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Tutorials | BlenderNation - Part 2 BlenderDiplom’s Frederik Steinmetz shows us how to create this scene using the awesome ARewO add-on. Continue reading Are you frustrated that you cannot seem to get hold of a Blender developer? What would you like to say to Ton? Gleb Alexandrov uncovers a hidden function in Blender 2.70 that will make setting up toy scenes much easier. Continue reading Reynante M. Continue reading Doris Fiebig presents her first tutorial on the new Sculpt Cookie website, in which she explains the basic shapes of faces. Continue reading Kampoon Monster contributed the Wolf scene to the Gooseberry trailer. Continue reading Blender Cookie has just published an insanely in-depth overview of the changes in Blender 2.70, by Gottfried Hoffman. Continue reading Daniel F. Continue reading Enrico Cerica shares the creation process of his image ‘River Side’ in this written tutorial on Continue reading Gleb Alexandrov uses the new Space Tree add-on to create a scene in this short video. Continue reading

mínima expresión Blender Sushi Art of Jin Ten Awesome Tips for Blender Alex Telford shares 10 videos with some useful tips. Alex Telford writes: Hi guys! So I have come up with ten awesome tips for blender users to really help speed up your workflow! The official text/video tutorial list is here. The tips: Using the normal pass Subdividing selected sections Using vertex colors with cycles Blending textures with vertex colors Baking normalized ambient occlusion maps Adding custom properties to objects Controlling objects using constraints Splitting edges Selection Tips Dupliframes Hope you enjoyed and learned something new! Furniture prototype Hello everybody, I haven't been posting for quite a long time so here's a small project I'd like to share with you. It's a visualization job I did some time ago to our friends who run a small design studio ( - pictures show sofas which would be in production this year. The images sent for print had obviously much more "commercial" feel, but I've decided trying to achieve more interesting look. These are the results: The scene was modeled using Blender and rendered in Cycles using GPU.

blog | Captain As the models in this image will be used for a still frame, the topology contributing to their appearance will not require deformation for the purposes of animation. As a result, reduction of the geometry (that determines the model’s topology) can be Decimated, as opposed to being retopologized, for Realtime Viewport interactivity during texturing. The above image is a test render to depict the textures applied to certain models for a Color Pass. Ambient Occlusion, Transparency, Sub-Surface Scattering, Glossy and Material Properties have been excluded from this Pass. Working on an image such as this in multiple Passes will reduce system load, and keep Viewport interactivity as next to Realtime as possible. Further improvements in reducing system overheads can be achieved by referencing High Resolution geometry externally. If we were to have a look at that statement more practically in Blender terms and propose it in the form of a question, 1.Complete Sculpting and Save Separate Files 5.

Tutorial: Dissolve your Logo in Blender 2.62 Published: 16 February 2012 Using the Remesh Modifier and particles dissolving logos in Blender becomes easy. Dissolving text in Blender has always been a lot of work, but not anymore! Blender 2.62 got a great new addition - the Remesh modifier! It's power combined with a particle system make this awesome effect. For this great effect, you need Blender 2.62 or newer. Align the active camera to the view Now it's time to edit the text. Blender doesn't ship any more fonts but the default Blender fonts. 'Offset' controls the thickness of the fonts, 'Bevel' add a chamfer but also increases the thickness so you should first do the beveling and then change the offset if required. Next add some simple material to the text. Head over to the world settings and turn on 'Evironment Light' at the default settings. Now you can start to do the first test renderings. Deselect 'Blend' and select 'Horizon' under Influence. So far the look of the logo has been set up.

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