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How To Add Subtitles to a DVD. (THE COMPLETE WORKING GUIDE). - Hello all, I have just released a brand new guide on how to add subtitles to a DVD. So here it is: ************************************************** *************** Watch now the MOVIE TUTORIAL on How to Add Subtitles to a DVD using DVD-lab PRO ! ************************************************** *************** DVD Subtitle Guide using DVD-lab PRO ***3 Steps Guide*** This guide brings new things, like support for SRT and SUB subtitles or SSA, SON and SST. Software used: 1. Create 3 folders on a partition with more then 20 Gb of free space. STEP 1 - DVD Decrypter a). After you have set everything as in the image above, press OK and go to "Mode" menu and select "IFO I".In this moment the software will automatically choose the main film in order to demux it. b). Now select all the lines in the Stream Processing window, one by one, (ONLY THE ONES YOU WANT OR NEED) and select for each one the Demux option. c). and the program will start its work. a). b). c.) d). e). Optional: 1. f). a). b). c).

AllCDCovers More Than Just CD and DVD Covers Album Art Retirement Planning and Savings Plans - Retirement Calculator - Money Magazine One do-it-yourself option is to use an online portfolio analysis tool. Plug in the tickers of all your investments, from stocks in your taxable account to the mutual funds in your 401(k). Money If you're looking for a steady payout you can count on throughout retirement, a plain-vanilla immediate annuity is an option worth considering. You hear the expression "take money off the table" a lot in the investing world, but what you should really be focusing on is maintaining the mix of stocks and bonds that's right for you. While investing in bonds may not give you the biggest returns, they can help cushion the blow to your nest egg should stocks take a hit as you're nearing retirement. IRS rulings not clear -- make sure your plan distributor and tax professional are agree with the rollover. Step one is to avoid stashing that cash in individual stocks. Your benefits will change in name only starting with the month you reach full retirement age,

Want Latest/Greatest or Best Price? Here’s When You Should Buy Tech Gear in 2016 If you’ve got an aging smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, TV, or other piece of tech gear, you might be thinking about replacing it sometime this year. Question is, when this year would be the best time to buy? The answer depends primarily on the kind of gadget you’re buying and the brand(s) you prefer. Mobile devices When it comes to smartphones and tablets, the best time to get the latest/greatest and the best time to get a great deal are often one and the same. Of course, we don’t yet know when the major mobile vendors will release new gadgets this year. Apple: For the past four years, the company has released new iPhone(s) in September. For iPads, the timing is similar but later: For the past four years, new iPad models shipped in late October or early November. There’s one extra wrinkle this year: According to the rumor mill, Apple could release a new iPhone as early as this spring. Last year’s models. Google: The Android vendor typically releases new Nexus phones in October. HDTVs

Blue-Ray / HD-DVD / TS / DVD / AVI -> TO H.246 using MEGUI - (Note: I'm in the process of uploading the guide images, so bear with me...)Synopsis: Using MEGui to convert any DirectShow compatible video source to H246 (MPEG-4). With this guide you will be able to convert AVI, DVD, Blue-Ray, HD-DVD, Real Media, or any other video source that can be played via the DirectShow interface (the file plays in Windows Media Player). All of the tools listed here are open source or freeware.Tools Needed: MEGui ( ) Note: there are many sub tools that are loaded under MEGui. Those tools are downloaded automatically the first time you launch MEGui. Suggested Tools:FFDShowHaali Media SplitterMedia Player ClassicVirtualDubMod (for AVI Sources) Note: If you are having difficulty reading your source files due to codec issues, you can try demuxing your source file using TsRemux. Select the options as shown.

Personal Retirement Accounts Nothing is more important to America’s economic future than the development of a workforce with the skills and knowledge required to compete in the global economy. That development starts in the classroom and extends the length of a working person’s career. The reality, however, is that America’s K-12 education system is not adequately preparing students for careers or postsecondary education, and worker training programs are not, in many cases, teaching the skills demanded in the marketplace. The result is a persistent skills gap that is impacting the nation’s competitiveness. In an effort to close that gap, the U.S. 40 Things You Shouldn't Do When You're Broke No one wants to be broke. It’s stressful, uncomfortable, and counterproductive to achieving your financial goals. While there may be some things outside of your control, like whether your boss is willing to give you a raise, there are some things you can control. You can unknowingly prolong your financial lull by continuing to make bad financial decisions, i.e. spending money when you should instead be cutting back your spending. You may try to justify certain purchases, rationalizing that you “need” it or that life will be too uncomfortable without it. Take out a loan for a new car, or for any other reason. If you’re broke, you can’t afford another monthly payment and that’s exactly what you’re adding to your plate when you take out a loan. Go on an expensive vacation. Loan money to someone else, or cosign for them. Spend money on non-necessities. It’s important, however, to keep your spending to a minimum until you can afford to spend more. Eat at restaurants. Have cable television.

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