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Care2 - largest online community for healthy and green living, h

Care2 - largest online community for healthy and green living, h

From Baghdad to Chicago: Rezko and the Auchi empire From WikiLeaks JOHN A. SHAW (Opinion: former senior official of US Defense, State, and Commerce departments)October 10, 2008 Barack Obama has been appropriately strident in his condemnation of the mortgage-based financial corruption which nearly led to the collapse of the investment banking system in the United States. But there are some strong smelling financial skeletons in his own closet. TreeFeed "@City4ster Planted 4 trees in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA) this week! No photo sent to #treefeed as of yet, but hopefully @City4ster will send us one soon! Our second submission this week! Keep them coming :-)"

Content Management System Software Interspire Website Publisher is a content management system which makes it easy for non-technical users to create and maintain fully functional websites. Over 5,400 customers are using our software to power their websites and applications, including: From creating your own content types to drag and drop layout customization, granular user permissions and beautiful website templates - nothing else lets you build such a customized website so easily. Daily Environmental News December 12, 2012 Want to know if you're literally sitting on a gold mine? Get some termites, a new study suggests.

Personal Internet Fundraisers It will take anywhere from 3 seconds to 1 minute for your pic to upload, depending on how big it is. You're going to see this message every time you post a new pic. So, we're making the text really long so that it'll take you at least five picture uploads to read it all. Here's what we're thinking...While your first picture is uploading think about someone you want to kiss. When you upload your second pic think about one friend who you can beat in a race. On your third photo upload think about your favorite food that begins with the letter H.

Bill and Hillary Clinton snub to Gores over Chelsea wedding? Did the Clintons snub Al Gore and Tipper by not inviting them to daughter's Chelsea's wedding? We know for certain that Al and Tipper are not going, yet Al had told a reporter a few days ago that he had talked to the former president recently and was " looking forward to Chelsea's wedding - that's a happy occasion," Now they are not going to the celebration, being held in Rhinebeck, New York. "The Gores are not attending the wedding," family spokeswoman Kalee Kreider said in a statement.

Video We have our own globally featured TV channel with Sony, and a prominent podcast with Apple’s iTunes. We also have a partner channel with Aol On and the Huffington Post. If that's not enough for you, our videos feature prominently on blinkx (who provide the video search engine for Microsoft, Lycos and Ask); the Times Education Supplement (the world’s biggest online teaching resource) and their U.S. partner, Share My Lesson. Download Choose your operating system: TheBrain 8 for Mac OS X Mac OS 10.7+1 GHz Intel Processor, 1GB RAM, 100 MB available storage TheBrain 8 for Linux Works on many Linux/Unix variants.

Care2 is a social network website that was founded by Randy Paynter in 1998 to help connect activists from around the world. It has a membership of approximately 9 million people. by adriaanrijkens Apr 14

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