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Lovely tutorial with a cool animation as a result. Pretty easy to follow too. We'll use default cube(s) and particle systems to build our scene, add simple animation and compositing. Enjoy! You can see the result at the video below. As always you could make lots of changes or adjustments to your own scenes.

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openshapefactory - a simple to use 3d scripting language based on OpenCascade ... Help us research how to make openshapefactory better: if you have downloaded OpenShapeFactory and you have used it, could you please fill the following survey on usability : OpenShapefactory is a Middle-Man between you, OpenCascade and QT, it serves as a Geometry Factory wrapping OpenCascade, and providing a single-point of entry to the creation of most geometrical operations. In a Gecko - OpenShapeFactory allows you to create Brep-Geometry: i.e ( sweeps, loft surface, revolvesurface, face,edge,etc); visualize the geometry into a 3d viewport. link QtWidget's created manually in the Qt-Designer to Update Functions that Create Geometry.

BlenderNation - Part 2 BlenderDiplom’s Frederik Steinmetz shows us how to create this scene using the awesome ARewO add-on. Continue reading Are you frustrated that you cannot seem to get hold of a Blender developer? Bone Weight Copy « Copy from multiple targets Many example files for OpenSim and compatible online worlds use a Character with three separated parts (head, upper body, lower body). You can do a weight copy from those characters as follows: Copy the Head part:

Captain As the models in this image will be used for a still frame, the topology contributing to their appearance will not require deformation for the purposes of animation. As a result, reduction of the geometry (that determines the model’s topology) can be Decimated, as opposed to being retopologized, for Realtime Viewport interactivity during texturing. The above image is a test render to depict the textures applied to certain models for a Color Pass. Ambient Occlusion, Transparency, Sub-Surface Scattering, Glossy and Material Properties have been excluded from this Pass. Working on an image such as this in multiple Passes will reduce system load, and keep Viewport interactivity as next to Realtime as possible. Py/Scripts/Nodes/Sverchok From BlenderWiki What is Sverchok Sverchok IS parametric tool for generating geometry. And till version 2.0 it will do that. Sverchok IS NOT all-in-nodes tools of blender.

Ten Awesome Tips for Blender Alex Telford shares 10 videos with some useful tips. Alex Telford writes: Hi guys! So I have come up with ten awesome tips for blender users to really help speed up your workflow! The official text/video tutorial list is here. Blender-Cycles Ray Length node output ~ Agus's 3D box As I promised I'll try to code new features for Blender, to warm up with the source code base, lets start with some small features first, like this one:Ray length output for LightPathNode: As you can see in the above picture, the absorbed light Rays gets lost inside the material, and the reflected/transmitted rays can escape, the more reflected/transmitted rays the more transparent is the material, the more absorbed Rays the more darker is the surface.What was missing in Cycles was the ability to reproduce the absorption based on the distance that light rays travel inside the surface, as you may guess the final absorption effect will be based on the density of those tiny impurity particles and how wide is the object. Now, the ray distance output actually gives you the distance of the light traveled, thus you can create a cool node setup to recreate, for example the absorption of the glass based on how wide the object it is:Cycles tests:

Source/Development/Projects/Motion tracking/Reconstruction And MotionTracking From BlenderWiki UPDATE: Recode in progress, see the schedule. Right now NOTHING WORKS! The new project is now being developed as a separate library, [1]. Blender Network - exedesign I am a CG Artist, industrial designer and certified trainer from Istanbul | Turkey Design is my lifestyle, everything in the design for me Short resume I was born in 1984 Çorum | Osmancık Graduated from the Ondokuz Mayıs University - Educational Faculty Fine Arts Teacher 2007 more... (pdf) Create And Render A Still Life Scene In Blender, Using Cycles Today, we'll have a brief introduction to Blender's new rendering engine - Cycles. This tutorial will cover modeling a small and easy still life scene, setting up different types of materials used in cycles and then finally lighting and rendering the scene. First we'll create a simple scene, starting with the tea set.