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VRayLightMtl + VRayDirt for Quick AO Render Checkup. Here’s a quick tip I use almost all the time now, mostly because I really like the look and it’s easy and quick to setup, but the main advantage of an AO (ambient occlusion) pass is spotting problem areas in the geometry – especially holes and flipped normals you might have missed Setting up the AO pass with VRayLightMtl & VRayDirt is real easy and fast.

VRayLightMtl + VRayDirt for Quick AO Render Checkup

You don’t need to turn on GI or use a VRay Physical Camera for this (if you do, make sure to tick off the exposure option). After I import the model into 3d Studio Max, or just finished modeling inside 3dsmax, I run this quick pass to check the model for geometry bugs such holes and flipped normals i might have missed. In the image below you’ll see how those problem areas will show in such a pass. This will only work if the Emit light on back side option in the VRayLightMtl is off allowing for all those problem areas to appear pure black since they are not emitting any light. Making of NYC TAXI. I first saw Efim Armand’s NYC TAXI scene during the CityLIFE challenge.

Making of NYC TAXI

He did not get a chance to complete this on time but his remarkable work could not go unnoticed, and I wanted to learn more about how he went about creating this little chunk of NYC and letting a taxi run wild inside it. Efim was very kind to put it into words in the form of this making-of article. Enjoy! Making of Church of the Light. Elvin Aliyev’s 3d recreation of Tadao Ando’s Church of the Light and adjoined Sunday School extension is one of the best made and look better than any photo I’ve seen of these projects.

Making of Church of the Light

His render set showcases the design in a remarkable way with his attention to the materials, camera placement and light which shows great respect to the work of the master that Ando is. Now we can have a glimpse into Elvin’s work process. Making of House at Paros. Dimitris Batis shares valuable insight about creating a Mediterranean Style scene based on his Paros Homes project.

Making of House at Paros

In this short article he will focus on the walls modeling and material, rocks and general lighting creation. I found these Paros images so captivating and capturing the Greek island feel so well, I asked Dimitris to share a few quick and focused tips about these scene. It is not the usual in-depth making of article, but good grounds for starting a discussion about it and giving you the chance to ask more about the work that was done here so well.

Enjoy! Making of Narrabeen House. Guillaume Favre takes us into the process of making his January 28 Best of Week forum entry – The Narrabeen House 3d recreation, originally designed and realized by Choi Ropiha Fighera architecture studio.

Making of Narrabeen House

Located in Sydney, Australia, I fell in love with this work for the same reasons Guillaume picked it as his personal project subject… great contemporary design with generous use of wood. I love the wood treatment in the 3d version and the end result as a whole, which has a stylistic feel to it vs. the real project photos. It all started when I first discovered the Narrabeen House, designed by the architectural studio Choi Ropiha Fighera. A superb contemporary villa built in the area of Sydney, Australia. with Large volumes, a remarkable swimming pool and massive use of wood both in and out.

Making of Apartment Interior by Romi3D. Romie Valentino’s White / Pink Apartment Interior awarded him as one of the week’s best back in September 2012, and today he comes back, sharing with us a little bit of the behind the scenes.

Making of Apartment Interior by Romi3D

Romie didn’t only do the 3d here, but also responsible for the interior design of the apartment. Enjoy this one and let us know what you think by commenting below. Hi everybody, I’m very glad to share a bit of my 3d work here, on Ronen’s blog, and hopefully it will help and be an inspiration to you all. Making of The Museum ‘Field Project’ by Bertrand Benoit. I’m happy to introduce the making-of Bertrand Benoit‘s ‘The Museum’ 1st Runner Up Winner – ‘The Field Project’.

Making of The Museum ‘Field Project’ by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand takes us through several stations in his process of making his work, starting with the concept and on with how he adds geometric and texture detail to the base model (actually – rebuilds most of it). It is great seeing how Bertrand works his way around a large-scale scene using Maxwell Render, which he previously only used for product shots or small scale single images. I hope you’ll enjoy this article, learn from it and share your thoughts by commenting at the bottom of this article’s page. Before I get started, I’d like to extend a big thank-you to Ronen, for holding this challenge and to the sponsors – not just for the great prizes, but for giving us a chance to explore Maxwell Render under what, for me, was a completely new angle.

Competitions are so much more interesting when they offer an opportunity to learn new skills and tools. Making of Seaside Feeling. I like architectural designs & visualizations with water in them.

Making of Seaside Feeling

Make it seaside and I absolutely LOVE it – but then, who doesn’t? That’s why it didn’t take me long to reach Pedro Fernandes and ask him about how he made the “Seaside Feeling” image you see here, up above. Pedro has freelance experience in really interesting companies such as Vyonyx, Crystal CG and F10 Studios. He’s portfolio showcase both full 3d scene resulting images as well as dominantly matte-painted works, so it is interesting to learn how he goes about creating an image.

Making of Tomczak House. Peter Oldorf received great reviews for his ‘Tomczak House’ 3d renderings a week ago when first published on the forums.

Making of Tomczak House

All his visuals in this set are beautiful, but the inner court dusk shot turned out most striking of them all. I asked Peter if he can share more information about the creation process of this scene with us all and he kindly agreed, and so I’m happy to present to you this article today featuring his work. Hi everyone, Making of Neue Nationalgalerie in the Rain. The Neue Nationalgalerie has become a great case study lately, seeing artists testing personal skills based on it.

Making of Neue Nationalgalerie in the Rain

Such is the work by Romuald Chaigneau, a newcomer to the forum, who took the NNG for a spin in the rain. Seeing his original raw render makes his postwork on this really shine, and I was very interested in seeing his process and for him to share it with us all here. It reminds me of the work Christopher Malheiros did with his NNG at Night, and it is very interesting to see how both took the bare model to final result using a similar approach.

Enjoy this short breakdown, and let us know what you think! Making of Container Dwelling. I’ve been following Roberto Valls work, and Rendertaxi, ever since I first picked up Maxwell Render in late 2005. His work was a big source of inspiration for me, and after he won 2nd place in the NGA House / Maxwell Render Challenge with The Museum / Maxwell Render Challenge brewing, I asked him to showcase his workflow with us based on one of his scenes. I’m happy to share this article with you now, which features the use of Cinema4D yet again – this time with Maxwell Render. Some time ago, Ronen kindly asked me to have a go at writing a making of article based on a project done with Maxwell Render. I initially thought of redoing one of my old projects in my portfolio (mainly produced at Rendertaxi Visualization Studio).

But then I decided it would best be to try something new for this article, to be fresh and maybe learn more on the way. This project is a dwelling made of suspended containers that provide shelter and a variety of different exterior / interior situations. Making of Neue Nationalgalerie at Night. A creative mind, critical eye and honed skills were on Christopher Malheiros’s menu when he dished out those visuals you see here. It seems he didn’t really do much… taken a bad-looking raw render, did a few steps in post and BAMMM! Well… sometimes Less is More! And how great it is being showcased with Mies’s Neue National Gallery as the subject matter. Great concept, great compositions, great coloring and very emotive quality to it. If done with Maxwell Render and on time… hmmm… Anyway, we can now enjoy this breakdown Christopher was kind enough to share with us. Making of Scandinavian Summer House. Earlier this month, 3Dstudija studio posted their “Scandinavian Summer House” visuals on the forums and these immediately captured my attention.

I’m not that familiar with the Scandinavian “Look & Feel”, but it sure reminded me of my Mediterranean local with a “Drop Dead Gorgeous” 3d Groundwork – Some of the best I’ve seen to date! I had a chat with the Maciulis Brothers, Matas & Antanas about this project and this article was born. Enjoy it. Hello! First of all, we are very honored that our work attracted Ronen’s attention and we are pleased to present our project and the making of it here. Making of 'Crystal Box' Villa. Tresde’s Santi Sánchez has been pretty active on the forums lately, and I like the fact his work is a mix of both ‘All In Render’ and ‘Postwork Based’ workflows.

He’s really good at doing both, which clearly shows in his ‘Crystal Box’ Villa project which did not get too much attention on the forums, but it will now! This one was a personal project of his, intended to take postwork for a long drive. You’ll find here a Video by Santi taking you through the process of making this image, a step by step textual and visual breakdown as well as a scaled down version of his PSD file. Hi all, First, I’d like to thank to Ronen for this opportunity, is an honor for me make this little contribution for the CG community.

‘Crystal Box’ Villa was born as a personal project to deeply study post-production using just a very basic render as a starting point, and with the intention to take the post-production level to the edge. Making of House 2P. Mark La Frenais did a great dusk visualization of House 2P in Zagreb that was designed by SANGRAD + AVP Arhitekti. Done as a personal project, he based it on a day view photo but went all dusk with it and got a great result. Making of 'Strawberry Vale' Earlier this month, Will Rayner posted a striking image of the ‘Strawberry Vale’ Riverside House they did for Dyer Grimes Architects. Making of Ouverture I-X. Michael Feuerroth‘s highly detailed scene “Ouverture I-X” awarded him Best Visualization of the Week NO. 34 using 3dsmax as his main platform for setting up his scene in general, as well as getting into the smallest details too. He also used Marvelous Designer extensively and rendered it all with V-Ray.

Check out Michael’s process as he describes it in great detail below. 3D Modeling How to / The Bohemian Sofa with Marvelous Designer. Following up on Eduard Caliman‘s recent Mills 3D Chair Modeling How to, he now showcases how he made the Bohemian Sofa. Eduard actually did this stunning sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso in 3ds max fully, but then went on exploring making the capitonné with Marvelous Designer and here he shares his process as well as the resulting model and textures. Making of Eltham House. Kiernan May‘s ELTHAM HOUSE renderings awarded him Best Visualization of the Week NO. 26 using Maya as his main platform for setting up his scene.

Kiernan managed to mix lots of colors in his dusky images keeping the balance with a great final result. 3D Modeling How to / Bath Towel with Marvelous Designer. Designer & 3d Artist, Nikki Candelero, shares with us today a bit of insight gained during work on a current project. I can easily say Nikki is a certified great guy and real fun to be around with as all visitors to AD#3 in Venice last year can say. We will have the pleasure of meeting him again at AD#4, but till then he shows us how to make a realistic towel… the same way as he made it for an Italian luxury bathroom project he is working on.

Enjoy this article as he describes the use of Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, 3dsmax and V-Ray. Making of Jozefow. Andrzej Drawc‘s Jozefow Project was his first post on the forums and awarded him Best Visualization of the Week NO. 21 using 3dsmax, V-Ray and Photoshop for post-production. Andrzej remarkably created the surrounding environment, based on the actual site, for all its trees and smaller ground cover elements. The end result showcases great light quality, specifically the moody dusk images. Making of Mediterranean House by nookta. Nookta‘s Mediterranean House was chosen by Chaos Group to accompany the launch of V-Ray for SketchUP v2.0 release and rightfully so. nookta managed to produce a highly emotive visual using a simple SketchUP model rendered with V-Ray directly from SketchUP.

In this article, Bahadir Ozbek from nookta tells the story behind the image. Enjoy! First of all, thank you for your time reading this article and a big thanks goes to Ronen Bekerman for inviting me to write it. The project was a competition entry for CG Record. I actually only wanted to do something for my personal portfolio and was very surprised and happy to see this image among the top 10 at CG Record and also being picked for the launch of V-Ray for SketchUP v2.0 by Chaos Group! Making of NEON Light. NEON is a campfire inspired light and sound installation by Nicole & Markus Heilmann from 2003. The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman. No words can describe the amount of talent, work and dedication that went into the creation of this piece of art by Alex Roman – A truly remarkable 3d architectural visualization / film.

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