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Plates-formes de curation Collaborative comparison engine Register Sign in Sign in Sign out MeTA: ModErn Text Analysis : Setup Guide Outline Mac OS X Build Guide Mac OS X 10.6 or higher is required. You may have success with 10.5, but this is not tested. You will need to have homebrew installed, as well as the Command Line Tools for Xcode (homebrew requires these as well, and it will prompt for them during install, or you can install them with xcode-select --install on recent versions of OS X). Once you have homebrew installed, run the following commands to get the dependencies for MeTA:

Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Mark Anderson Technology, Pedagogy, & Content Knowledge model Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge The 4 biggest mistakes that teachers make when integrating technology In classrooms all around the globe, educators are introducing new and exciting technological tools to engage their students in learning. Many educators are successful when integrating these technologies, but unfortunately many are not for a variety of reasons. Photo credit: Emerging Edtech In my opinion, and from my experience in classrooms around the world, these are the biggest mistakes that educators make when integrating technology into the classroom: Technology before pedagogy

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Software - Tweet Library Introducing Tweet Library Tweet Library keeps a local searchable archive of your own tweets, favorites, and retweets so that you can find important tweets later. It adds collections so that you can curate your timeline by organizing related tweets together. And it includes custom filters to automatically group or hide tweets. Linked Data - Design Issues Up to Design Issues The Semantic Web isn't just about putting data on the web. It is about making links, so that a person or machine can explore the web of data. With linked data, when you have some of it, you can find other, related, data. Examples of Reflective Writing Types of reflective writing assignments Journal: requires you to write weekly entries throughout a semester. May require you to base your reflection on course content.

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