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50 Ways to Help the Planet

50 Ways to Help the Planet
PLANT A NOTION "Going green" doesn't have to be a daunting task that means sweeping life changes. Simple things can make a difference. The contents of this list might not be new, but they bear repeating. Sometimes it takes a few reminders for things take root. 1. CHANGE YOUR LIGHT If every household in the United State replaced one regular lightbulb with one of those new compact fluorescent bulbs, the pollution reduction would be equivalent to removing one million cars from the road.

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35 Brilliant Insights From Nassim Taleb - SFGate Steven Perlberg, provided by Published 2:02 am, Tuesday, July 16, 2013 Facebook is the perfect platform for eccentric author Nassim Taleb, whose knack for thinking outside the box and waxing poetic is unparalleled. Here's how the acclaimed author of The Black Swan describes his account: "This is for philosophical discussions. Please, no finance (or similarly depraved topics), and no journalists."

Saving the Environment The pyramid of life is on very shaky ground. Experts say that proper handling of waste materials, such as reusing or disposing of them properly, should constitute an important part of the our efforts to preserve energy and protect the environment. Countries worldwide should use less coal and more reusable power like hydro or solar power. Let us plan our cities according to water available and not avail water for too many homes that have been crammed into development. Saving energy reduces air pollution and greenhouse gases. The less we pollute our environment, the more we prevent global warming. 13 Depressingly Accurate Signs Of The Times The phrase "I remember back in my day ... " isn't just something you hear from grandma. Nope, you probably say and think it more often than you realize, especially when you're talking about the tech you grew up with. For proof that times are a changing, look no further than these signs—both literal and figurative—that'll actually make you want to put your smartphone away once you remember the good ol' days.

How to Become A Social Badass I’m tired of being a little girl when it comes to meeting new people. To rid myself and others of this pathetic habit, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide on overcoming social anxiety taking from other articles, books and my own experimentation. So what is a ‘social badass,’ you ask? 5 Ways to Help Save the Environment Steps Method 1 of 5: Saving energy 1Switch off anything that uses electricity. If you're not using it, turn it off. This goes for lights, televisions, computers, printers, and so on.

20 Words We Owe to William Shakespeare No high school English curriculum is complete without a mandatory dose of William Shakespeare, and no American teenager makes it to graduation without whining about how boring it is to learn about iambic pentameter. As contemporary speakers of the English language, however, they might be interested to learn how much the Bard of Avon had in common with the generations that popularized the acronyms LOL and OMG and reinvented the 1940s slang term “hipster.” Endlessly imaginative and not overly concerned with grammatical convention, Shakespeare’s scripts contain over 2200 never-before-seen words—a diverse collection of loan-words from foreign languages, compound words from existing English terms, nouns turned into verbs, and creatively applied prefixes—many of which have entered into everyday language. Here are 20 examples of words we can thank Shakespeare for. 1.

philips eco-friendly microbial home nov 02, 2011 philips eco friendly microbial home the ‘microbial home’ concept by philips design the ‘microbial home’ by philips design is a concept home design that adopts a systemic approach to domestic activity, connecting machines into a cyclical system of input and output that minimizes waste. as the designers explain, ‘we view the home as a biological machine to filter, process, and recycle what we conventionally think of as waste.’ from domestic beekeeping (‘urban beehive’) to gardens that decompose plastic waste (the ‘paternoster’), view more information about each of the component prototype devices below.

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Free Resources to Learn and Read Nearly Anything I believe in the open source movement—in giving the gift of learning and knowledge freely and openly to anyone with an internet connection. And the internet alone is a huge barrier for many, but once you have the internet and a computer, I believe we all should easily have ways to learn. This type of knowledge infrastructure was unfathomable even a few decades ago, but now that we have it, I believe this access is a right, not a privilege. And though I believe in the right for authors, teachers, and creators to make a living from their works (books, online courses, and the like), I don’t see these two ideas as mutually exclusive, and I love that our world is moving closer toward a free exchange of ideas and knowledge.

50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do Self-reliance is a vital key to living a healthy, productive life. To be self-reliant one must master a basic set of skills, more or less making them a jack of all trades. Contrary to what you may have learned in school, a jack of all trades is far more equipped to deal with life than a specialized master of only one. While not totally comprehensive , here is a list of 50 things everyone should know how to do. 1. Glow in the Dark Tiles Definitely in the running when I build my olympic-sized pool at Chez DudeCraft. via IIHIH Online Art History Courses Whether in education, curation, preservation or sales, art historians help interpret and conserve the art of the past and present. Careers in the field vary widely. Many students of the discipline go into museum jobs like curator, docent, exhibition technician, or preservationist, but there are a number of other fields in which this degree can be used. Art historians are needed in education, both within and outside of museums, as well as in retail: be it in art galleries, appraisal companies and antique shops.

Empowering Architecture: architects, buildings, interior design, materials, jobs, competitions, design schools Dining Goes Underground in This Bomb Shelter Turned Bistro During World War I, Ypres, Belgium endured a series of ongoing battles between German and Allied forces, leaving many of the small city's buildings war-torn and destroyed. However, a small underground fortification dating back to the 1600s was left relatively unscathed. Built in 1680 by a mythical French marshal as part of a large fortification project in Ypres, the "Kazematten" is known for their large, barrel vaulted rooms of centuries-old stone and mortar. Following the restoration of Belgium, the fortification complex was mostly demolished to allow the city to expand.