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Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips
Does Your Blog Need a Refresh? Seven Ideas to Try This Spring If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, it’s spring right now. Here in the UK, the sun has been shining almost all week — which feels like a wonderful change from a long, grey, rainy winter! Spring (and particularly Easter) is a great time to celebrate new or renewed life. And maybe your blog could do […]

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How to Become Famous on the Internet: 10 Steps Edit Article Edited by Wired Magazine, James Quirk, Jack Herrick, Sondra C and 83 others Andy Warhol's 1968 quote that "In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" is looking increasingly prophetic as the Internet age advances. Crise dans les médias Royal Pingdom ? The blog platforms of choice among the top 100 blogs Posted in Tech blog on January 15th, 2009 by Pingdom We all know that WordPress is popular among bloggers, and Movable Type as well. But HOW popular? And what other platforms are being used? To find out, we went through the Technorati top 100 blogs and investigated what blog platforms they are using. Blogs Häufig ist ein Blog „endlos“, d. h. eine lange, abwärts chronologisch sortierte Liste von Einträgen, die in bestimmten Abständen umbrochen wird. Der Herausgeber oder Blogger steht, anders als etwa bei Netzzeitungen, als wesentlicher Autor über dem Inhalt, und häufig sind die Beiträge aus der Ich-Perspektive geschrieben. Das Blog bildet ein für Autor und Leser einfach zu handhabendes Medium zur Darstellung von Aspekten des eigenen Lebens und von Meinungen zu spezifischen Themen. Meist sind aber auch Kommentare oder Diskussionen der Leser über einen Artikel zulässig.

koornk koornk is your personal shouting place that lets you stay in touch with your friends via short, quick messages. It works the other way too. And all you have to do is tell your friends (and the world) what are you doing at the moment. It only takes a few moments to stay in touch. Livre gratuit : “Comment apprendre à se vendre et créer une image de marque ?” On n’a qu’une seule fois pour faire une première bonne impression. Cet adage est de plus en plus vrai dans notre société où tout va plus vite et où l’image que l’on donne a de plus en plus d’importance. Il devient indispensable de savoir se vendre comme on le ferait pour un produit ou un service. Un bon exemple humoristique est consultable sur le site CV de Jérôme Choain, qui se vend (avec humour) comme un produit high tech. Plutôt que de cloner cette (bonne) idée, nous vous conseillons plutôt la lecture du livre gratuit de Rajesh Setty “Personnal Branding”, qui explique comment apprendre à se vendre, à créer sa propre image de marque, voire créer une marque autour de votre nom ! Rajesh explique tout au long des 39 pages de son livre gratuit “Personnal Branding”, 18 conseils pour apprendre à se vendre, à savoir se mettre en avant, en créer une image de marque. Can You Make Money Selling Used Books on eBay Used books are big sellers on eBay and this is a very easy business to start. There are dozens of sellers on eBay making over $1000 a week selling used books. Unless you are an expert, forget about novels, literature and rare expensive books. Les 10 commandements du blogueur Etre un blogueur passe par quelques règles simples pourtant souvent négligées. Je me suis amusé, avant de rédiger ce billet, à faire le tour des «commandements du blogueur ». J’ai lu des choses drôles, d’autres profondément répugnantes. Ce qu’il en ressort ? Il n’existe pas de règles universelles. Si ce n’est celle que vous vous fixerez. About Glen / ViperChill Hey, I’m Glen. Welcome to ViperChill. I could bore you with my whole life story or Glen could talk about himself in third person, but he won’t do that. Instead, what I will do is give you the short version of who I am and what I have achieved online. None of this is to brag – I’m actually pretty harsh on myself – I just know that we both value our time, so here goes:

Pinterest Marketing Tips: What We Tried & What Worked Is your brand—personal or professional—on Pinterest? Seventy million people are, with a large number of those being bloggers, companies, brands, and businesses. The opportunities to expand your reach and meet your audience are many on Pinterest, and they come in many unique ways. Though falling under the umbrella of social media marketing, Pinterest has its own special notes and best practices that help make it an extremely fun, exciting place to test, iterate, and add value to those on the network. The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide: How to Improve Your Reach and Promote Your Brand If you still think Facebook and Twitter are the be-all and end-all of social media marketing tools, think again. Say “Hi” to your business’s new best friend – Pinterest. Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet, with the retweet average hitting only 1.4%. And, as for Facebook, the half-life of a pin is 1,6000x longer than a Facebook post (see here for more stats!). Since the recent Instagram purchase by Facebook, Pinterest has become the hot ticket item for business marketing.

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