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The Distort House is a Spliced Home That Adds A Pinch of Green to Indonesian Tradition Indonesian architects TWS & Partners have put a modern green twist on traditional Southeast Asian housing with their new jigsaw shaped home called the Distort House. When most people think of a house, they picture a solid, four-sided structure with a door, a roof, and windows. Distort House intentionally refutes this assumption, literally breaking up our preconceptions of what a home should look like. Located directly across the street from a public park in Jakarta, Distort House is placed at the very back of its large plot and turned a slight 15% to optimize the expansive yard space. The varying levels are bridged together by a twisting staircase that travels inside, outside, up, and down the home in an Escher-like fun house way. A house so connected with nature certainly includes a number of green features as well. + TWS and Partners Via architizer

BOOM Sustainable LGBT Community Pops Up in Costa del Sol The designers at BOOM have opened a new sustainable living community outside of Malaga, Spain. The hillside Costa del Sol overlooks the beautiful Lake Vinuela and includes a mix of private homes, lofts and apartments. The towering complex is geared toward the LGBT community. A secure community, Costa del Sol features a state of the art health and sports center, entertainment facilities and cafes. BOOM invited 16 architects (including Metropol Parasol’s J Mayer H) to design the varying spaces to create a community with architectural diversity. BOOM plans for the entire complex to be LEED certified; from water efficiency to reduction of energy and CO2 emissions, BOOM neighborhoods are sustainable and eco friendly places to live.

yurt platform/land pics Hi,Thanks for sharing your pics. what did you use to band around the outside of the circle?Also, i don't know where your located, but you were saying how you left the dead stuff to keep it from growing in. Where i'm at it would fill in with raspberries and would be a greater mess to deal with. GS It's some kind of masonite plywood, not sure exactly what else they call it .. The guy had told me that was a tricky part when I asked about doing it myself .. I'm in Maine, I hope to clear out some of the wood, but I am not sure I can create enough of a sunny clearing and get a ton of stuff planted there at the same time. I allready planted a few rapsberries on the west side of the clearing, some from my mothers garden, some from down the street on the land .. I was also torn between cutting more trees while I have the time to do that and thus let in more sun .. and not being sure what to do with all the wood and what sort of weeds where going to pop up.

Yurt Lodging | New York Tree House Yurts | Eco Travel Tree House Lodging A Unique Lodging Experience Tree House Rates Things to Bring "I loved walking down the path and coming upon our little tree house in the woods. Yurts Available May 1 through October 31 2014 Tree House Rates - check in 3pm / check out 11am Please make arrangements for arrival after 9pm! Need Transportation Assistance? bus stop in Delhi for $35 [round trip] plus $10 for grocery stop Harmony Hill is a non-smoking, earth friendly environment. Reservation and Cancellation Policy: Reservations may be booked by phone, fax or email, but require an up front deposit to hold a reservation. Cancel within 30 days of arrival for full refund (less any charges incurred if deposit paid via credit card ) . Deposits for holidays and holiday weekends cannot be refunded for any reason unless we can rebook your space (if rebooked a $50 administration fee plus any charges incurred if deposit paid via credit card will be deducted from your refund). back to top

Atlantis Bahamas - photographed, reviewed and rated by The Theme Park Guy The Atlantis resorts in the Bahamas and Dubai boast a level of ingeniousness, creativity and passion for detail not seen outside Disney and Universal Studios theme parks. The creator is South African entrepreneur Sol Kerzner, a modern day Walt Disney who doesn't just imitate what's already out there, but seeks inspiration from primordial nature itself. 'Blow away the customer', that's Kerzner's core value No 1 as stated on his website. The Atlantis Bahamas Paradise Island Resort is worth the trip from anywhere in the US and even worth risking deep vein thrombosis on flights from Europe and Asia. Look! With the sheer amount of attractions and brilliant water slides you might forget that there is a beach and a casino as well. The Atlantis resorts are the best themed water parks in the world and beat even the Disney water parks in their opulence.

20 Modernly Metal Homes | Visual Remodeling Blog | Fixr Often thought of as a cold and impersonal building material, metal has found its star quality with architects and home builders incorporating it into the most welcoming and fascinating home designs. Metal isn’t relegated to commercial buildings any longer. Shigeru Ban’s Metal Shutter House (Credit) Shigeru Ban’s Metal Shutter House View 2 (Credit) Metal Inside and Out (Credit) Eames Metal House (Credit) Metallokat Metal House (Credit) Metal House Paris, France (Credit) Austrian Countryside Modern Metal Home (Credit) Steel House by Robert Bruno Lubbock, Texas (Credit) Desert Metal House in Scottsdale Arizona (Credit) Anti-seismic Metal House in Greece (Credit) Urban Metal Design Terrace Home Davellaris (Credit) Urban Metal Design Terrace Home Davellaris View 2 (Credit) Urban Metal Design Terrace Home Davellaris Interior View (Credit) Modern Metal in Traditional Neighborhood (Credit) Sustainable Beach House by Bark Architects (Credit) Pilotto Austrian Metal (Credit) Pilotto Austrian Metal View 2 (Credit)

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