo is an ongoing project, and more complex visualisations are still being developed.

Voddio Training How to Create a Project Problems with iOS 7 Voddio App iOS 7 Warning : New multi-tasking protocols in iOS 7 will Stop the Audio recording function if the … Fine Editing a Single Audio Clip If you have created a single audio clip in the Build Screen, and clicked on the Check Mark button, the clip will appear as a waveform in the Editing Screen. Cutting a Single Audio Clip Lesson One: Cutting a single audio clip: In this lesson, we’ll learn how to open an audio file, isolate a certain portion of that audio file, and create a single clip. Combining Videos with Voddio Joining two videos To join two videos first create a new video project. App Gallery - streamhub-wall by Livefyre streamhub-wall displays StreamHub social feeds as a visually engaging, full-screen tiled Content experience that's great for covering live events, hosting photo contests, and powering social sections of your website. Features Display user-generated Content and photosCurate tweets, public Facebook posts, Instagram photos, Tumblr posts, or any RSS feed using built-in default templatesNew Content streams into the MediaWall in true real-timeCustomize the template of any type of Content streaming into the MediaWallScales to any width or height. MediaWall will relayout Content for the best experience, even on mobile devices. See it in Action MediaWall has been used on many StreamHub-powered sites, including: - Showcasing curated photos tagged with #sxsw during SXSW - Displaying curated photos from Super Bowl parties around the - Photos from on-location at CES 2013 in Las Vegas Usage