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FeedDude - Create RSS feeds from any web site

FeedDude - Create RSS feeds from any web site

RSS Search Engine - Find Feeds with Instant Search Instant RSS Search engine will help you discover RSS feeds on the web around your favorite topics. You may use the tool to search RSS feeds for blogs, news websites, podcasts and more. It is instant search and hence the search results display as you type. You may use any of the Google search operators - like allintitle, inurl, etc. - for more accurate results. You can subscribe to the feeds in your favorite RSS Reader (like Feedly) or use the Preview link to see the 10 most recently published articles from that feed.

A guide to controlling privacy, info on Google+ - TODAY Tech - Google+is the new social networking kid on the block, and one of the main reasons so many people are interested in the service over Facebook is Google+'s proclaimed focus on protecting users' privacy. Whether you're a new Google+ user or you're already a pro, understanding how to control your information on the site can make you feel much more at ease on the social network. Here's the lowdown on Google+'s privacy controls, including a few of the more buried settings you'll want to know about. This guide will take you through setting up Google+'s circles with an emphasis on how they work from a privacy perspective, how to control what others can see about you on your profile, your options for selectively sharing posts with others, and some miscellaneous settings you'll want to tweak — like only allowing friends to start Huddles with you. A note on pseudonymity: Google has taken a strong and, I think, awfully mistaken stance on not allowing people to use Google+ with a pseudonym. 1. 2. 3.

Create RSS feed from any web page using Yahoo Pipes - Reaper-X In this post, i’m going to write a simple explanation / basic example about using Yahoo Pipes to fetch a webpage (you are free to use any pages you want assuming they allow Yahoo Pipes) and then create a RSS Feed from it so you can read it on your favorite rss reader As an example, in this post i’m going to give an example of creating RSS Feed from HorribleSubs website ( that i’ve been using (for myself only) so i can keep track on their Gintama release easily (i read that they’re planning on doing a total makeover of their site so i guess it’s okay to use them as an example) Before anything else, please see the source of the pipe used in this example (you need to log in to Yahoo first) because you’ll need to be logged in to Yahoo to see or create a new pipe Update 1: Here’s the updated version of the pipe which is used for their new domain ( and their new site design. 1. and here is what it looks like on the Yahoo Pipes side 2. 3. and here’s the output

Utiliser les flux RSS et les podcasts Quelques suggestions - éducation aux médias - langues étrangères - sciences économiques et sociales - activités interdisciplinaires Pourquoi et comment faire ? Univers Netvibes et documentationJacqueline Valladon "A l’origine la page personnelle était uniquement privée. Doc pour Docs, site mutualiste, 13/04/2008 Les Dossiers de l'ingénierie éducative Rester branché avec les fils RSS"L’actualisation des connaissances dans l’enseignement et la prise en compte en classe de l’actualité et des questions vives s’accélèrent avec Internet. "Le traitement de l'actualité : médias et savoirs". Univers pour la documentation Kiosque presse : univers Netvibes"Ce kiosque présente un éventail de l'actualité française, francophone et internationale. Sélections d'univers

Tumblr Is More Than Porn: Tumblr for Inviting Participation and Conversations for Learning « The Unquiet Librarian This past Wednesday at work, I was attempting to cross-post content from one of my dashboards to my Tumblr account; I was started to discover that it was no longer available to me on campus. Tumblr, which was previously open and available to our students and teachers at school, was recently blocked at the district level; when I questioned why the resource was blocked, the response was: “Tumblr was blocked this summer do [sic] to pornography it was hosting…When we are aware of a site that violates Board Policy IFBG, Children’s Internet Protection Act and the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act then we will take appropriate measures. “ I would have no issue with a specific offensive site being blocked, but denying students and teachers access on campus to the tool for their own constructive uses seems extreme to me. Idea #1: Favorite Book Quote Crowdsourcing Idea #2: Crowdsource Original Book Jacket Designs Idea 3: Connect Your Readers to Favorite Authors via Tumblr

The Sociable - For Pinterest Yes this article is about Pinterest but no, we’re not going to talk about the site’s astonishing rise or its revolutionary design features. Instead we’re going to talk about something old school, RSS. As you might know we love RSS but over the past year fewer and fewer sites are including RSS as a service for their users. In 2011 Twitter removed its RSS options from the site, although, as we’ve shown, it is still possible to generate RSS feeds for user profiles, Twitter lists, and searches. So what of Pinterest’s RSS support? Pinterest Fire Hose RSS The site does provide an RSS option for user profiles; this feed combines all the latest pins a user has created regardless of which board they are in. Pinterest Board RSS Following a specific board created by a user via RSS is less obvious. To do this, first open the board (e.g. The RSS feed will show you the last 20 or so pins created in that board rather than the full contents.

Comment utiliser Feedly pour lire ses flux RSS ? 1. Se connecter à Feedly Pour vous connecter à Feedly, il vous faut un compte Google. Dans la fenêtre qui s'ouvre, cliquez sur "J'accepte" pour autoriser l'appli sur votre compte Google : Vous êtes à présent connecté : 2. Si vous souhaitez importer vos flux de Google Reader (qui a fermé ses portes depuis le 01 juillet 2013), c'est possible en cliquant sur le bouton "Import OPML" : Vous arriverez sur cette page où vous pourrez alors sélectionner le fichier sur votre ordinateur et l'importer ensuite : Une explication plus précise est détaillée en bas. 3. Pour ajouter les flux d'informations RSS de vos sites favoris, si ce n'est pas déjà fait, recherchez les en cliquant sur "+Add Content" : Entrez un mot clé dans le champ de recherche, puis une fois que vous avez localisé le flux de la source que vous voulez suivre, cliquez sur le bouton + en face : Vous pouvez également cliquer sur le flux en question pour le visualiser, puis cliquer sur le bouton "+add to my feedly" pour l'ajouter : 4. 5. 6.

12 Tools to Measure Social Influence (Maybe) Social media influence is a bit like oxygen – we "know" its there and we know in some sense that it is essential for “life” if we’re in marketing, advertising or public relations, but can we capture it in a jar and observe it? No. Well, at least not entirely. Any number of tools – freely available on the Web – purport to tell us our overall social media influence or at least a slice of it (a la Twitter). While none is perfect or complete yet, using a combination of them can prove useful. Here then is a roundup of tools that measure influence in the social web: Broad social web tools Klout: Klout currently track a user’s Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Foursquare activity. PeerIndex: How PeerIndex describes what it measures: "PeerIndex: a measure of your online social capital. Twentyfeet: What Twentyfeet says it offers: "Aggregated stats in one place. PostRank : This service says it "tracks where and how users engage, and what they pay attention to — in real-time."

5 Interesting Ways To Use Google News RSS Feeds By learning more about these RSS feeds and incorporating a few interesting tricks to display and read these RSS news feeds, you’ll be able to stay on top of all the very best news as easily as possible. How’s that for useful? Creating RSS News Feeds Creating generic and specific news RSS feeds is quite an easy task. 1. You’ve probably already set up Google News to show local news in your preferred language. For me, I get: 2. Also at the bottom of the Google news page is a link to “About Feeds“, which shows you the various news topics and the RSS feeds to subscribe to them. For instance, Sci-Tech is: 3. At the top of Google News is the all-familiar search bar. For example, a basic news search for “Lemur”: 4. In the previous examples, you can see topic=t is tech, while q=lemur is your search term. For instance, limiting the search to the last month gives us: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.