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Curse - WoW Addons, Minecraft Mods, Curse Client and Gaming News

Curse - WoW Addons, Minecraft Mods, Curse Client and Gaming News

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sc4modds SimCity 4 is a city-building and urban planning computer game released in 2003, suceeded by the Rush Hour expansion pack and the eventual Deluxe Edition. The name SimCity carries a heavy amount of nostalgia for a lot computer gamers and for many, SC4 was and still is the best city builder out there. The fact that it is still played today is proof of the game's success and awesomeness. Its staying power, however, is entirely contributed to the modding community. Over the years, fans of the game have created a wealth of content for the game that has improved and expanded the title in numerous ways. This content can be found on several exchange sites, the main three being those in the "Resources" sidebar directly to your left.

How to play Nintendo 64 on your PC Install the emulator Download and install the free emulator Project 64. Get some games Games for emulators are called roms, and there are a lot of websites supplying them. Most are annoying, so to save you some sanity, I recommend EmuParadise, which has an extensive selection of roms with no-hassle downloading. Combo Points Redux - Combat Combo Points Redux is a numeric and graphical display for your combo points (and other similar mechanic abilities) based on the excellent numeric-only addon BasicComboPoints. Slash Command /cpr or /cpredux

Home Build a Social Intranet eXo Platform is an out-of-the-box social intranet solution. Rich collaboration features such as wikis, forums, calendars and documents are smartly integrated around activity streams, social networking and workspaces. It is carefully designed to instantly engage users. It runs within the trusted security of an enterprise platform and is highly customizable to adapt when your needs evolve. View topic - Steam Achievements Hello All!Saved games from the old version should still work with Steam version. If this is not the case, please send such saves to me at and I'll investigate.About the mods, they should work with Steam version. Thus, I've heard from Nico that his Legacy of Versallies mod worked with it."

12 Easy Exploits to Raise Thief Skills in Skyrim « Null Byte - StumbleUpon 12 Easy Exploits to Raise Thief Skills in Skyrim Here is the final part in Null Byte's series on mastering the skills in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. We have already covered the slick and brutal methods to raise our Spellcasting and Combative skills. Skyrim's intelligent new leveling system has trumped the former methods of spamming repeated moves to raise levels quickly.

Weak Auras 2 Focus Bar and Tracking (JSHB Replacement) - Hunter - Icy Veins Forums First off, all credit to "DarkLordFriggs" YouTube Link: for creating and posting the base Weak Auras 2 strings - found here: Qipit At Qipit, I worked to make the ability to copy and scan a standard feature on mobile devices. In multiple roles as the Vice President of Mobile Services and as the Vice President Consumer Marketing, my primary responsibility was launching, managing and marketing the Qipit service. The Qipit consumer service was first launched at the Demo Conference in 2006 (Click here to see the Qipit launch at Demo). You can also see qipit explained in this interview. The Qipit consumer, enterprise and application services allowed for a fully automatic, integrated (and patented) process designed to overcome the inherent drawbacks in camera phone images through advanced imaging processes. For more detailed view on the challenges of using camera phones as a scanning device and how Qipit overcame these challenges, please reference the embedded slide share slide deck.

Minecraft Mods Minecraft mods are self-made software that is used to modify various aspects in the Minecraft game. Mod is derived from ‘modification’. This means, the mod modifies Minecraft game in different ways, according to the type of the mod. Minecraft mods are created by third party organization, or often individually. They created many minecraft mods ranging from the one that enables compass to show the player directions on where to get treasure, there is also mod that changes the environment of the dungeon inside the game. There is even a mod that will give you medieval appearance, so you will feel that you are adventuring in the world of Middle English era. The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth) mod for Mount & Blade by TLD-team on Oct 31st, 2011 The Last Days Of The Third Age Of Middle Earth Mod, for Mount&Blade 1.011 (now also for Warband!) Over 2,000,000 downloads on our various mirrors so far! TLD now works on Warband.

Guides: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tweak Guide Audio fAudioMasterVolume=1.0000 - This variable in SkyrimPrefs.ini is equivalent to the Master volume slider in the in-game settings. However here it can be adjusted above the 1.0000 limit which is imposed on the in-game slider, allowing people who find the sound in Skyrim to be too low to raise it. Desktop Application Overview / Download The TSM Desktop Application (aka the TSM App) gives you access to powerful out-of-game features which seamlessly integrate with the TSM addon. This page contains a summary of all the features the desktop application offers. TSM_AuctionDB Updating The days of doing constant in-game scans in order to update your TSM_AuctionDB data are over! Our servers are constantly downloading data for all US and EU realms directly from Blizzard and through the TSM Desktop Application, can provide you up-to-date data for your TSM_AuctionDB addon possible.

Magic Wands Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 Magic, the only things that Minecraft doesn’t have. For all those builders , destroyers, or even explorers would look onto Magic Wands. One of the most useful mod I think. This Magic Wands things completely solve all your issues in Minecraft! The 50 best Skyrim mods The perfect mod list is a tricky business. There's no way to appeal equally to those who enjoy dressing like an anime character and those who like gritty realism. What we've tried to do is assemble something that largely sticks to the tone and setting of vanilla Skyrim, while improving and expanding it any way I can. I don't use all fifty of these mods myself (I'm not really into survival for example, so I don't use Frostfall) but the vast majority of them are part of my current install.

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