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Percentage Calculator Percentage calculator is a tool that lets you do a simple calculation: how many percent of X is Y? The tool is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is fill in two fields and the third one will be calculated for you. The Romantic Tradition in British Painting 1800-1950 Blake and Reynolds William Blake (1757-1827), Satan arousing the rebel angels, 1808, watercolour on paper. Museum no. Timelines The story of vaccines did not begin with the first vaccine–Edward Jenner’s use of material from cowpox pustules to provide protection against smallpox. Rather, it begins with the long history of infectious disease in humans, and in particular, with early uses of smallpox material to provide immunity to that disease. Evidence exists that the Chinese employed smallpox inoculation (or variolation, as such use of smallpox material was called) as early as 1000 CE. It was practiced in Africa and Turkey as well, before it spread to Europe and the Americas. Edward Jenner’s innovations, begun with his successful 1796 use of cowpox material to create immunity to smallpox, quickly made the practice widespread.

Marine Terrace with initials - Victor Hugo This artwork is in the public domain. Why? Heraldic eagle - Victor Hugo La tour des rats - Victor Hugo Le Gai Château - Victor Hugo Ville avec le pont de Tumbledown - Victor Hug… Gavroche at 11 years old - Victor Hugo Mushroom - Victor Hugo Ruined Aqueduct - Victor Hugo The Dead City - Victor Hugo Silhouette fantastique - Victor Hugo Calling Card - Victor Hugo Ermitage Rock in an imaginary landscape - Vic… Lace impression, spectral form - Victor Hugo Use Full screen browser mode for best experience Due to copyright law restrictions this image is not available for your country

Online Egg Timer - timerrr We are all familiar with a traditional kitchen egg timer. It is a very simple yet very effective device. The way it works just couldn't be more simple. All you have to do to set it is to turn the upper part of it. Once released, the upper part will start rotating slowly and indicating the time that elapsed. You can track the time by watching the digits printed on the timer. IRAN : Kamal-ol-Molk : L'Homme de Génie Kamal-ol-Molk, Man of Genius ILI [Iran Language Institute] (Quarterly Magazine) Winter 1998, No. 6, Vol. 2 By: Morteza Assadi Pages: 35-39 Born in Kashan in 1226 A.H., to a family greatly attached to art, Mohammad Ghaffari, better known as Kamal-ol-Molk, was undoubtedly one of the most eminent artists in Iran. His uncle, Mirza AbolHassan Khan Ghaffari, known as Sanee-ol-Molk, a 13th century A.H. celebrated painter, was unrivalled in watercolor portraits.

Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history Smarthistory offers more than 1500 videos and essays on art from around the world and across time. We are working with more than 200 art historians and some of the world's most important museums to make the best art history resource anywhere. Use the "subject" pulldown menu (go to "Arts and Humanities") at the top of this window or click on the headings below to access our content: Art history basics First things first (you are here) The materials and techniques artists use Art 1010 Prehistoric art in Europe and West Asia

Parmigianino The Bridgewater Madonna Raphael Parmigianino had a massive stylistic influence on Mannerism and sixteenth-century graphic art in general. He successfully managed to combine in his work the graceful and elegant style of the great masters with a new sense of movement and a striving for a sensuous beauty beyond nature. Many of his paintings contain within them mysterious ambiguities and conceal strains and tensions of the time. Elongated figures:Parmigianino's style is characterized by lengthening of form, whether this is necks, limbs or shapes. Some of his artworks seem to be fixated by a sense of distortion, and as with many other mannerist artists his work exaggerates the ideal beauty depicted by Raphael and other eminent renaissance artists.

Earth - Your life on earth Explore BBC Earth's unique interactive, personalised just to you. Find out how, since the date of your birth, your life has progressed; including how many times your heart has beaten, and how far you have travelled through space. Investigate how the world around you has changed since you've been alive; from the amount the sea has risen, and the tectonic plates have moved, to the number of earthquakes and volcanoes that have erupted. Grasp the impact we've had on the planet in your lifetime; from how much fuel and food we've used to the species we've discovered and endangered. Julien Dupré (1851 - 1910) Working during the last half of the 19th century, Julien Dupré was an artist, considered by most, to be one of the leading exponents of the second generation of Realist painters; a group that also includes Leon Lhermitte, Jules Bastien-Lepage and Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret. Like J.F.

The Theory of Two Truths in India 1. Ābhidharmikas / Sarvāstivāda (Vaibhāṣika) In the fourth century, Vasubandhu undertook a comprehensive survey of the Sarvāstivāda School's thought, and wrote a compendium, Treasury of Knowledge, (Abhidharmakośakārikā AbhiDK; Mngon pa ku 1b–25a) with his own Commentary on the Treasury of Knowledge (Abhidharmakośabhāṣya AbhiDKB, Mngon pa ku 26b–258a). This commentary not only offers an excellent account of the Sarvāstivādin views, including the theory of the two truths, but also offers a sharp critique of many views held by the Sarvāstivādins. Vasubandhu based his commentary on the Mahāvibhāṣā (The Great Commentary), as the Sarvāstivādins held their philosophical positions according to the teachings of the Mahāvibhāṣā. Consequently, Sarvāstivādins are often known as Vaibhāṣikas.

Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine - Parmigianino This artwork is in the public domain. Why? Saint Barbara - Parmigianino Virgin and Child with an Angel - Parmigianino Amor Carving His Bow - Parmigianino Rest on the Flight to Egypt - Parmigianino Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror - Parmigiani… Diogenes - Parmigianino Madonna and Child - Parmigianino Man with a Book - Parmigianino Circe and the Companions of Ulysses - Parmigi… Madonna and Child - Parmigianino Madonna and Child with St. John and St. Jerom… Mystic Marriage of St Catherine - Parmigianin… Use Full screen browser mode for best experience

Learn piano online As a beginner I was able to progress very quickly. It was so easy to get started and learn new songs. I can’t wait for the mobile version! Sabine C., Research associate at a German university I wanted to play 8 out of every 10 songs flowkey had available. For someone as early on in piano as me seeing the highlighted black keys was a huge help and watching the hand positions from that camera angle was perfect.

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