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Wellcome Collection - Wellcome Trust. What Does Matrix Have to Do with Lace? NeSpoon's Street Art Explains. NeSpoon is a street artist who combines ceramics, lace and graffiti in her work.

What Does Matrix Have to Do with Lace? NeSpoon's Street Art Explains

She travels the world and decorates old buildings or run-down street corners with her characteristic crochet-patterned murals and pottery panels. But what does NeSpoon’s street art have to do with Matrix? Neo and a Spoon NeSpoon, local lace pattern in Koniaków, Poland, 2017. Source: Instagram of the artist NeSpoon believes that what we think shapes our world. Lace by the Seaside NeSpoon, Pont-l’Abbe, France, source: Widewalls She began her career as a painter, fascinated by portraits of Rembrandt and contemplative atmospheres of Rothko’s colour fields.

From Gaps to Walls NeSpoon, Mural in Valverde, Sicily, 2018. She says that it takes roughly two weeks to make a small ceramic lace panel. Dreams NeSpoon working on her mural in Bobowa, Poland, 2015. She recalls a historic artistic installation that in 1995 Christo and Jeanne-Claude made together in Berlin. Learn more: Collections. Archivos en uso. Imágenes de dominio público. Esta página tiene como objetivo recopilar sitios en línea con material audiovisual en dominio público y con la licencia Creative Commons compatible con todos los proyectos Wikimedia.

Imágenes de dominio público

Si conoces algún sitio en esas condiciones que aún no esté en el listado, añádelo. Legislación sobre imágenes en dominio público[editar] El material en general -y las imágenes en particular- en dominio público es aquel que carece de derechos de autor, o bien éstos han expirado. Por lo general, una obra está en dominio público cuando su creador ha muerto hace más de 70 años (en EE.UU. son 95 años) según el post mortem auctoris. Abipones y Mocovíes. Ilustraciones de Florián Paucke. Historia Documental de Trujillo del Perú: Martínez Compañón - Obrajes Serranos. Indio pastor de ovejas India pastora serca de su Casa India pastora pariendo Indios esquilando ovejas Indios labando lana.

Historia Documental de Trujillo del Perú: Martínez Compañón - Obrajes Serranos

Shutterstock. Commons. The Commons. Archivo General de la Nación. Photos/1G.jpg La escultora Lola Mora trabajando en su taller con un modelo, 1903.

Archivo General de la Nación

Documento fotogrfico. Inventario 52606. Photos/4G.jpg Buenos Aires. Bailando tango en el río, 1904. Biblioteca Nacional - Catálogo Bibliográfico de la Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno. Recursos. Colección Witcomb: imágenes antiguas de Buenos Aires. Editor's Choice - Photos. Good Free Photos - Free Stock Photos and Free Images. Vectores gratis, fotos y PSD para descargar. Picturesque illustrations of Buenos Ayres and Monte Video, consisting of twenty-four views : accompanied with descriptions of the scenery and of the costumes, manners, &c. of the inhabitants of those cities and their environs : Vidal, Emeric Essex, 1791-1. Cheap Royalty Free Subscription, Stock Photos, Vector Illustrations & Fonts.

Geographicus Rare Antique Maps. David Rumsey Historical Map Collection. - Visual Art Encyclopedia. La colección. Residencias técnicas y profesionales en el Bellas Artes 2019 Abre la convocatoria, inscripciones desde el 11 de marzo al 19 de abril.

La colección

El Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes presenta el programa federal de Residencias 2019, destinado a técnicos y profesionales de todo el país, de las artes visuales en particular y del campo cultural en general. El objetivo es ofrecer una experiencia institucional intensiva en las diversas áreas del principal museo de arte del país, el que; por su patrimonio artístico, grado de reconocimiento y trayectoria constituye una instancia de referencia para el conjunto de las instituciones artísticas argentinas.

Ver más Tomás Maldonado (1922-2018) .A los 96 años, falleció el artista argentino Tomás Maldonado. Ver más. MNAV - Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales. Works of Art. Works of Art. Bibliothek. NOAA Photo Library - Treasures of the Library. The "Treasures of the Library" album and collection has been developed to share images from rare and unusual books that reside within the NOAA Central Library. These books and images have been waiting like a buried treasure to be discovered and put on display for the world to see.

Within the 1,000,000 or so documents that reside in the NOAA Central Library are tens of thousands of jewels produced prior to the early Twentieth Century. The oldest of these is a translation of a treatise written by Hippocrates on the effect of climate on health printed in Latin in 1485. Many other early tomes concerned with observations of the natural world, scientific instruments, and scientific concepts have survived the ravages of the centuries and now reside within the Special Collections of the NOAA Central Library.

Through these documents, much of the early evolution of scientific and geographic knowledge of our atmosphere, oceans, and the remote areas of our planet can be traced. Hs 22474 Germanisches Nationalmuseum. BUENOS AIRES EN 1820. Attribution Generator. This tool makes it easy to reuse images from Wikipedia and the free media archive Wikimedia Commons.

Attribution Generator

Please note: The current English version of the Attribution Generator is based on a near-verbatim translation of the initial German text snippets, which were drafted with the copyright law of Germany in mind. Especially the parts explaining legal concepts might thus differ from the copyright law situation of other countries. In many cases images on Wikipedia and the free media archive Wikimedia Commons are protected by copyright.

However most of them have been released under free licenses by their rights holders, especially under Creative Commons licenses. Some are even free of any rights, in the public domain. We would like to thank Dr. Pinterest (Argentina) Stock Photos and Royalty-Free Images by Dreamstime.