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L'écosystème Imagination for People

L'écosystème Imagination for People

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Introduction A material metaphor is the unifying theory of a rationalized space and a system of motion. The material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic. Surfaces and edges of the material provide visual cues that are grounded in reality. The use of familiar tactile attributes helps users quickly understand affordances.

Techniques to Evaluate Ideas Since you can't and probably wouldn't want to use every idea, harvesting is the process of narrowing down the list to those most practical, valued and actionable. As a target, try to narrow initially to twice as many ideas as you believe you can implement, keeping in mind the Idea Funnel, above. Try to gain group support to the practical number of ideas that could be implemented, with practical consideration of other competing interests and intiatives, resources and alignment with organizational goals. While the original brainstorming group can certainly complete this harvesting activity, consider expanding the group to include senior leadership, other process stakeholders and customers and other interest groups -- like patients.

AppleSeed Permaculture A whole system of economic understanding ©Copyright 2011 Ethan Roland & Gregory Landua Click here to download the article from Permaculture Magazine #68 Context: Financial Permaculture, 2009 Design Merging two of the ultimate pastimes—books and puzzles—the Codex Silenda has to be physically solved in order to read it. And no, these aren’t simple word games and math problems, but rather deviously complicated mechanical puzzles crafted from laser-cut wood that are embedded within each part of this 5-page book. The solution to each puzzle physically unlocks the next page. As the reader moves through the book a short story is also revealed, etched on pages opposite the puzzles. The Codex Silenda was created by industrial designer Brady Whitney who is currently funding the it as project on Kickstarter. At the moment it looks like all funding tiers involving the book have filled, quadrupling their funding goals, but maybe they’ll add additional levels soon.

Introduction A material metaphor is the unifying theory of a rationalized space and a system of motion. The material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic. Surfaces and edges of the material provide visual cues that are grounded in reality.

notthisbody personal cargo Some thoughts on the New Aesthetic. A few days ago Bruce Sterling posted an "Essay on the New Aesthetic", summing up his most recent thoughts after a panel at SXSW, similarly titled "The New Aesthetic - Seeing like digital devices". The focal point of definition for this New Aesthetic is well documented and a gestalt emerges quite quickly on the New Aesthetic tumblr, a juxtaposition of quotes, images, sensations, videos highlighting myriad examples of that which its curators are recognizing is already happening. In short, New Aesthetic touches in some sense the bleeding of the virtual dimension into the actual and our increasing reflection of our own methods of sensing in machines, and vice versa. What's surprising about Bruce's usually sardonic critique of modern culture is that he acknowledges his own excitement and novelty with NA, that perhaps it does indeed holds the potential for something new...

More Thoughts on Social Currency, Part I In Splitting the Social Currency Atom I explored how it was possible to make sense of the various uses of the term “social currency” by analogy to the different functions of money. “Social currency” means different things depending on whether we are talking about it as a “means of exchange” (jokes, information, rumours) or as “unit of account” (reputation points, badges, diplomas.) While this analogy is useful, it isn’t perfect. In a number of important ways, social currency does not function like money. In this post, I will focus in on the “means of exchange” view of social currency. Exploring how social currency behaves differently to money can help shed light on what it is, and isn’t.

Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City — Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City — Calendar How do we make ourselves at home in the city? What does it mean to grow and harvest our own food and resourcefully and artfully make ourselves at home? These are some of the questions explored by Fritz Haeg, artist-in-residence at the Walker in association with the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden’s 25th anniversary. Haeg’s practice spans a range of disciplines—architecture, performance, design, education, gardening, and ecology—and includes projects as varied as public dances, urban parades, temporary encampments, edible gardens, videos, and publications. Cards - Components Cards have a constant width and variable height. The maximum height is limited to the height of the available space on a platform, but it can temporarily expand (for example, to display a comment field). Cards do not flip over to reveal information on the back.

gavinkeech personal cargo phases are cycling through the increase of momentum brought on by interplay sequenced through recognition. exhausting parameters to their stretched states allow the decay values to become discovered. upon discovery, arrival of presence, flows to the environments ground. intensity of emotion, feelings entwined with realisation that the possibilities can arise more probable than initially conditioned, through emergence of understanding what is required, do vectors resonate inputs, to flow freely, in their own accord towards the electromagnetic* (resonance)+ core. state / mode as an interface ( points & flows with vectors ) personas / metaconstructs = state / mode identity / experience filter = timelines dimension / environment = interface process / mechanism = actions knowledge / repository = database

Rethinking taxes and welfare in a cryptocurrency world The relative early success of Bitcoin in the world of hackers, means that cryptocurrencies will be coming in a decade or so. It’s urgent to rethink taxes and welfare, thinks Swedish Pirate Party leader Rick Falkvinge in this excerpt: “From a political perspective, this development means that taxation and welfare systems must be rethought and rewired considerably and immediately. How Reddit Built Its Empire On 500 Bucks, Stickers, And Giving People What They Want Back in 2005, my college friend Steve Huffman and I got $12,000 from Y Combinator and moved into an apartment in Medford, Mass. In our wildest dreams we couldn't have imagined that now, six years later, our website, reddit, would be getting 35 million unique visitors and over 2.8 billion pageviews per month (at the time of this writing). We launched the site without any categories--just one big front page of links about anything the community wanted. Today, the community is made up of thousands of awesome subreddits, ranging from topics like cute animal photos to politics to male fashion advice.

30 Awesome SVG Animation For Your Inspiration Designers used to create animations in HTML elements using CSS. However, due to the limitations of HTML elements in creating patterns, shapes, and others, they naturally turn to SVG, which offers more interesting capabilities. Working with SVG, we enjoy good browser supprot for SVG animation, and we have more ways to create new animation. You can use both the built-in SVG animation functionality or CSS3 animation (note that not everything can be done by CSS so there is still need for JavaScript). Another way is by using JavaScript engines such as GSAP or Snap.

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