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Want Latest/Greatest or Best Price? Here’s When You Should Buy Tech Gear in 2016 If you’ve got an aging smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, TV, or other piece of tech gear, you might be thinking about replacing it sometime this year. Question is, when this year would be the best time to buy? The answer depends primarily on the kind of gadget you’re buying and the brand(s) you prefer. Here are our best conjectures about when to buy the hardware and other tech stuff you want this year. Mobile devices When it comes to smartphones and tablets, the best time to get the latest/greatest and the best time to get a great deal are often one and the same. SHSCanterburyTales - Plowman Try Wikispaces Classroom now. Brand new from Wikispaces. guest Join | Help | Sign In SHSCanterburyTales Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In

Movie Title Screens Page For information on my books (about classic horror films) visit Silver Scream. Established 28 March 1997 Updated 7 November 2011 - 999 titles added Just added: Browse title screens by decade! Note: Page load times may be long! New Additions page makes it easy to see what's new. 7,614 titles available A unique catalog of movies...specifically, screen captures of movie title screens! How To Add Subtitles to a DVD. (THE COMPLETE WORKING GUIDE). - Hello all, I have just released a brand new guide on how to add subtitles to a DVD. So here it is: ************************************************** *************** Watch now the MOVIE TUTORIAL on How to Add Subtitles to a DVD using DVD-lab PRO ! ************************************************** *************** DVD Subtitle Guide using DVD-lab PRO ***3 Steps Guide***

This Week In Petroleum Released: April 9, 2014 Next Release: April 16, 2014 Gasoline prices expected to average $3.57 per gallon during summer 2014 In the April 2014 Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), EIA projects that regular-grade gasoline retail prices will average $3.57 per gallon (gal) during the current summer (April through September) driving season, similar to the $3.58/gal average of summer 2013. After rising into May, the retail price is expected to fall through the remainder of the summer because both crude oil prices and gasoline crack spreads (the difference between wholesale product price and the price of crude oil) decline.

40 Things You Shouldn't Do When You're Broke No one wants to be broke. It’s stressful, uncomfortable, and counterproductive to achieving your financial goals. While there may be some things outside of your control, like whether your boss is willing to give you a raise, there are some things you can control. Blue-Ray / HD-DVD / TS / DVD / AVI -> TO H.246 using MEGUI - (Note: I'm in the process of uploading the guide images, so bear with me...)Synopsis: Using MEGui to convert any DirectShow compatible video source to H246 (MPEG-4). With this guide you will be able to convert AVI, DVD, Blue-Ray, HD-DVD, Real Media, or any other video source that can be played via the DirectShow interface (the file plays in Windows Media Player). All of the tools listed here are open source or freeware.Tools Needed: MEGui ( ) Note: there are many sub tools that are loaded under MEGui. Those tools are downloaded automatically the first time you launch MEGui. Suggested Tools:FFDShowHaali Media SplitterMedia Player ClassicVirtualDubMod (for AVI Sources) Note: If you are having difficulty reading your source files due to codec issues, you can try demuxing your source file using TsRemux.

ETF Selector, ETF List The Seeking Alpha ETF Selector is designed to help you select the right Exchange Traded Funds for your portfolio. We've listed ETFs and ETNs by asset class, explained how to use them, highlighted potential risks, and provided links to articles that discuss key issues for investors. The Core -- U.S. 4 Financial Factors in Making the Part-Time College Calculation ​A student can transition from full- to part-time status for any number of reasons. Illness, family problems, stress, work – all may necessitate a semester or two of pumping the brakes on college. But downshifting to part-time enrollment affects financial aid in myriad ways, from federal loan eligibility to scholarships and even long-term debt repayment.

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