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The only notebook you need on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.

The only notebook you need on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.
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Securely erase hard drives on your Mac OS X Tutorial Have you ever wondered how technology pros can recover deleted files from a hard drive? It’s because whenever the Trash is emptied on your Mac, OS X deletes the info used to access the file data, but doesn’t actually erase the file itself. To put it simply, OS X puts the data to one side and allows it to be overwritten by other programs and data. That means the data may be overwritten within seconds by the system, or sit on the drive for weeks, months or even permanently if the drive isn’t used again. Often, for security reasons, it’s necessary to delete this data. Step 1: Get started Open Disk Utility by searching for it in Spotlight or clicking on the Go choosing Utilities, then double-clicking on the Disk Utility application. Step 2: Choose a drive Click on the main hard drive of your Mac (typically the top drive in the list), then click on the Erase tab in the centre of the screen. Step 4: Data deleted The first option, Zero-Out, should be sufficient for most users.

VideoScribe Anywhere - Créer des vidéos dessinées Skip to main content VideoScribe Anywhere The magic is mobile Watch the demoPlay video Download on the App Store Whiteboard videos are captivating, fun and memorable. Get started Begin with a blank canvas and let your imagination take over. Add content Fill your canvas with text and pictures. Make it your way Set how text and images behave. Magic happens! VideoScribe magically draws your elements, turning them into an engaging video you can share with the world. Create videos quickly and easily Create high quality videosPerfect for marketing, teaching, training and presentingMake videos from scratch or connect to VideoScribe desktopAdd and edit content with a touch of your screenNo tech skills needed - VideoScribe does all the workPreview free on device or unlock video export for only $3.99Full commercial licence to sell the output The Best app of the year! “Simply amazing and wonderful. Jmwebster101112, UK Great and Cool App "This app is so easy to use! Divacolor, Hong Kong Easy! omglaserspewpew22, UK

Five Essential Smart Mailboxes For Apple Mail [Mac] Next to haggling with dozens of web browsing pages scattered all over my desktops, managing several dozen emails per day used to be the bane of my computer-using life. But not much anymore after I started using Smart Mailboxes in Apple’s Mail. Smart Mailboxes work like smart albums in iTunes. To create a Smart Mailbox, open Mail and go to Mailbox>New Smart Mailbox in Mail’s menu bar. The following are a handful of Smart Mailboxes I use regularly. Unread Messages For me, the most essential Smart Mailbox is what I call Unread Messages. The rules for this Smart Mailbox are: Select “Message is Unread”.Click the + button and add a second rule, “Date Received”> “is today.”Make sure the top parameter says “Contains messages that match ALL the follow conditions.” After you click to another mailbox and then re-click the unread Smart Mailbox, the messages will be gone from the box; the messages however are not deleted. Smart Mailboxes For VIP’s Last Year’s Mail Flagged Messages Attachments

Applications - Quelle Histoire Éditions Pour découvrir l'Histoire sur tablette La collection Custom templates in Pages Pages 2, the page-layout and word processing program included with Apple’s $79 iWork ‘06 suite, comes with more than 60 beautiful and versatile templates. So I was surprised when a friend complained that it didn’t have a template for a 5.5-by-8.5-inch auction brochure. What she didn’t know was that Pages’ templates are customizable. If you create the same type of document over and over in Pages 2 ( ), you can save considerable time and ensure consistency from one project to the next by using templates. Start with a clean slate To create a custom template, you need to start with a blank page. Set Page details Next, set up the basic structure of your document, including the document size, margins, and any other settings for the whole page. To set the margins for your document, open the Document pane of the Inspector palette (if it isn’t visible, choose View: Show Inspector). Add text and graphics After you’ve created text boxes, fill them with generic text. Define placeholders

Lil' Red - An Interactive Story 38 Attractive & Versatile Templates for Pages I’ve long been a fan of iWork and Pages, and enjoy the design aesthetics of the templates included with the app. I recently went on the hunt for some third party templates that could make the Pages experience even better. Some are free, others are commercial, but hopefully they will help to make Pages more versatile and powerful than ever before! Jumsoft Pages Templates This is a commercial package that includes over 100 Pages themes for $39. Kickbox Great Interiors Brochure Photo Album Photographer’s Portolio Menu Black and White Album Green Newsletter Book Stripy Newsletter Various Posters Various Advertisements StockLayouts Pages Templates These templates are commercial, and come in with a fairly hefty fee. Tanning Salon Natural Health Spa Insurance Agent Senior Living Community Education Foundation Landscape Design Nutritionist & Dietician Private Bank Marketing Consultant Health Insurance Vineyard & Winery Architect One Eyed Goldfish One Eyed Goldfish have an interesting range of templates. Matchstick Metro

Ma hAPPy classe Roundup: 7 Delicious Mac Apps to Manage Your Bookmarks I’m a heavy user of I think it’s the best way to store online all my bookmarks. Also, the tagging system works good (except for some problems we should see fixed very soon: yes batch removing, I’m looking at you) and provides an excellent to sort out hundreds of saved web pages. Then, the interface is cute and so web 2.0. But, as MacStories readers, you know that I love to find applications which allow me to use my favourite online services from the desktop. Here, I’ve collected 7 Delicious desktop clients / utilities for Mac. Enjoy! Pukka Pukka is very popular among Mac / Delicious users. Cocoalicious An open source application under BSD license, Cocoalicious is a dekstop interface for your Delicious bookmarks. I wish it will be rewritten soon, but I doubt it. Delibar A menubar app with a stunning UI, that’s what Delibar is. DeliciousSafari Delish Safarilicious

RoadMovie en et hors la classe pour raconter votre imagination Avec StoryMap JS vous créez des diapositives qui sont disposés à des endroits sur votre carte. Chaque diapositive de votre histoire peut inclure des images ou des vidéos avec le texte. Lorsque vous faites défiler votre histoire, il y a des transitions simples entre chaque diapositive. StoryMap JS s'intègre à votre compte Google Drive. Une sortie avec les élèves et les outils numériques (portables, tablettes, pc portables, gps) et de créer une histoire avec une carte à l'aide de mashups, plus ou moins utiles, combinant carte et données, et un certain nombre d’outils (traitement de texte, images…), en dehors de Google maps pour transformer ses cartes, deux outils Scribble et Everytrail avec un exemple pédagogique. - Tracez votre route pendant que vous vous déplacez - Ajoutez des photos sur votre carte instantanément - Partager vos itinéraires depuis votre mobile ou tablette - Trouver et suivre les itinéraires d'autres voyageurs. Voir démo : Enigmapp Candide et Coquebin

Outlook Rules Add In TaskWorks Outlook 2007 Add-in License: Freeware Price: 0.00 Outlook 2007 add-in to synchronise your Calendar and Tasks with a TaskWorks Project Management and Collaboration Workspace. See all your Project start and end dates and To-Do items in your Calendar and Tasks list in Outlook. Publisher: Evaware Ltd Date: 02-04-2007 Size: 6313 KB Platform: Win98, WinME, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Vista Todi Outlook 2000 Add In License: Freeware Price: - Cean up your Outlook 2000 PST file! Publisher: Date: 02-06-2009 Size: 188 KB Platform: Windows All Outlook Contact Add-In License: Freeware Price: 0.00 A Microsoft Outlook COM Add-In that provides vCard export and MailMerge functional for contacts. Platform: Windows InboxRULES for Outlook Rules is developed as a Outlook add-in that can help you save / print messages, and extract data from message that arrive to a MS Exchange Server mailbox or Outlook account. Platform: Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7, 832-bit Platform: Windows All

Créer chasses au trésor, énigmes, jeu de piste, enquête mystère… sur tablette ou smartphone Le Trésor d'Augustin : l'Ile des Pirates – chasse aux trésor sur Ipad Avec Augustin, vous êtes l'auteur de jeux de piste qui emmènent vos enfants dans l'aventure. Faites-les suivre la carte des pirates jusqu'au coffre du trésor. Utilisez la réalité augmentée Sur la piste du trésor, les enfants auront des codes secrets à découvrir. Prenez en photo un emplacement, un objet et le code apparaît en 3D avec la caméra de l'iPad. Inventez vos énigmes !, agrémentez le jeu de piste avec des énigmes… Elles peuvent être éducatives, ou simplement ludiques. MOBEXPLORE : Créez des parcours interactifs en mobilité pour téléphones portables en histoire, géographie, sciences, EDD, sortie au musée, histoire des arts, chasse au trésor… Des questions, récompenses, arguments, statistiques, relever une information en photo, se géolocaliser, réalité augmentée voilà les possibilitées de Mobexplore. Le site Web : Chasse au trésor : Voir démo : Enigmapp