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Free_elearning_tools2.pdf (Objecte application/pdf )-Mozilla Firefox

Free_elearning_tools2.pdf (Objecte application/pdf )-Mozilla Firefox

Top Free E-Learning Tools-Mozilla Firefox A Guide to Free E-Learning Tools Inside Learning Technologies Magazine, December 2007 Jane Hart , from the Centre of Learning and Performance Technologies talks to us about the pros and cons of choosing and using free tools, and suggests 10 free tools that can be used to create e-learning solutions quickly and easily. It is well known in the industry that you promote the use of free e-learning tools. Can you tell us more about this? Over the years I have encouraged the use of free tools as an alternative to expensive commercial software, and have often been asked to recommend free tools to both individuals, e.g. academics and trainers, who wanted to produce their own materials as well as L&D departments with limited budgets. Because of the increasing interest in free tools, I began to compile a list of tools that could be used for different e-learning activities, and recently expanded this to include commercial tools. What does “free” actually mean?

The University of Edinburgh Camtasia Studio, Screen Recorder Software, Product Tour Camtasia Studio Features Top New Features TechSmith Fuse TechSmith Fuse, our new mobile app, makes it simple to get exactly what you need from your devices into your projects. Google Drive Camtasia’s new Google Drive integration lets you upload your videos into Google Drive to give your viewers access from any web browser or mobile device. Capture What You're Seeing and Doing Capture smooth, high-quality videos. Construct more engaging videos faster with multiple video and audio tracks. Personalize your videos. Easily import HD video, photos, music, and more to create unique videos that stand out. Create Videos with Professional Polish Put yourself in your videos. Superimpose yourself into your videos, and make it appear as though you’re right in the action. Edit videos faster. Use the crop tool to show your viewers exactly what you want them to see and nothing you don’t. Unleash your creativity. Construct more engaging videos faster with multiple video and audio tracks.

Concorde Career Colleges | Specializing in Healthcare Training Homepage | University of Abertay Dundee Collaborize Classroom - Online Education Technology for Teachers and Students Imperial College London eFront: Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning As an e-Learning consultant I was always a fan of open source software. Why? The answer is simple. Because I could use them as I wish, for whatever I wish, without long-term commitments and with the extra bonus of a community of professionals that use, extend and support them. In this post I am not going to talk about open source learning management systems such as eFront[1] but rather dedicated open source “authoring tools”. => If you know a free or open source authoring tool that is not included in the list I will highly appreciate if you write a comment with a link! Free & Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning What2Learn makes it easy for e-Learning developers to create interactive games and quizzes and track learners’ attainment. Create free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds! eXe Wink CourseLab Quandary An application for creating Web-based Action Mazes. Hot Potatoes

Howarths | antiques . interiors The University of Aberdeen free e-Learning authoring tool-Mozilla Firefox This is not an in depth review. Download and try it for yourself. It is free and does not tax your system. I love authoring software. With this stuff, you can do almost anything. Years ago on my Commodore 64 I had a program called CANDO that could make presentations. CourseLab is similar to those ancient tools. I am currently bouncing back and forth between it and eXe, another fine free tool. I have not tested its SCORM compliance, but all reports are good.

The Rapid eLearning Blog Creating great interactive learning experiences requires a few core building blocks: relevant content, pull versus push, and real-world decisions. With those building blocks you're able to structure effective learning scenarios that are meaningful to the learner and helps meet the objectives of the course. One of those building blocks in creating relevant content or content that is placed in a meaningful context. Essentially, you want to recreate the types of scenarios that are similar to the ones the learner has in real life. This allows them to see the content in ... Read the full article After last week's post on the different drag & drop interaction examples, I had quite a few emails asking for tips on how to create drag and drop interactions for elearning. Sliders are used as a means to make adjustments/selections or as a simple way to navigate content. It helps to look at what others are doing to get ideas and inspiration for your own work. Create ...

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