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The Good Human - Sustainability, Environment, Progressive Politics, Peak Oil, Going Green.

The Good Human - Sustainability, Environment, Progressive Politics, Peak Oil, Going Green.
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The Environmental Impact Of The Fashion Industry. Dear EarthTalk: Can you enlighten on the environmental impact of the fashion industry? As I understand it, the industry overall is no friend to the environment. According to the non-profit Earth Pledge, today some 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used throughout the world to turn raw materials into textiles. Domestically, the U.S. Luz Claudio, writing in Environmental Health Perspectives, considers the way Americans and Europeans shop for clothes as “waste couture”: Fashion is low-quality and sold at “prices that make the purchase tempting and the disposal painless.” According to Technical Textile Markets, a quarterly trade publication, demand for man-made fibers such as petroleum-derived polyester has nearly doubled in the last 15 years. “Issues of environmental health and safety do not apply only to the production of man-made fabrics,”says Claudio, citing subsidies to the pesticide-laden cotton industry that keep prices low and production high. About the Author: David Quilty

Biodegradable A “biodegradable” product has the ability to break down, safely and relatively quickly, by biological means, into the raw materials of nature and disappear into the environment. These products can be solids biodegrading into the soil (which we also refer to as compostable), or liquids biodegrading into water. Biodegradable plastic is intended to break up when exposed to microorganisms (a natural ingredient such as cornstarch or vegetable oil is added to achieve this result). Sustainable disposal of any product requires that its wastes return to the earth and are able to biodegrade. Nature biodegrades everything it makes back into basic building blocks, so that new living things can be made from the old. Every resource made by nature returns to nature - plants and animals biodegrade, even raw crude oil will degrade when exposed to water, air and the necessary salts. Of all the environmental buzzwords “biodegradable” has perhaps been the most misused and the most difficult to understand.

The Love-Vegan Survival Guide (ve-gan. n.) – A person who abstains from eating any animal product. This includes meat, dairy, seafood, eggs, honey, and gelatin. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Butter – Olive Oil or Dairy free Margarine Eggs in baking – banana or applesauce, baking powder or you can get egg re-placer Chicken or Beef Flavor – Onion, Garlic or vegetable stock cubes Milk – Soya milk, Almond milk, Oat milk, Rice milk, hemp milk and even Hazelnut milk – There are loads just try and pick a favorite Cheese – There are many different types of non dairy cheeses. Meat and Fish – You can buy so many different fake meats and fish. 8. A Bottle of filtered water (essential) A Herbal teabag (I like camomile) A piece of fruit Some nuts Chopped veggies (carrots, celery) with humous. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. hello [@] ©Copyright of Love-Vegan 2012

Eluxe Magazine | elegant, ethical, ecological Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary » How to have a green wedding How to have a green wedding Go green for your wedding Due to the rising consciousness concerning the surroundings, some couples have set to try to their bit for the planet and omit extravagant waste from their “green weddings”. applied scientist DiCaprio’s picture has brought “blood diamonds” to the forefront and gold too isn’t as noble a metal as you would possibly suppose as a result of its typically mined in inhuman conditions by staff World Health Organization square measure exposed to zootoxic chemical releases within the mines. Designing an eco-friendly wedding is not as tough as you would possibly suppose. Here square measure many tips about a way to have AN environmentally compatible wedding. How innovative you can be - Recycled paper is not that tough to search out and if you actually wish to travel all out select hand woven paper. – select an organic menu or attempt to get the ingredients from native manufacture. In conclusion, produce and be the celebs at your dream wedding.

Meat the Truth From the author: Climate Change and Global Warming - yes I know, it's a hoax, it's a scam and designed to keep us in fear and implement a Carbon Tax, as if we aren't already taxed to death. This video discusses an issue that is almost always overlooked when officials and science discuss climate. What about the 90 BILLION animals raised for food production. The energy to grow their food, to feed them, to transport them, to slaughter and finally to your local grocer in the form of packaged flesh OR prepared / frozen meals and various by-products. Let's not forget these billions of beings produce massive amounts of feces and urine and it has to go somewhere. Negative health issues aside, this practice most certainly contributes to wide scale pollution and contamination of our air, water and land. The documentary Meat the Truth is the first major project undertaken by the Nicolaas G. Watch the full documentary now -

50 Ways to Help the Planet Creative Recycled Art, Architecture, and Design Many people associate environmentalism with gloom-and-doom predictions about the planet. While climate change is a serious issue, many artists, architects and other designers are also working on smaller scale green projects that both effect the environment and cause change by sparking discussion and reflection. While the actual direct impact of any given artwork or design may be small the cumulative result of their efforts is palpable and grows bigger with each creative and sustainable design or art project. Trash and Garbage Art (and Part Two ): Have you ever been to the art store to buy materials? Recycled Material Used in Furniture Design and Construction : While some of these works could be considered kitsch a number of these are not only functional but also aesthetically compelling. Amazing Examples of Adaptive Reuse in Architecture (and More Recycled Adaptive Reuse Buildings ): Recycling trash into art or furniture is one thing, but buildings are at another scale entirely.

Environmental News | Green Blogs | Environmental Issues | Earth Times Animals Australia - the voice for animals The Pet Tree House Sochi, Russia - A dog shelter backed by a Russian billionaire is engaged in a frantic last-ditch effort to save hundreds of strays facing a death sentence before the Winter Olympics begin here. Already, hundreds of animals have been killed, with the local authorities apparently wanting the stray dogs cleared from the streets before Friday’s opening ceremony. While the authorities say the dogs can be wild and dangerous, reports of their systematic slaughter by a pest removal company hired by the government in recent months have outraged animal rights advocates and cast a gruesome specter over the traditionally cheery atmosphere of the Games. The handling of the matter has also sharply undercut the image of a friendlier, welcoming Russia that President Vladimir V. Putin has sought to cultivate in recent months. Dogs outside a snowboarding course in Sochi. “On Monday we were told we have until Thursday,” Ms. Video: