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David Chipperfield Architects

David Chipperfield Architects

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Kimball Art Center / Brooks + Scarpa Architects As we announced yesterday, Brooks + Scarpa Architects is one of the five finalists selected for the Kimball Art Center competition. Inspired by the “seemingly endless” blue skies and the unique blend of new and old within the historic Park City, Brooks + Scarpa delicately weave the heavy mass of the existing 12,000 square foot Kimball Art Center with the new 22,000 square foot addition that has been referred to as the Kimball “Cloud”. Capturing attention from a distance, the façade seeks to become a visual icon. The upper floors are composed of a conventional glazing system that is enclosed by a translucent honeycomb rain screen. The translucent faceted skin not only aides the buildings thermal performance, but transforms the Kimball Art Center into a glowing beacon within the streets of Park City.

Architecture – DPDS Planning and Architecture Architecture Susan Cupples 2014-01-15T11:46:16+00:00 DPDS Architecture provides the full range of architectural services from preliminary appraisal of client needs through design and procurement to successful handover of a completed project. Our philosophy is simple; we apply our imagination and creative thinking to our client’s brief to develop cost effective and environmentally sensitive solutions that are as attractive as they are practical. PAS House / Blog / etnies - Action Sports Footwear and Apparel Posted By dustin in Skate, BMX | Jun 30 2011 / Thursday Skip To The Comments (17) Created by Pierre-André Senizergues Design: Gil Le Bon Delapointe | Architecture: Francois Perrin Download in high quality (352.4 MB) | Download for mobile (38.4 MB) Download in high quality (170 MB) | Download for mobile (11.7 MB)

The New Vertical City – ” Conscious Inspiration” The New Vertical City eliinbar’s sketchbook 2011 This post is about the sources of inspiration for the new “vertical city”.Le Courbusier called it “La Ville Radieuse” – “The Radiant City“ Recently were published in the Web several interpretations to the notion of the”vertical city” This projects review is partial. Private Residence Previous Next Private Residence West London Private Residence West London A double-fronted Edwardian house has been updated and extended in dramatic fashion for a television and radio presenter and his family.

Alejandro Aravena ELE­MEN­TAL is a for pro­fit com­pany with so­cial in­ter­est, who­se sha­rehol­ders are the Uni­ver­si­dad Ca­tó­li­ca de Chi­le, CO­PEC (Chi­lean Oil Com­pany) and the Ele­men­tal foun­ders. Its field of ac­tion is the city: the de­ve­lop­ment of hou­sing, pu­blic spa­ce, in­fras­truc­tu­re and trans­por­ta­tion pro­jects that can per­form as an ef­fec­ti­ve and ef­fi­cient up­gra­de in the qua­lity of li­fe of the poor. ELE­MEN­TAL ope­ra­tes in con­texts of scar­ce re­sour­ces, using the city as a sour­ce of equa­lity, and mo­reo­ver, as a short­cut to co­rrect inequa­li­ties. When Ele­men­tal be­gan in Har­vard Uni­ver­sity in 2000, so­cial hou­sing was as­so­cia­ted with a la­ck of eco­no­mic and pro­fes­sio­nal re­sour­ces that had ge­ne­ra­ted a la­ck of op­tions for poor fa­mi­lies.

The D*Haus Company - Dynamic House Conceived for the harsh, climatic extremes from 'Lapland to Cape Horn and Aleutians to Auckland' The D*Haus concept can respond dynamically to its environment by controlled adaptation to seasonal, meteorological and astronomical conditions. The flexibility of the D*Haus allows adaptation from winter to summer, and day to night by literally moving inside itself. The thick heavy external walls unfold into internal walls allowing glass internal walls to become facades. Doors become windows and vice versa. Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Garden Room terrace at Taliesin West. Photo by John Reed, 1948, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives (The Museum of Modern Art | Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York).

PlayTheVoid Playthevoid is a collection of photos that have the game of basketball as subject. I devote this project to my cousin Antonello Pergola, to his tenacity and spirit. At the end of the day, what is basket if not the continuous attempt to fill a gap for an instant? Anyone can contribute to the work by sending a photo to, adding the name of the city where the photo was shot and the name of the person that shot it. Stefano Boring 51n4e 51N4E and Peter Swinnen announced today that Peter Swinnen will be leaving the firm as a partner in order to fully focus on the completion of his State Architect Atelier, the development of a PhD trajectory as well as the establishment of his own architectural platform CRIT . As a founding partner Peter Swinnen has contributed in a profound manner to the work and legacy of 51N4E, which in 15 years’ time has established itself as an office voluntarily linking the impact of design intelligence and governance intelligence. Johan Anrys and Freek Persyn will continue to head 51N4E as leading senior partners. The firm's evolving engagement in Europe has recently expanded to Switzerland and Turkey with new projects ranging from strategy to implementation.

The Most Expensive 1-Bedroom Apartment in the World Apr 2, 2012 Listed at a cool 1.8 billion yen ($21.8 million USD), the Sifter’s jaw dropped when the listing stated an apartment called The House, in the exclusive Minami-Azabu district of Tokyo (the most expensive neighbourhood in Tokyo), was a 4,434 square foot (411.932 sq m) 1-Bedroom apartment. At a mind-boggling $4,920.75 per square foot, the Sifter challenges you to find a more expensive 1-bedroom apartment for sale. Here’s the details on this insane listing. It will be interesting to see how long this remains on the market for; can’t imagine that there’s a large market for 20+ million, 1-bedroom apartments. Levitate Architecture and Design Studio : Bookcase Staircase, London 2,3 Although historically erectile dysfunction was a problem identified and treated by urologists, today primary care physicians and other specialists write 80% of the prescriptions for sildenafil, the most popular drug used to treat the condition. cialis online . Inhibition of PDE-5 increases cGMP activity, which increases vasodilatory effects of NO. One possibility is that high levels of cGMP induced by PDE5 blockade reduce the cytosolic Ca2+ concentration (46), leading to a reduction of the calcium-dependent protein kinase C activity (47) that in turn prevents up-regulation of IL-4R (48). " Q. "Because the herpes virus persists in the nerve cell for as long as it is alive and nerve cells typically do not reproduce, this represents the first-ever demonstration of a long-term treatment for ED that does not rely on the chronic administration of drugs that can have potentially harmful side effects," study co-leader Joseph C.

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