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Featured Related Tags - Runnable

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WebSockets Now in Public Beta We’re excited to announce that WebSocket functionality is now available on Heroku in public beta. We can’t wait to see the powerful and creative real-time apps you’ll build. In this post, we show how to get up and running with WebSockets and demonstrate the functionality with two sample apps you can get on GitHub. Editor's Note: Features added through Heroku Labs are experimental and are subject to change. Getting Started For full documentation of WebSocket support on Heroku, visit the Dev Center.

How do I host my own website at home? : You can host your own website at home, and I'll tell you exactly how! But it might not save you much money, and it definitely won't save you time. So give it serious thought before you proceed... unless your goal is simply to learn about the technology and have fun!

Step-by-Step: Build a FREE SharePoint 2013 Dev/Test Lab in the Cloud with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services - - IT Pros ROCK! This Step-by-Step Guide has been leveraged to define a new Windows Azure Deployment Planning Service ( AZDPS ) for Microsoft Partners and Customers: Implementing Develop and Test Scenarios on Windows Azure Virtual Machines. Customers can now engage authorized partners for planning and delivery of this solution AND customers with Software Assurance ( SA ) benefits attached to a Volume Licensing ( VL ) agreement can leverage SA to pay for all or part of this partner engagement. You can find full details on this new AZDPS offer at: Windows Azure Deployment Planning Service: Implementing Develop and Test Scenarios on Windows Azure Virtual Machines You can find a partner that is authorized to deliver this service at the Software Assurance Planning Service Providers portal page below: Software Assurance Planning Service Providers At the end of this step-by-step article, I've also included a downloadable lab guide and a 130-line PowerShell script for initial provisioning.

Opciones tecnológicas The more you read, the more you know Explore tech Coder for Raspberry Pi A simple way to make web stuff on Raspberry Pi. Coder is a free, open source project that turns a Raspberry Pi into a simple platform that educators and parents can use to teach the basics of building for the web. New coders can craft small projects in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, right from the web browser. Download Coder

Dynamic Drive CSS Library- Horizontal CSS Menus Welcome to Dynamic Drive's new CSS library! Here you'll find original, practical CSS codes and examples such as CSS menus to give your site a visual boast. Page 5 of 8 pages « First < 3 4 5 6 7 > Last » Modern Bricks MenuThis is a modern looking, imageless horizontal menu. Cloud Computing, Enterprise, Mobile, Security Solutions "Every solution Akamai has provided has proven more impactful." Akamai solutions are designed around the way you do business – instantly adapting to Internet conditions and optimizing the online experience for your customers with unparalleled performance and security. Our comprehensive set of solutions are built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform, providing the agility and visibility you need to manage your business through one unified and customizable interface - Luna Control Center. Akamai’s Internet experts and customer support personnel will serve as an extension to your own team, helping to get you up and running with ease and to inspire innovation as your online strategies evolve.

Dynamic Drive CSS Library- SuckerTree Horizontal Menu SuckerTree Horizontal Menu Author: Dynamic Drive SuckerTree Horizontal Menu is a CSS and DOM hybrid menu that's list based and supports multiple levels of sub menus. The trick to SuckerTree is a small adoptable piece of JavaScript that crawls the inner levels of a list menu and assigns the appropriate show/hide and positioning behavior to them. Searching DynamoDB Data with Amazon CloudSearch : Articles & Tutorials By Jon Handler and Siva Raghupathy This guide describes how to use Amazon CloudSearch to search DynamoDB data. Introduction Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. While DynamoDB supports GET and query, it lacks a rich query capability - there is no simple way to retrieve items based on matches within item attributes. Amazon CloudSearch is a fully-managed search service in the cloud that allows you to easily integrate fast and highly scalable search functionality into your applications.

Dynamic Drive CSS Library- DD Color Tabs II DD Color Tabs II Author: Dynamic Drive Based on the same design as DD Colors Tabs, this second version flips the tabs over to create an inverted look. Just like the original, you can modify the menu's default and hover colors just by altering the two color values inside the CSS code.

Helpers Helpers are used in templates to help you insert snippets quickly. You can see Plugins to learn how to build a helper plugin. url_for Returns a url with the root path prefixed. You should use this helper instead of config.root + path since Hexo 2.7. relative_url Whatever:hover Hi there! This script is from 2003, and targets a flaw in IE6, which at its peak was a really popuplar browser. Today (oct 2011) it no longer is, and as such this script should not really be necessary anymore. Please try to convice your client, project manager or boss, that not every browser needs to display a website the exact same way; it is the content that matters. And if you really still need to support IE6, don't use :hover for interaction.

SharePoint Pro: By Admins, Devs, Industry Observers By Dmitry Kagansky There’s a great term that I came across recently that describes what is happening, not only within the SharePoint community and user base, but at organizations everywhere. That term is “work shifting.” It implies not only that the work people are doing on a regular basis is changing, but where, when, and how they are doing it is also different. Work shifting also implies that certain burdens are being moved to other people areas, or tools, and nowhere is that more evident than with SharePoint.

QuickBooks Pricing *LIMITED TIME OFFER: 20% off the monthly price for QuickBooks Online Simple Start for the first 12 months of service, 30% off the monthly price for QuickBooks Online Essentials for the first 6 months of service, 40% off the monthly price for QuickBooks Online Plus for the first 6 months of service, 50% off the monthly price for QuickBooks Simple Start with Payroll for the first 6 months of service, 50% off QuickBooks Online Essentials with Payroll for the first 12 months of service, 50% off QuickBooks Online Plus with Payroll for the first 12 months of service, starting from date of enrollment, followed by the then current monthly price. Your account will automatically be charged on a monthly basis until you cancel. Offer not applicable with free trial.

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