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RSS from the New Delicious The new delicious is finally up. Not all that much different but I am excited because I use it every day. One of the features I use every day is the RSS. When I heard delicious had enabled RSS feeds today, I went to the site right-away to set them up. After going through my archives I have been able to reconstruct them.Here’s the format they are currently using (updated 7/29/2015): Changed it once again: Notice: now it’s on HTTPS in addition to the subdomain change. username – your delicious username, without the brackets /tag – This is optional but if you want to limit the RSS feed to a particular tag you will need to insert a / and then the tag. For example, if you wanted to keep track of all the bookmarks I’ve tagged “sem” you would use:

Create RSS feed from any web page using Yahoo Pipes - Reaper-X In this post, i’m going to write a simple explanation / basic example about using Yahoo Pipes to fetch a webpage (you are free to use any pages you want assuming they allow Yahoo Pipes) and then create a RSS Feed from it so you can read it on your favorite rss reader As an example, in this post i’m going to give an example of creating RSS Feed from HorribleSubs website ( that i’ve been using (for myself only) so i can keep track on their Gintama release easily (i read that they’re planning on doing a total makeover of their site so i guess it’s okay to use them as an example) Before anything else, please see the source of the pipe used in this example (you need to log in to Yahoo first) because you’ll need to be logged in to Yahoo to see or create a new pipe Update 1: Here’s the updated version of the pipe which is used for their new domain ( and their new site design. 1. and here is what it looks like on the Yahoo Pipes side 2. 3. and here’s the output

Feed43 The Sociable - For Pinterest Yes this article is about Pinterest but no, we’re not going to talk about the site’s astonishing rise or its revolutionary design features. Instead we’re going to talk about something old school, RSS. As you might know we love RSS but over the past year fewer and fewer sites are including RSS as a service for their users. In 2011 Twitter removed its RSS options from the site, although, as we’ve shown, it is still possible to generate RSS feeds for user profiles, Twitter lists, and searches. And last year Google+ launched without any native RSS support. So what of Pinterest’s RSS support? Pinterest Fire Hose RSS The site does provide an RSS option for user profiles; this feed combines all the latest pins a user has created regardless of which board they are in. Pinterest Board RSS Following a specific board created by a user via RSS is less obvious. To do this, first open the board (e.g.

Kristi Hines on RSS for Facebook Pages Do you want to keep up with the latest news for your favorite Facebook fan pages, but don’t want to miss out on them because EdgeRank is hiding them from your new feed? Or would you prefer to not have to go to Facebook at all until your favorite pages have updates? One of the Google Chrome extensions I use, RSS Subscription Extension, puts an RSS icon in the browser’s address bar when there is an RSS feed discovered on a page. On Facebook pages that haven’t been converted to the new Timeline design, that icon comes up so you can subscribe to your favorite page’s RSS feed. For pages with the new design enabled, however, the RSS feed has gone missing. Fortunately, the feed is still available though. For example, my Facebook page URL is Highlighted in the above is my page’s ID number, 255576081168962. Take this URL and paste it into your preferred RSS reader.

5 Interesting Ways To Use Google News RSS Feeds By learning more about these RSS feeds and incorporating a few interesting tricks to display and read these RSS news feeds, you’ll be able to stay on top of all the very best news as easily as possible. How’s that for useful? Creating RSS News Feeds Creating generic and specific news RSS feeds is quite an easy task. 1. You’ve probably already set up Google News to show local news in your preferred language. For me, I get: 2. Also at the bottom of the Google news page is a link to “About Feeds“, which shows you the various news topics and the RSS feeds to subscribe to them. For instance, Sci-Tech is: 3. At the top of Google News is the all-familiar search bar. For example, a basic news search for “Lemur”: 4. In the previous examples, you can see topic=t is tech, while q=lemur is your search term. For instance, limiting the search to the last month gives us: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Wallflux RSS for Facebook Pages & Groups RSS Feeds for Google Plus Profiles and Search Results RSS feeds are not available in Google Plus but you can quickly generate feeds for any Google Profile or Page using the Feed+ app for Chrome. Google Plus does not offer RSS Feeds but you can easily generate feeds on your own using a new Chrome app developed by Eric Koleda, an engineer working with the Google Apps Script team. Here’s a sample Google+ Feed create using this tool. Follow Google+ Profiles and Pages via RSS Feeds To get started, launch Feed+ for Chrome and it will request access to some of your Google services. The generated RSS feeds are public and thus you, or anyone else, can subscribe to these feeds in any news reader. And now that you have an RSS Feed for your Google Plus profile, you can easily cross-post updates to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and everywhere else using the IFTTT service.

Looking for Your Twitter RSS Feed after the API Change? Here's How to Make a New One Looking for Your Twitter RSS Feed after the API Change? Here’s How to Make a New One Twitter Feeds Aren’t Gone, They’re Just in Hiding Twitter no longer provides RSS feeds for users so any URL that you generated with the old version of the Pixsy Twitter RSS feed generator will no longer work (I verified that they are officially gone after the phaseout period that they implemented earlier this year). The first option is a free, open source application that I developed (Tweetledee). Here are the details for both approaches. Tweetledee – Easy Access to Twitter RSS Feeds Tweetledee is an open source, MIT licensed application that is available on GitHub. Requirements Access to a web server with PHP version 5.3 or greater (PHP 5.4+ if you intend to use the pretty printed JSON files)libcurl installed on your web server (cURL) What You Get It currently provides access to the following RSS feeds: Update 8/6/2013: Learn how to pipe your Twitter data from Tweetledee to other applications on Sweetmeat