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Los 96 iconos del pack Token en - Pagina 3. Générateur de logo - 14 copyright essentials teachers and students must know. Using copyrighted material incorrectly can land teachers and students in hot water.

14 copyright essentials teachers and students must know

Here’s what you need to know to stay safe. (Image by Gerd Altmann via / CC0) Students and teachers toe a very fuzzy ethical line every day — many without even realizing it. Some end up on the safe side of the line, but others cross the line and cross ethical boundaries — and sometimes costly legal ones. That line is the copyright line, deciding how teachers and students can respect people’s intellectual property. The bottom line is this: Copyright doesn’t automatically mean, “This is mine. The silver lining is this: Copyright isn’t the only license on digital media. Kristina Peters, a digital learning specialist for the Nebraska Department of Education, recently discussed copyright, licensing and the essentials that teachers and students should know. Here are some of the take-aways from that discussion:


25 Free Vector World Maps. Generally, finding World map templates is not an easy task.

25 Free Vector World Maps

Unlike patterns and textures, high-quality world maps are not the easiest to come across. We realized this problem some time back, and here we are today, with a solution to it — an assortment of 20 world maps in various formats (PSD, SVG, and PNG). Browse through the collection, and do share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Also, if you are aware of any world map source file that we missed, feel free to add it to the list by commenting below.

Google Fonts. Video: How to Change Hair Color in Photoshop. Tips y trucos para ilustrar en ILLUSTRATOR – Coreditec.

Free image editor

Icone. Patterns & Textures. Brushes Photoshop. Tutorial. Banner & Logo. Actions Photoshop. Font. Free photos. Gimp. Discover — Art & Design Inspiration at Vectors® Vector Icon - People Mix Silhouettes 2 Image ID: 301924635. Free Download from,,, Photos&Vectors,,,, Vector Icon – People Mix Silhouettes 2 .EPS Vector. How to Make a Map in Illustrator. Every time I start thinking of a tutorial to write, I try to show techniques that I use in my job as a designer.

How to Make a Map in Illustrator

For example, today I will be showing you how to make a nice little map. I was called to make a map for the university which was tedious but still fun. This can also be a neat little add-on to a party invitation or the like.First and most importantly turn on some music! Some Armin van Buuren thumping in the background helps the creative process. Secondly Make sure your computer is on. Setting Up Same old setup as in my other Illustrator tutorials. Getting Started First off, you are going to need a map to use as a reference, unless you have some sort of crazy photographic memory.

Un Visage dans la fumée avec Photoshop ~ HOCINE COM. Pinterest. Advanced Photoshop. Photo Effects - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Category. Rose92 shares In this tutorial, we will explain how to use the vector editing and 3D capabilities of Photoshop to create rubber and glass 3D text.

Photo Effects - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Category

In the process, we will show you how to create the materials, modify the lighting, render the scene, and finally, how to enhance the color of the final result. Let's get started! In this tutorial, we will explain how to use the vector editing and 3D capabilities of Photoshop to create rubber and glass 3D text. Dictionnaire des couleurs. Free Vector Archive - download free vector art, graphics and backgrounds. Brushes on allphotoshop - DeviantArt. 50 best Photoshop tutorials - Features. Photoshop backgrounds, textures and icons. FREE PSD FILES. La liste des plugins photo gratuits pour Photoshop. 50 best Photoshop tutorials - Features. 40 meilleurs tutoriaux Photoshop - Caractéristiques - Arts numériques. Learn techniques for Photoshop across art, illustration, graphics and photography in these tutorials from the world's best practitioners.

40 meilleurs tutoriaux Photoshop - Caractéristiques - Arts numériques

Photoshop is a very versatile software tool, as flexible for seamlessly compositing disparate elements into a beautiful photomotage as it is making your photos look even more stunning. It also provides an effortless platform for creating dynamic graphics for both web and print - and let's not forget its pragmatic usefulness as a day-to-day tool for tranforming graphics and photos into the perfect format for your output requirements. Here we've created a round-up of the best Photoshop tutorials from the past decade of Digital Arts, covering everything from collage and illustration to photography and typography. Coloriser un dessin fait à la main avec Photoshop. Si vous avez d'autres questions, n'hésitez pas à les poser par mail !

Coloriser un dessin fait à la main avec Photoshop

Note : ce tutoriel a été réalisé avec la version CS3 de Photoshop sous Windows 7, mais la plupart des fonctionnalités correspondent à ce que l'on peut retrouver dans d'autres versions. 500+ Free Download High Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Designers. Why redo what is from the web “free download” ? Plenty of web designers create and share with the community, plenty graphic files. Most often, they are free download and can mostly be used in business projects. But the plenty ways used for the distribution of these files is problematic (from own blogs, social networks, sharing networks)…Lot of you have interest for these files, and regarding this point, 2experts decided to create selection lists of these files. These lists give to the web designers, the possibility to get a quick overview of some of the best free download files, grouped on an unique page.

Today is an exceptional day because you are not restricted to one list but you can browse a selection of the best lists from all of them, and this final selection cumulate all together, around 500 Photoshop files, files you can download. If you like this selection, you will certainly appreciate the posts below too: You can’t hardly wait ? 26 Polariod and Paper Clips ( by atilazz ) PSD Templates, PSD (Photoshop) Web Templates - Template Monster. 50 tutoriels photoshop pour le ciel et les effets de l'espace et des plan?tes. Le ciel, les nuages, le soleil, les étoiles et les planètes sont des éléments omniprésents dans les illustrations, les photos personnelles ou les maquettes professionnelles.

50 tutoriels photoshop pour le ciel et les effets de l'espace et des plan?tes

Photoshop permet -à l’aide de ses outils- de manipuler ces éléments et d’ajouter des effets réalistes ou correctifs. Il permet aussi de réaliser des paysages fantastiques et imaginaires. Download Free Fonts - Search Free Fonts. Agrandir une photo sans perte de qualité avec Photoshop -

Dans ce tutoriel Photoshop vous verrez plusieurs techniques pour augmenter la résolution d’une photo sans détériorer la qualité de celle-ci.

Agrandir une photo sans perte de qualité avec Photoshop -

De base il faut savoir qu’il est impossible d’augmenter la taille d’une photo sans perdre la qualité de celle-ci. Cela est vrai avec Photoshop mais aussi avec n’importe quelle logicielle de retouche d’images. Cela proviens du fait qu’une image est constitué de pixel, cela veux dire que vous image est crée à partir d’une grille sur laquelle est positionné une suite de pixel de différentes couleurs. Imaginons votre image est composé d’une grille de trois pixels de coté et que vous souhaitez doubler sa taille à 6 pixels de coté … cela est impossible car ces pixels n’existent simplement pas.