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HOWTO: Native iPhone/iPad apps in JavaScript

HOWTO: Native iPhone/iPad apps in JavaScript
More resources On top of the information below, I can recommend a few other resources: Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is the only book I found that covered everything. I highly recommend it if you're planning on doing serious app development in JavaScript. If you'd like to get into native app development, take a step back and learn Objective-C first. The best Objective-C book I've found is Cocoa and Objective-C: Up and Running. Making it full-screen Normally, if you press "+" in mobile Safari and then "Add to Home Screen," the icon it creates acts like a bookmark into Safari. To get rid of the URL and button bars, just add a meta tag: This is what my log app looks like when launched from the home screen: Changing the phone status bar You can also change how the phone's status bar is displayed with a meta tag. The values for content are default, black and black-translucent. Preventing scaling Preventing elastic scrolling Creating a home screen icon Confused? Tips Hosting

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Auto Generate QR Codes with Data Merge in InDesign CC 2014 The Data Merge function in InDesign is a powerful, versatile tool for integrated marketing. We use it for variable data printing to personalize individual pieces – text and images – and, if a direct mail piece, to address and barcode for delivery to the USPS. The latest enhancement to Data Merge is the ability to integrate automatically generated QR codes into the Data Merge workflow. The best part is InDesign does almost all the work. Esatto - Responsive OnePage Multi-Purpose Theme Preview neueWP olympicHTML bethlehemHTML taliaWP multipressHTML oliverHTML How to Test your Local Website Online with Dropbox Learn how you can code your HTML /CSS /JavaScript files on a local computer and still test the site online using Dropbox. Whether you are designing a one-page basic HTML site or are developing a slightly more complicated site that uses JavaScript and jQuery functions, you need to thoroughly test the design and functionality before putting the HTML/CSS/JS files on a live web server. How do you test the files associated with your project?

Turning InDesign Files to iPad Apps Turning InDesign Files to iPad Apps by: David Blatner | January 14, 2011 I’ll be speaking at Macworld Expo (San Francisco) in a couple of weeks on the topic of converting InDesign files to the iPad. So I’ve been exploring the various options available. Touch - HTML5 JavaScript Framework for Mobile and Touch Devices - Demos The demo apps require a mobile device to look good. You can also run the demos on standard PCs in WebKit browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.) or other desktop browsers (FF, Opera, IE8+), but sizes and behavior of DHTMLX Touch user interface are optimized for mobile devices. Book Shop

Q1 2014: QR Code Trends Posted: April 2nd, 2014 | Author: admin | Filed under: General | No Comments » Here’s what’s been going in our part of the QR code world over the past 3 months. The following data is based on the QR codes created by users during January, February and March 2014. StartUp - Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme We are glad to introduce you brand new Start Up theme. Our team of developers and designers put all their expertise to implement and perfectly set up all the latest technology and design solutions on premium templates market to our Start UP theme. As a result – modern and versatile product suitable for a wide range of clients. We paid a lot of attention to versatility and universalism of this theme. IT professionals and those who is working with templates for the first time will easily customize their Start UP exactly the way they want it.

Safari Web Content Guide: Configuring the Viewport Safari on iOS displays webpages at a scale that works for most web content originally designed for the desktop. If these default settings don’t work for your webpages, it is highly recommended that you change the settings by configuring the viewport. You especially need to configure the viewport if you are designing webpages specifically for iOS. Configuring the viewport is easy—just add one line of HTML to your webpage—but understanding how viewport properties affect the presentation of your webpages on iOS is more complex. Before configuring the viewport, you need a deeper understanding of what the visible area and viewport are on iOS. If you are already familiar with the viewport on iOS, read “Using the Viewport Meta Tag” for details on the viewport tag and “Viewport Settings for Web Applications” for web application tips.

How to make a magazine app in iOS – Part II Welcome to the second part of this tutorial. Previous in the series:How to make a magazine app in iOS – Part I The iOS5 revolution