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Iriss: Improving lives through knowledge, evidence and innovation. Positivity Strategist | Positivity at home, at work and in community. Knowledge Management Consultant. HR Training | Leadership Consultants | The RBL Group. LHH | Office Locator. Australia Adelaide. WordPress › Setup Configuration File. Ryan Offutt. Home of Defining Leadership: leading resources for resourceful leaders. About - Apex Leadership. Apex Leadership Limited was founded by Anthony Sturgess and Phil Higson. They are both experienced management educators and developers, and former business school department heads. Anthony and Phil established their business to help organisations benefit from management theory, knowledge, ideas and insights.

Bridging the gap between this wealth of resource and the workplace is one of the key aims of Apex Leadership Limited. They have a long track record of developing innovative and challenging management and leadership development interventions, including programmes which have won national awards. From several MBA programmes to tailored, client specific programmes, Anthony and Phil have worked with new and experienced managers, in a wide range of organisations, across a breadth of management and leadership roles. Anthony Sturgess Anthony has almost twenty years experience in the teaching, facilitation and coaching of managers and leaders. Anthony: Phil Higson Phil: The Happy Manager | A better way to manage. Conducting a Cultural Audit. Conducting a Cultural Audit At the time of undertaking my MBA studies, "culture" was a hot management topic.

In my role as an HR Director, at that time, I was receiving countless approaches from well-meaning consultants offering to "change our culture" to one that was more caring, or more consultative or participative etc. depending on the product they wished to sell. Intuitively, I couldn't believe that only one type of organisational culture was a guarantee for success in the same way that I don't believe that a superior personality type ensures job success. Furthermore, I couldn't believe that an off-the-shelf culture change process would work in both my organisation and, say, a retail chain, the army and the NHS.

Surely where they started from would make a difference to how you proceeded? With the experience of different organisations to add to my studies I now have a strong opinion that culture is an important lever in assessing and changing organisational performance. Summary. Walking the Talk Culture Transformation. Home - DEKRA Insight. Imperative. Leadership Development by Design - AchieveForum. Australia - AchieveForum. Professional Certification Courses, Virtual And Classroom Trainings | Knowledgehut. Trainers' Library Pricing Plans. How Membership Works: When you become a Trainers' Library® member you gain a licence to use our unique training materials (subject to any download limits). As long as you remain a member you can continue to use any of the materials you’ve downloaded and as long as you renew your membership on time, we guarantee never to increase your quarterly or annual subscription. Your licence to use our materials will end if you cancel your membership.

How to Join: Joining Trainers' Library® couldn’t be easier. Choose one of our fantastic value standard packages or request a bespoke solution. Trainers Licenced: 1 Membership Period:3 Months Training Materials10 Limited Downloads Up to 10 per month. Talk/Blogs Single Licence Licence Additional Trainers Membership Period:1 Year Training Materials20 Up to 20 per month. Talk/Blogs Find A Trainer Membership Period:1 Year Training Materials Unlimited Find A Trainer Video & Images Need a Different Package? Choose Your Country of Residence. McLean & Company | McLean & Company. Partners In Leadership. Bringing learning to life - Eliesha. Sales Force Enablement, Sales Management, Sales Metrics. 70:20:10 Forum: Supporting Organisational Development & Learning | 70:20:10 Forum. SHRM Online - Society for Human Resource Management. What’s the Correct HR-to-Employee Ratio? Used in HR Weekly -- July 24, 2007. Posted online for a week the same day.

Issue: It can be easy to misuse or misinterpret the controversial HR-to-employee ratio. Benefit: That metric can help measure HR effectiveness, but only if interpreted and used correctly. Action: Recalculate your ratio using the advice below, then use the number as a guide for future staffing. HR-to-employee ratios are a somewhat controversial metric that can help establish HR staffing and determine how well HR delivers services. "The ratio is very helpful if you know what you're doing," says James Hatch, a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers' Saratoga Institute, which specializes in HR metrics. One key danger: Executives may use ratios as a reason to cut HR staff. Looking for more information to advance your skills as an HR professional? Many HR professionals don't calculate the ratio correctly.

Example of a six-employee HR department at a 250-employee company: 6 × 100 = 2.4 ratio. HR Training | Leadership Consultants | The RBL Group. Graphics Archives - Partnering Resources. HOME - PMC Training. When Feedback Attacks!! (when, how, and why feedback can hurt performance) | Scontrino-Powell. Did you know that only about 30% of performance feedback interventions actually lead to increased performance?

In fact, according to the most comprehensive study to date on performance feedback (Kluger & DeNisi, 1996) researchers found that about 1/3 of the time feedback leads to performance, 1/3 of the time it does nothing, and 1/3 of the time it actually leads to decreased performance! If I was a gambler, there is no way that I would place a bet on a random instance of performance feedback helping performance vs. not helping it… The good news is this – there are factors that can increase your chances that feedback will actually lead to improved performance.

You might be surprised however, to learn that the “time and place” for feedback is just as important as “how it’s delivered.” When does Feedback Attack? For some reason, most of us carry the notion that feedback is powerful in any and all situations. Complex tasksDifficult tasksUnfamiliar tasks Importance of Self-Image Happy feedback! About us | Head Heart + Brain. We started Head Heart + Brain to change the way leadership development is designed and delivered. We use our understanding of how the brain learns and changes behaviour to design all our programmes. This ensures an achievement of greater behavioural change and thus a better return on your investment. Since 2009 we have been using the findings from neuroscience to help leaders understand themselves, their teams and how they can be more effective. Jan Hills Jan set up Head Heart + Brain to change the way leadership and capability development is designed and delivered. Before Head Heart + Brain Jan ran her own successful consulting business and was COO at an investment bank, so brings a huge amount of experience to the table in leadership and dealing with practical business issues.

Lindsay Hanson Lindsay has worked in HR for over 20 years in the UK, Japan and the US. Sarah North Sarah returned to HR after a period successfully creating and publishing a lifestyle magazine. Craig Weber Homepage. IAF World | IAF World. Upcoming Conferences Experience the world’s best facilitators in action, explore the future of facilitation with your peers and have an inspiring time, enabling powerful change. This year, we are inviting you to join us: Festival of Facilitation IAF North American & Caribbean Conference: Trinidad & Tobago Thursday, April 7, 2016 to Saturday, April 9, 2016 Pushing the boundaries IAF Oceania Regional Conference: Melbourne, Australia Wednesday, May 25, 2016 to Friday, May 27, 2016 From mountain to sea IAF Asia Regional Conference: Hualien, Taiwan Thursday, September 1, 2016 to Sunday, September 4, 2016 The urge for facilitative leadership.

Leadership Development through workshops, coaching and one-to-one support - London, New York, Belfast. What is Management 3.0? - Management 3.0. What is the definition of leadership? Can anyone be a leader? Can anyone manage a team? We believe management is not only the manager’s responsibility. It’s everyone’s job! What is Management 3.0? We’ve realized that almost every industry is ripe for change and ready for a new view on management. Management 3.0 is a movement of innovation, leadership and management. Management 3.0 is a global management revolution that brings together thousands of project managers, mid-level managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs, developing solutions together, using games to encourage employee feedback and team collaboration. You don’t want theories and soft management science, you want hands-on approaches that can become solutions for increasing employee engagement and improving results.

Management 3.0 is the future of management. What is Management 1.0? It’s simply doing the wrong thing, by treating people like cogs in a system. What is Management 2.0? What is Management 3.0? Frequently Asked Questions. Delegation Poker - Management 3.0. “I introduced your Delegation Poker to my project team. It helped a lot in our process of defining new responsibilities which we as a team can agree too.

Now it is the base of discussion with our bosses. Even my boss understood it, he said, ‘That can be easily migrated to the RACI Matrix’.” – Team leader, Ortrun offshoring Delegation often comes down to either “I do it” or “You do it.” But there are really Seven Levels of Delegation. How can I get Delegation Poker today? Buy your own deck of Delegation Poker cards today! Or if you want to DIY, you can print and cut out in 14 different languages!

Individual Cards, A4 format, or Letter Format (English)A4 format (German)A4 format (Czech)A4 format or Letter format (French)A4 format (Swedish)A4 format (Polish)A4 format or Letter format (Portuguese)A4 format (Russian)A4 format or Letter format (Spanish)A4 format or Letter format (Dutch)A4 format (Japanese)A4 format (Hungarian)A4 format (Finnish)A4 format (Korean) Remote or Distributed Team? Delegation Poker (Game Description) - NOOP.NL. Update 6 May 2013: There is a new design available for the Delegation Poker cards. You can download the new Delegation Poker cards here. The Delegation Poker game was first played at the Scrum Gathering in Amsterdam. Since then I had people play it in a number of workshops, and I improved it with their feedback. Here is the first full description of the game. Purpose of the Game I came up with the idea for Delegation Poker when I tried to create a game that would teach people the following ideas (learning objectives): Delegation is not a binary thing.

The basis for the Delegation Poker game is the idea of The 7 Levels of Authority, described briefly in my presentation Authority & Delegation, and more elaborately in my article The Seven Levels of Authority. The 7 Levels of Authority Setup of the Game Participants should be organized in groups of three to seven people. It is useful to have a paper with a set of pre-defined cases for people to discuss. Rules of the Game Example 1: Example 2: Jurgen Appelo - top keynote speaker and writer. Happy Melly. SkillPath | Seminars | On-site Training | Learning Resources. Home - People Alchemy Ltd - Creating Capability. Home - People Alchemy Ltd - Creating Capability. Coach-and-Courses - Home. Leadership Development Services - Linkage. Untitled. Top 20 Lists. Training Industry Top 20 Lists Click here to view the Top 20 Application Schedule How do you find the best training partner to develop talent within your organization, or deliver the most effective programs to your valued customers?

At, it's our business to know what makes a great training company. Our lists of top training companies are based on extensive research, interactions with companies around the world, and thorough analysis of the capabilities, experience, and expertise of hundreds of learning organizations. Our goal is to help you find the right training partner and to deliver on our mission to create a more efficient marketplace for learning. Sign up for Top 20 alerts here. View current and past Top 20 and Watch List members below. Now Available: Top Sales Training Companies Application Top 20 ListsIndustry Leaders WatchlistsMovers and Shakers IT Training Outsourcing Learning Portals Sales Content Development Leadership Workforce Development Authoring Tools. Sales & Leadership Training & Strategy Execution | Forum Australia. Fierce Inc. - Leadership Development and Training. Leadership Development through workshops, coaching and one-to-one support - London, New York, Belfast.

Margotcairnes | thought leader, change agent, strategistmargotcairnes. Think One Team | Teamwork, Performance, Coaching, Collaboration. Personify Leadership. Leadership Development and Training - Fierce, Inc. InsideOut Development. Development Dimensions International | Global Talent Management Expert | DDI. Performance Management & Leadership Development | Impact Achievement Group. Home - Clarity Advantage.

Our Focus - Banding People Together | Banding People Together. Banding People Together | Improving Performance Through Effective CollaborationCorporate Team Building I Collaboration Workshops I Keynote Speeches | Banding People Together. Leadership Development through workshops, coaching and one-to-one support - London, New York, Belfast. Mindmarker | The Leader in Training Reinforcement. ATD | The World’s Largest Talent Development Association. Harvard Business Review - Ideas and Advice for Leaders.

Center for Creative Leadership: leadership at, leadership Development, leadership Training, Executive Coaching, CCL. Corporate Learning. This turnkey solution supports formal and informal learning programs and encourages contextual learning. Leadership & Management Learning Center provides pre-populated, highly relevant content from industry thought leaders on leadership and management best practices and benchmarks. This collection is ideal for businesses and organizations who want to provide educational and training videos to their employees.

The videos address the most common corporate competencies and learning objectives. Leadership & Management Video Collection includes hundreds of videos on key business topics. Flint Spark Consulting - Specialists in Organisational Change. Team Development Training. It is critical that your organization be comprised of talented teams, rather than teams of talented individuals.

Successful teams are at the heart of every successful organization. However, high performing teams do not just happen; they require development. Intertek’s personalized approach to team development can help your teams achieve and sustain greatness. Some groups of outstanding individuals never seem to find their combined talent. Plagued by arguments and complaints, they consistently under perform, missing targets and deadlines. Aligning values and beliefs, mission, vision, and plans of the organizationRecognizing and valuing diversity and strengths of team membersCreating a preparedness to work within ground rulesDeveloping the practice of continual learning, appreciating the role of change in creating a team that exhibits ongoing performance improvementCreating efficiency in the utilization of skillsEstablishing leadership of and within the team. LDL Leadership Development Ltd. Turnstone Sales - About Us. Our Ethos Sales is your key to business profitability.

Turnstone’s bespoke sales training solutions are designed around you and aligned to the specific demands of your business. Committed to creating training that achieves significant and lasting performance improvement, we tailor every programme to tackle the real issues facing your sales team, ensuring a positive impact on your bottom line - fast! Recognising that, in these turbulent times, organisations are increasingly looking to employees to be more effective and make a greater impact in the way they work, we ‘right size’ our highly acclaimed training programmes. Meet our Clients Our concept is a uniquely innovative recruitment process focusing on the Assess, Placement and Training of Graduates in sales-focused roles. This approach often leads to wasted recruitment fees, salary and, most importantly, your time.

As a result our recruitment model is vastly different. Meet our Graduates More About Our Bespoke Sales Training. Leadership Development Course - Leadership Training in London. Ntact Full Circle Development - Full Circle Development.