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Architectural Design

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Science for a Sustainable Future. UNESCO works to assist countries to invest in science, technology and innovation (STI), to develop national science policies, to reform their science systems and to build capacity to monitor and evaluate performance through STI indicators and statistics taking into account the broad range of country-specific contexts.

Science for a Sustainable Future

Science policies are not enough. Science and engineering education at all levels and research capacity need to be built to allow countries to develop their own solutions to their specific problems and to play their part in the international scientific and technological arena. Linking science to society, public understanding of science and the participation of citizens in science are essential to creating societies where people have the necessary knowledge to make professional, personal and political choices, and to participate in the stimulating world of discovery.

Alliance for Clean Technologies. YouTube. BSRIA services for building design,. construction, operation and test and certification of products. Great British Buildings: Rambert. Although currently a free standing isolated building, Rambert’s new home on the Southbank will eventually form part of a terrace as dictated by Coin Street Community Builders' Doon Street mixed-use master-plan.

Great British Buildings: Rambert

Three dance studios, a historic archive, equipment storage and workshops, administration and a secret courtyard form the ingredients of a split-level surprisingly deep building for this touring dance company which ‘has the air of a monastic institution’. It is simple, effortless, and beautifully crafted. The tour by Nick Péri, Allies and Morrison Architects will be followed by the opportunity to chat over drinks.

Spaces are limited. View image gallery For more information on events like this as part of the Great British Buildings series please visit: Sir Edwin Lutyens Gazetteer. Buildings. RIBA Journal login. Built Environment. Urban Design Journal. UPDATE Events 3 Sir Richard MacCormac 4 Professor Sir Peter Hall 4 STREET NW: Life after the IRA Bomb, Manchester Walking Tour 5 Time to move on, Louise Ingledow 5 Urban Design Group...

Urban Design Journal

Waterfronts. RIBA London Awards shortlist for 2015. Chings Yard Covent Garden. Intelligent Space Partnership. The online resource for the historic environment. The GRaBS Adaptation Action Planning Toolkit - Help & Instructions. Planning for a Changing Climate Across Europe Step 1: The Tool User Guidance has just been published (15th August 2011) and if you are new to GRaBS this is must read to understand the use of the tool in the context of adapting urban areas to climate change.

The GRaBS Adaptation Action Planning Toolkit - Help & Instructions

If you are a GRaBS partner it's worth a read too and consolidates the three storylines from the project workshops: Storyline 1: Risk of flooding in Sutton Storyline 2: Critical infrastructure protection in Styria Storyline 3: Risk of high temperatures in Catania You might also find the ASCCUE Summary framework for assessing climate related risk and managing the response useful as well. Step 2: Either follow the instructions in one of the storylines or just start the tool below. Human Spaces biophilic design hub. Home Quality Mark. The public consultation for HQM is now live Give us your views and be part of the national quality mark for new homes.

Home Quality Mark

Now is the time to give us your feedback and be part of the new standard. We are looking for responses from the construction and housing sector, as well as all those concerned with the provision of quality, sustainable new homes. RIBA Building a Better Britain. Widening the Eye of the Needle John Penton [1999] Architectural Terracotta Restoration & Terracotta Repair and New Build « Shaws UK. About the collection. Het Nieuwe Instituut maintains and cares for approximately 500 archives and collections of Dutch architects, urban planners, professional associations and training institutes, dating from the period 1850-1980.

About the collection

Besides museum quality drawings, these archives include sketches, preliminary designs, working drawings, business and personal correspondence, photographs, models, posters, press clippings and published articles. The collection offers insight into 130 years of development within Dutch architecture and urbanism.

The uniqueness of many archives, their artistic quality and the added value of the complete collection give the archives of Het Nieuwe Instituut their great cultural and historical significance. With the establishment of the Maatschappij tot Bevordering der Bouwkunst (Society for the Promotion of Architecture) in the mid-19th century, the education of architects in the modern sense started taking shape. From that moment onwards, architectural archives were established.

Ibstock Brick Limited. Fired Earth. Johnson - Tiles. SPA : Bespoke Joinery, Marine Interiors, Veneers, Doors. UFH - Multibeton. UFH - Nu-heat. UFH - Timoleon. Angle Ring - Gallery. Images opposite represent some of our work to the present date.

Angle Ring - Gallery

Please click on the pictures to view them in larger format. All images on this site are copyright of The Angle Ring Co Ltd or the photographer and must not be used without prior consent. NOTE:Images may be used for educational or business purposes, subject to our terms and conditions. Typically there is no charge for this. However, to ensure we retain control over all images, an authorised person on behalf of The Angle Ring Co Ltd must agree with any use in advance, in writing. All images are available at higher resolution or as hard copy on request. Browse Support Systems - Single and Double Channel. Bisque radiators & towel rails. Heat Pumps - Lailey & Coates. Technical writing and training for the construction industry.

Bauhaus suite #05. Drawing 10. 3D 22. 3D 20. Drawing 12. 3D 27. 3D 21. Festival of Britain Royal Festival Hall. Festival of Britain Shot Tower and riverside. Festival of Britain Hiils Place 01. Festival of Britain Hiils Place 02. Festival of Britain Hiils Place 04. Festival of Britain Hiils Place 03. Pied Bull redevelopment - Bedford Estates_01. Autodesk Community.

Autodesk Education Community. Bluesky 3D Building Models. BIM Bricks - Building Information Modelling - BIM Files. Google Drive. London Brick in the Early Renaissance. Dulwich ensemble. Dulwich Gallery by Sir John Soane PPRA. Dulwich Gallery sectional elevation (front) Dulwich Gallery cross-section (gallery) Dulwich Gallery cross-section. Dulwich Gallery rear elevation. Pitzhanger Manor, family house by Sir John Soane PPRA. Measured Drawing for Architects Robert Chitham, Architectural Press. A Measured Survey of The Adelina Patti Theatre, Craig-y-Nos. Peartree terrace Layout shot 15. Peartree terrace Layout Shot 08. Peartree terrace Layout Shot 05. Peartree terrace Layout Shot 09. Peartree terrace Layout Shot 10. Peartree terrace Layout shot 12. Colin D. Brooking. Green roof solutions by Optigreen. Roy Square, Narrow St Housing, London. Zephyr house terraced 03. Zephyr house terraced 05.

Zephyr house terraced 10. Zephyr house terraced 11. Zephyr house terraced 06. Zephyr house terraced 13. Zephyr house terraced 15. Zephyr house terraced interiors 13. Zephyr house terraced interiors 20. Zephyr house terraced interiors 15. Zephyr house terraced interiors 01. Zephyr house terraced interiors 22. Zephyr house terraced interiors 24. Zephyr house terraced interiors 23. Register your Entry.