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Timeline of History

Timeline of History


Historypin Great, you've started a collection - now it needs some pins. Great, you've created a tour - now it needs some pins. You can choose from exisiting pins on Historypin. Download 464 Free Art Books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art You could pay $118 on Amazon for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s catalog The Art of Illumination: The Limbourg Brothers and the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry. Or you could pay $0 to download it at MetPublications, the site offering “five decades of Met Museum publications on art history available to read, download, and/or search for free.” If that strikes you as an obvious choice, prepare to spend some serious time browsing MetPublications’ collection of free art books and catalogs.

Researchers Discover Bacteria That Produces Pure Gold Bacteria eats poison, poops out gold The gold you see in the photo above was not found in a river or a mine. It was produced by a bacteria that, according to researchers at Michigan State University, can survive in extreme toxic environments and create 24-karat gold nuggets. Pure gold. Maybe this critter can save us all from the global economic crisis? Of course not—but at least it can make Kazem Kashefi—assistant professor of microbiology and molecular genetics—and Adam Brown—associate professor of electronic art and intermedia—a bit rich, if only for the show they have put together.

Sarajevo under siege By: Abdulah Sidran Much has been written and said about the heroic defense of Sarajevo. A self-made army of young men in sneakers created a miracle. "One Angry Bird" : arcs émotionnels (Pierre) Methods All emotions were derived using the Microsoft Emotion API on standard video feeds. This service receives video as an input and outputs a timestamped identification of emotions detected in any faces present. The emotions detected are anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, neutral, sadness, and surprise --emotions that are understood to be cross-culturally and universally communicated with particular facial expressions. While this set of emotions is culturally the most robust, it is worth noting the imbalance between positive and negative emotions. There are five negative emotions, one neutral, one positive, and surprise, which is ambiguous.

Interactive timelines: Comparing the reigns of Victoria and Elizabeth We've sent an email with instructions to create a new password. Your existing password has not been changed. We'll send you a link to create a new password. {* #forgotPasswordForm *} {* traditionalSignIn_emailAddress *} {* backButton *} {* forgotPassword_sendButton *} Discover Fascinating Vintage Maps From National Geographic's Archives Cartography has been close to National Geographic’s heart from the beginning. And over the magazine’s 130-year history, maps have been an integral part of its mission. Now, for the first time, National Geographic has compiled a digital archive of its entire editorial cartography collection — every map ever published in the magazine since the first issue in October 1888. The collection is brimming with more than 6,000 maps (and counting), and you’ll have a chance to see some of the highlights as the magazine’s cartographers explore the trove and share one of their favorite maps each day.

Explore - Low-Tech Lab Poelito - Mass stove, semi-dismountable Semi-dismountable inertial mass stove. A mass stove or accumulation stove is a household heating device. Its mass, composed of heavy materials (rock, brick or concrete), stores the energy of a daily unique and intense fire (1 to 3 hours). It spreads back the heat during 24 hours, once the fire is out. Edward Snowden: The Untold Story The afternoon of our third meeting, about two weeks after our first, Snowden comes to my hotel room. I have changed locations and am now staying at the Hotel National, across the street from the Kremlin and Red Square. An icon like the Metropol, much of Russia’s history passed through its front doors at one time or another. Lenin once lived in Room 107, and the ghost of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the feared chief of the old Soviet secret police who also lived here, still haunts the hallways. But rather than the Russian secret police, it’s his old employers, the CIA and the NSA, that Snowden most fears.

Sonos & Spotify (Ksenia Lotnik) How We Connect We maintain connections in their hundreds, sometimes thousands, on social media and our networks of “friends” are linked by likes and shares. We can go for months without a face to face interaction with some of the people we consider closest to our hearts. Ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses Facts For Kids Ancient Greek Gods Welcome to our Greek Gods and Goddesses page here on History for Kids. We have some fun facts and pictures for you to color. You will learn some interesting facts about each God as you read down the page.

Terrorism, Counterterrorism, and Unconventional Warfare chemical and biological weapons: global terrorism: WMD terrorism: terrorism in the United States:

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