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Red Bull Stratos

Red Bull Stratos

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At the Heart of Hartley-2, a New Breed of Comet? At the Heart of Hartley-2, a New Breed of Comet? At the heart of every comet lies a remnant of the dawn of the solar system. Or is that remnants? For Hartley-2, the answer so far is neither. Both data collected by Mumma's team and detailed images of the comet taken by NASA's EPOXI mission reveal that the comet's core is not uniform. The researchers observed Hartley-2 six times during the summer, fall and winter of 2010, both before and after the EPOXI mission's Deep Impact spacecraft had its November rendezvous with the comet. The gases and rocky particles that make up the coma are the clues that astronomers use to deduce what the core is made of, and thus its origin. Ices in Hartley-2 are mostly made of water, along with traces of many other types of molecules, the team learned. The release of the molecules depends a great deal on exposure to the sun. First of all, they saw the comet's wild side. EPOXI's Deep Impact spacecraft had a rendezvous with the comet in November 2010.

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