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A Wall That Plays Music When It Rains

A Wall That Plays Music When It Rains

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Sneeoosh / zeroplus Architect: zeroplus Location: Puget Sound, Washington, USA Project Team: Joshua Brevoort, Principal; Lisa chun, Principal; Casey Borgen, Intern Fabricators: River Ranch LLC and Meadow Works Manager: Bud Searle Carpenters: Neil Harrington, Mark Schrader Project Area: 1200 sqf Project Year: 2007 Photographs: zeroplus Our practice explores how architecture can develop a symbiotic relationship with its surroundings. In this project, a cabin that is a retreat from the intense experiences of urban living, we found a number of ways to develop this ecological model. We started with a strict set of site rules that govern the design and construction process. The most important rule is that the previously undisturbed site full of mature Douglas fir and cedar trees, some up to three feet in diameter with a dense marine underbrush including salal bushes would be left as undisturbed as possible. Text provided by zeroplus. Parker...1001 Albums.. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die Published in 2005 by Cassell Illustrated. Selected & written by 90 leading international critics, general editor Robert Dimery. In chronological order 1955-2005. Year of release only given here, when considered absolutely necessary. Founder's Blog - Jitbit: Chinese Magical Hard-Drive This is Founder's blog - Subscribe - About Apr 7 2011 5 Great Online Resources for Learning Photography Photo by keith011764 via Flickr Creative Commons I'm always looking for new photography classes to take, thinking that if I were to take a class I'd be able to a) learn new skills without having to make a whole lot of mistakes before the "aha" moment and b) probably practice on a lot more regular basis than I currently do. And there's always that wonderful c)... I'd meet some cool local shutterbugs to hang out with. But every time I start the search for new classes I run into two hiccups. First, they're often really dang expensive -- laying out $250 for a weekend workshop or (gulp) $2,500 for a week-long retreat is something I just can't seem to get myself to do.

8 Unbelievable Homes You Have to See to Believe A home office that's less than eight feet wide but four stories high, an apartment with 24 rooms in just 344 square feet, a secret room hidden under the stairs, a real-life wardrobe with a secret passage way, elaborate homes built in storm drains underneath Las Vegas ... you definitely have to see these eccentric homes to believe them. Check out the 8 Unbelievable Homes we found, and tell us which one you find most amazing. Shown above:

Man Cave “For 10 years I was dreaming about it, for five years I was looking for a spot for it, for two years working on it, for another two years building it, and finally here it is,” said Alexandre de Betak in an interview with T Magazine about his new home located in a small coastal village in the Tramuntana region of Majorca. He is very much inspired by 70′s architecture, probably because that is what he grew up with. 42 year-old Betak is a renowned events producer, art director and designer whose work includes fashion shows and extravaganzas for clients from Dior to Rodarte to Tiffany. View the website

Perception puzzles, Visual Perception, Optical illusions and Paradoxes This page illustrates that our visual perception cannot always be trusted. The components of an object can distort the perception of the complete object. Our mind is the final arbiter of truth. Most optical illusions are the result of 1) incongruent design elements at opposite ends of parallel lines, 2) influence of background patterns on the overall design, 3) adjustment of our perception at the boundaries of areas of high contrast, 4) afterimages resulting from eye movements or from kinetic displays, or 5) inability to interpret the spatial structure of an object from the context provided by the picture. The Parthenon Optical illusions have been studied for millenia.

50 Most Beautiful Tree Photos Trees are one of the most important life forms on our planet, as they provide oxygen for the rest of the organisms on Earth through a process called photosynthesis. Although trees come in many varieties, depending on the ecosystem, including pine trees, oak, cedar, redwood, palm trees and more, they all share similar characteristics and are great subjects for photography. Here, you’ll find 50 most beautiful tree photos from the best photographers in the world. Whether it’s a single tree illuminated by a fading sun, or a dense jungle or forest shrouded in mist, these photographs are all incredible in their beauty. Lofted Forest Home: Organic Curves & Natural Materials Good things come to those who wait – particularly in a work of uniquely detailed and highly curved architecture. Nearly a decade in the making, this structure by Robert Harvey Oshatz is much like a tree house – lofted toward the top of the canopy around it – only bigger, grander, more complex and curved than most any tree house in the world. The perimeter of the structure is pushed out into the forest around it, curving in and out to create views as well as a sense of intimacy with the coniferous and deciduous tree cover.

Aker Brygge / Lendagar Arkitekter + Archency Architect: MAPT = Lendager Arkitekter, Arcgency Local Architects: Alliance arkitekter Location: Aker brygge, Oslo Built: 2010-2011 Client: Norwgian Property Site Area: 2000 sqm Project year: 2009 Photographs: Jiri Havran, Enya Aspen With Bølgen we were looking for a multifunctional building that will be a meeting place within the urban fabric. The vast range of programmatic needs asked for a high degree of flexibility. We accommodated the spatial program into a simple shape with a clear identity and let it become a natural element of the local neighborhood. The flexibility of the space allows for an all- year program mixture. First of all, it is a restaurant and cafe for Oslo but it also has the capability to host concerts and conferences etc and the open floor plan can be subdivided according to temporary needs.

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