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How To Create URL Shortener With Your Domain We use shortening URL services like TinyURL,,, etc on daily basis. These services are great, but have you thought of creating something similar your own? Setting up such service on your own is fairly easy, and if you are using WordPress it too comes with a plug-in that work seamlessly well. YOURLS (Your Own URL Shortener) is what we’re talking about. It’s a free PHP script created by Lester Chan and Ozh Richard that allow you to create something similar to TinyURL and Easy to install – If you’ve got no problem installing WordPress, then setting YOURLS is a piece of cake.Customizable links – You can customize the links instead of the random characters that make no sense.Statistics – An admin page that allows you to manage and keep track of details like date of creation, IP, clicks, etc.Public/Private links- You control whether this service is available for public to use or yourself only.Bookmarklet – Easy bookmarklet to create your own short URL on the fly. 1. 2. 3.

2.0 - a PHP charting library You'll find on this page the public version of the pChart library. Only major version are published here. If you want to have access to the latest devel archive you'll need to be part of the early adopters community. After downloading the archive, if you feel lost, please go to the documentation portal by clicking on the top right "Documentation" link. Release Notes Updated drawPlotChart() to size the plot based on the serie weight. Added the drawXThreshold() function. Added the drawXThresholdArea() function. Added the AreaName param. to drawXThresholdArea() and drawThresholdArea(). Various visual enhancements. Fixed a bug in the drawPlotChart() function. Added shadow support for the Area charts. Added the BorderWidth parameter to the drawBubbleChart() function. Added the Shape parameter to the drawBubbleChart() function. Added the AXIS_FORMAT_CUSTOM for user callback handling. Rewritten the drawStackedAreaChart() function. Added support for labels on stacked charts. Added the EURO_SYMBOL constant.

Brain Games & Brain Training - Lumosity 10 Most Zen-Friendly Websites to Keep You Calm and Productive at Work Do you feel like you can no longer cope with the stress of meeting your deadlines? Does the lack of concentration stop you from focusing on your goals? Are you stuck or stressed out? Then put your headphones on. Try using some of the most Zen-friendly websites on offer that really work wonders for keeping your cool in the workplace. There are so many more sites like this out there, but — for the purposes of this article — I have included 10 of them that I use myself. 1. Yes, that’s exactly what you should do for the next two minutes. 2. also challenges you to sit still and quiet your mind. You can choose from the many calming atmospheres that are available — gentle waves, fields, waterfalls. 3. SimplyNoise uses white, pink and brown noise. 4. SimplyRain belongs to the SimplyNoise website and it simply plays the rain sounds for you. 5. This one’s my favorite and the one I use most often when I write. 6. You can’t afford spending every morning at Starbucks? 7.