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Employee Retention

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7 Ways to Make Your Employees Fall In Love With Their Job. How to Keep Employees Motivated and Productive Throughout the Year - Blog. How to Reward Employees for the Christmas Holidays (Aside from Cash Bonuses) How to Engage Employees with Rewards. The Science-Backed Guide to Boost Workplace Engagement. You Can Make your Employees Stay Without a Raise: Here’s How. Even with a tight job market, it is still cheaper to keep your employees rather than replace them with new ones.

You Can Make your Employees Stay Without a Raise: Here’s How

The cost of training a new employee, as well as the added overhead of getting them up to speed, can be costly and usually results in slowing down of services. Retaining employees need not be expensive, and it does not need to involve giving them a raise either. There is a threshold where the need of money outweighs other considerations. Above that threshold, salary becomes less of a motivation, as you can come up with other incentives for your employees. Listed below are ways to keep your employees from resigning even without giving them a raise.

Work-Life Balance: Employees who have a life outside the office are happier overall, as they do not feel the need to transfer companies just because others pay better. Not everyone can find that balance. About the Author: Apple Pineda has served a number of clients as a content marketing specialist for 3 years. Photo Credit: Bigstock. 5 Qualities That Will Make You the Best Company To Work For - Blog. How to Influence Employees and Win Customers. Company Incentives: 5 Reasons Why Items are Better Than Cash. How to Build An Enviable Company Culture. 5 Ways to Create an Employee Rewards Program that Drive Results. How a digital rewards program helps your business stand out. Create enticing perks that are accessible, flexible, and truly meaningful for your customer or company Nikki Natividad Published 9:23 AM, February 09, 2016 Updated 11:19 AM, February 09, 2016 Rappler in Partnership with MANILA, Philippines – Any brand or business would benefit from having a rewards program.

How a digital rewards program helps your business stand out

Gone are the days of printable coupons that boast of “10% off your next purchase.” Ditch traditional, go digital One of the challenges of traditional reward programs is that they’re costly, making them an option only for large companies with huge marketing budgets like airlines, banks, real estate and insurance firms. The great thing about a digital rewards program is that it’s cheaper to set up. What’s more, apps and mobile sites utilize the Internet and smartphones – the average millennial’s top tools of the trade. Bigger opportunities for your business Online, your business can offer rewards for all sorts of actions beyond purchases. How Top Companies Motivate Their Employees.

How to Keep Today’s New Breed of Tech-Driven Customers Happy. 5 Ways to Make Your Customers Stay in Love with Your Business. 6 Reasons Why a Customer Loyalty Program is Good for your Business. |

6 Reasons Why a Customer Loyalty Program is Good for your Business

7 Workplace Innovations that Can Make Your Employees Happy in 2016. How to Give Valuable Perks Even if You’re Not Google. The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Customer Retention. What Motivates the Filipino Employee? 3 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty. Customer acquisition is five times more expensive than customer retention.

3 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

And by building customer loyalty, customer retention increases simultaneously. Gaining customer loyalty should be the goal of every business today, considering that loyal customers not only spend more but also become your strongest and leading brand advocates, as they provide a free word of mouth promotion. Dirty Tricks Used by Talent Poachers and How to Stop Them. 8 Steps to Improve Employee Retention. Employee Retention: Business Tips from BPO Companies. 6 Surprising Facts About Customer Loyalty Marketing. 10 Tips to Keep Top Employees Happy & Loyal. While it is difficult to find employees who are the right fit for the job and for the company, it can also be challenging to retain the best ones.

10 Tips to Keep Top Employees Happy & Loyal

The key, though, is to keep them happy and loyal. Having happy employees will benefit your company in terms of profitability and productivity. Studies show that 20% of companies with happy employees outperform the competition and earn 1.2 – 1.7% more than their competitors. Customer Loyalty: Do's and Don'ts - The Filipino Entrepreneur. Implementing customer loyalty programs is one the oldest and most effective marketing strategies.

Customer Loyalty: Do's and Don'ts - The Filipino Entrepreneur

Rewarding your customers for constantly patronizing your brand is among the best ways to build and nurture a strong relationship with them. However, as with any marketing tactic, there is a right way of doing it, as not all loyalty programs succeed. Sometimes companies launch them without having a full understanding of their motivations and goals for doing so. As a result, they miss the value and benefits that it should have reaped the businesses. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind in executing a customer loyalty program: DO: Simplify the Sign-Up Process Provide your customers a short and simple signup form and make sure that the mechanics are easily understood. DO: Communicate the Program to All Departments before Launching It Communicate to all departments the goals and mechanics of the program.

DON’T: Reward for the Sake of Rewarding Your Customers. 6 Reasons Why a Customer Loyalty Program is Good For Your Business. What Makes Employees Want to Stay (or Leave) Rewards Program as a Winning Marketing Strategy. 5-Step Guide On Building A Customer Rewards Program. How Making Employees Happy Pays Off. 7 Low-Cost Ways to Reward and Retain Employees. It’s a familiar refrain that constantly challenges employers: how do you retain and incentivize employees when your company is strapped for cash?

7 Low-Cost Ways to Reward and Retain Employees

How do you reduce turnover when you don’t have the big budget for raising salaries? What would make your employees stay with you and not give in to the lure of a higher take-home pay with your competitor? The best employees are not always motivated by fatter paychecks; many are willing to forgo the promise of more money if it means they get to spend more quality time at home, or are given passion projects that bring meaning to their lives. Stumped for low budget employee-retention ideas? Here are six to get you started. 1. This might translate to having a fixed schedule, but flexible time in and out of the office. 2. Eating out on a daily basis can really add up and put a dent on an employee’s take home pay, so many opt to bring their own meals to work. 3. 4.

Don’t leave all the decision-making to the managers. 5. 6.