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Amon Tobin 'ISAM' Live : Mutek Premiere (Official)

Amon Tobin 'ISAM' Live : Mutek Premiere (Official)

Khan Academy Mister Chill'R Wheel of Concept - Draw - Chat - Gallery Physics Simulation Game | Powder Game [POWDER] : Standard powder.[WATER] : Water splash.[FIRE] : Fire spark.[SEED] : Cast seeds to grow trees.[G-POWDER] : Gunpowder. [WIND] : Send wind toward the arrow direction. [BLOCK] : It blocks wind or dots. [UPLOAD] : Upload. * See below. - Uploading and Downloading - By selecting the [UPLOAD] button you'll save and uploadyour artwork on our server and you can share them. If you like the downloaded data, rate it.Voting helps to keep the quality of the work high. [Uploading has the following limitation]User registration is required.Upload only 1 time in 2 day.Only the author can upload his or her downloaded data.Up to 50 data can be uploaded within 12 hours. [Downloading has no limitation] [Voting has the following limitation]You can't vote for your own work.You can vote only 1 time for each work.You can't vote for works older than 3 months. It may contain offensive contents.The system blocks uploading when the text contains specific keywords.Do not write any advertisement on the work.

i can read Found Shit : Funny, Bizarre, Amazing Pictures & Videos Metaperceptions: How Do You See Yourself? I gave a toast at my best friend's wedding last summer, a speech I carefully crafted and practiced delivering. And it went well: The bride and groom beamed; the guests paid attention and reacted in the right spots; a waiter gave me a thumbs-up. I was relieved and pleased with myself. Until months later—when I saw the cold, hard video documentation of the event. While many profess not to care what others think, we are, in the end, creatures who want and need to fit into a social universe. The ability to intuit how people see us is what enables us to authentically connect to others and to reap the deep satisfaction that comes with those ties. The bottom line: It comes down to what you think about yourself Your ideas about what others think of you hinge on your self-concept—your own beliefs about who you are. Our self-concept is fundamentally shaped by one person in particular: Mama. The top line: You probably do know what people think of you Context is key

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