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Lessons Worth Sharing

Lessons Worth Sharing
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– Mennesket er i ferd med å forårsake klodens sjette masseutryddelse - NRK No... – Når vi snakker om en masseutryddelse, så snakker vi om at størsteparten av artsmangfoldet innenfor mange dyre- og plantegrupper blir utryddet på omtrent samme tid. Professor Hans K. Stenøien ved NTNU står sammen med direktør Ivar Myklebust ved Artsdatabanken bak en kronikk som ble publisert på Der varsler de om en stor endring som allerede er i gang. – Tidligere har tapet av ulike organismegrupper skjedd veldig raskt. Menneskene største trusselen for utrydning Livet på jorda har gjennomgått fem masseutryddelser siden det oppstod for tre og en halv milliarder år siden, og naturkrefter har stått bak hver runde. – Hvis man snakker om vesentlige endringer og ødeleggelser av funksjoner i forskjellige økosystemer, så er man der allerede i dag. Professor Hans K. – Menneskelig påvirkning er den viktigste årsaken når vi snakker om tap av biologisk mangfold. – I verste fall vil økosystemet kollapse Tap av mange eller bestemte arter kan føre til store endringer for økosystemene.

Educación e Innovación | Think Big Con esta iniciativa, la primera experiencia de este tipo en España, Fundación Telefónica pretende llevar el espíritu emprendedor a las aulas. Este proyecto nace con el objetivo de ofrecer formación en habilidades digitales y empresariales a jóvenes en edad escolar (14 a 16 años), cuyos proyectos más destacados podrían llegar a incluirse en Think Big Jóvenes, programa que persigue incentivar el espíritu emprendedor en la gente joven. La iniciativa se centra en utilizar el potencial del mundo digital para crear y desarrollar ideas que puedan llegar a plasmarse en proyectos y acciones, en el marco de un trabajo en grupo que acerca a los estudiantes a una visión real del mundo empresarial, presentando sus ideas al equipo de mentores, constituido por Voluntarios Telefónica, que orientarán al grupo sobre qué pasos seguir para convertir la idea en un proyecto realizable. Paralelamente, cada proyecto deberá gozar de su propia página web, creada, con la ayuda necesaria, por los propios alumnos.

Crea fácilmente mapas conceptuales con Coggle Facilitar el aprendizaje de tus alumnos es importante para poder captar su interés y comprensión sobre la materia. Pero, ¿qué estrategias docentes puedes utilizar para lograrlo? Una herramienta sencilla, visual y ordenada son los mapas conceptuales. ¡Aprende más sobre ellos! Los mapas conceptuales permiten tanto enseñar como aprender, pero ¡cuidado! Una vez conocidos sus secretos, realizar un mapa conceptual es muy sencillo gracias a la aplicación Coogle. ¿Cómo puedo utilizar Coogle? Regístrate: Una vez has accedido a la página web, es necesario registrarte como usuario. Y, si aún te has quedado con dudas, echa un vistazo a este vídeotutorial donde podrás aprender a utilizar esta herramienta paso a paso. ¿Qué ventajas tiene Coogle? Coogle es una herramienta sencilla y visual que ayuda a comprender las ideas clave con mayor rapidez. ¿Qué te ha parecido esta genial herramienta?

IDEAS Share your expertise with Google Helpouts [video] Today Google has a launched a new service powered by Google+ Hangouts, Helpouts, to allow users to share their skills and expertises to the masses via one-on-one video chats through your computer or mobile device. Essentially, Google is allowing individuals to give lessons to those who desire to learn about a specific skill or need one time help with anything including classwork, automotive issues, or a new language. Currently the service is not operational; however, starting today, Google is asking experts who want to get involved in the service to sign up before the service fully launches later this year. There are different categories of Helpouts to signup for including Arts and Music, Computers and Electronics, Cooking, Education, Fashion and Beauty, Fitness and Nutrition, Health and Counseling along with Home and Garden. When signing up, you're asked to describe the Helpouts you'd like to offer. How it works Experts can offer their skills for free or charge for sessions. Requirements

A former IRA gunman and hunger striker tells his story From his hiding place in the hedge Laurence McKeown could clearly hear the conversation between the two bingo women. It was a summer’s night in July 1976, and McKeown had walked a short distance from his parents’ home in the countryside near Randalstown, Co Antrim, to ambush a police vehicle. “I was lying in a hedge with an M1 Garand rifle – a very slow rifle – with a clip of eight bullets, waiting for the Land Rover. I had been there a couple of other nights, but nothing happened,” McKeown says. “I heard two women passing by, coming from the bingo in the local [Ancient Order of Hibernians] hall. They were having a conversation about the bingo, and I remember thinking, That’s normal life, and you have a chance of being part of that normal life; instead you are waiting in this hedge with a rifle for a police Land Rover to come along. That night the Royal Ulster Constabulary Land Rover did come along. McKeown says there is trepidation before an attack. Catholics who kept their heads down

Too Noisy Cmap | Cmap Software Introducción Los mapas conceptuales son herramientas gráficas para organizar y representar conocimiento que expresan de forma explícita el entendimiento de una persona o un grupo de personas sobre un dominio o tema. Una buena forma de delinear el contexto para un mapa conceptual es construir una Pregunta de Enfoque, esto es, una pregunta que especifique claramente el problema o asunto el mapa conceptual ayudará a resolver. Todo mapa conceptual responde a una pregunta de enfoque, y una buena pregunta de enfoque puede llevar a un mapa conceptual mucho más rico, como se examina más adelante en este documento. Al aprender a construir mapas conceptuales, es común desviarse de la pregunta de enfoque y construir un mapa conceptual que puede ser (más o menos) relacionado con el dominio, pero que no responde la pregunta. Más Allá de la Pregunta de Enfoque: Haciendo Preguntas a Estudiantes La Pregunta de Enfoque y el Conocimiento Dinámico vs. Figure 1. Figure 2. Algunos Ejemplos Referencias

Building the European City of Scientific Culture | OPEN Places The core of the PLACES project is formed by more than 60 European City Partnerships in almost 30 countries. The City Partnerships constitute alliances of science communication institutions and local policymakers. The partnerships have been the basis for collaborative work between local stakeholders to develop Local Action Plans targeting science communication policies in European cities and regions. In many cases, City Partnerships have grown to involve media, non-governmental organizations, universities, research institutions, companies, and other interested parties. The Local Action Plans target key challenges in cities, based on scientific problem-solving. The Local Action Plnas are strategic visions that inform science communication policy at the local level for many years to come. An extensive series of Pilot Activities have tested innovative approaches to communicate science-based solutions in cities.

WP Login Box WordPress Login Box (WPLB) lets you add a log in/out box to your website. WPLB includes an options panel which gives you control over your form. Features: Different styles Highly customizable Lightweight Can be integreated with any theme Works well with other plugins Hackable This plugin lets you choose custom links for a forgot your password page,and registration page. Clean energy won’t save us – only a new economic system can | Global Development Professionals Network Earlier this year media outlets around the world announced that February had broken global temperature records by a shocking amount. March broke all the records too. In June, our screens were covered with surreal images of flooding in Paris, the Seine bursting its banks and flowing into the streets. In London, floods sent water pouring into the tube system right in the heart of Covent Garden. Roads in south-east London became rivers two metres deep. With such extreme events becoming more commonplace, few deny climate change any longer. This growing awareness about the dangers of fossil fuels represents a crucial shift in our consciousness. Let’s imagine, just for argument’s sake, that we are able to get off fossil fuels and switch to 100% clean energy. Why? When it comes to climate change, the problem is not just the type of energy we are using, it’s what we’re doing with it. Think of it this way. The climate movement made an enormous mistake.

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