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Indictments II, a disappointing sequel? The Special Tribunal for Lebanon is lucky to have Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah as a foe. On Tuesday, he again described the institution’s accusations as part of a conspiracy against Hezbollah. Were it not for the secretary-general, whose anxiety tends to confirm the tribunal’s seriousness, observers might have examined more critically the shortcomings in the United Nations investigation of Rafik Hariri’s assassination and those of many others between 2005 and 2008. Dante’s inferno: massive riots in Rome — pictures and videos 200,000 peaceful protesters march on Rome, but an army of riot police and a small militia of anti-capitalist urban guerrillas wreak havoc across the city. As the European debt crisis spills over from Greece to Italy, so do the flames of indignation spread from Athens to Rome. On Saturday, the Italian capital was the theater to a spectacular 200,000-strong peaceful anti-austerity march. But a small minority of dedicated militants turned their sights on the authorities. Violent clashes broke out that led to at least 100 injuries and countless torched police vans and cars, broken shop windows and unearthed cobble stones. Makeshift bombs were detonated, missiles and Molotov cocktails fired at police, a church was ransacked, and the Ministry of Defense set ablaze.

Call for Transition Day on November 5th The 5th. of November is becoming a day for global actions, for going from the theory to the praxis and the Bank Transfer Day or Transition Day, or operation CashBack is spreading faster than light! (Seen on Fox Business, Good Morning San Diego, EVBLive, Fox13, msnbc). Greetings to the people of the world, We are Anonymous In this day, as we speak, there is a revolution brewing. People all over the world have woken up, people all over the world want to take back control of their money and their lives. They are tired of being fed lies and they have called for everyone around the world to join them in occupying the world. We Are the 99 Per Cent I have spent the last two days at the Occupy Wall Street gathering. It was a beautiful display of peaceful action: so much kindness and gentleness in the camp, so much belief in our world and democracy. And so many different kinds of people all looking for a chance at the dream that America had promised them. America has been debased and degraded by greed.

The Political Notebook — Yesterday at #OccupyOakland in pictures: Occupy... The Political Notebook Yesterday at #OccupyOakland in pictures: Occupy protesters swarmed the port area during yesterday’s general strike in the thousands, effectively shutting it down. Protests went from peaceful to violent when police and groups of protesters clashed . Flash bang grenades and tear gas were used. 125 notes

Civil and Uncivil Violence in Lebanon: A History of the Internationalization of Communal Conflict In this long-awaited work, Samir Khalaf analyzes the history of civil strife and political violence in Lebanon and reveals the inherent contradictions that have plagued that country and made it so vulnerable to both inter-Arab and superpower rivalries. How did a fairly peaceful and resourceful society, with an impressive history of viable pluralism, coexistence, and republicanism, become the site of so much barbarism and incivility? Khalaf argues that historically internal grievances have been magnified or deflected to become the source of international conflict. From the beginning, he shows, foreign interventions have consistently exacerbated internal problems. Lebanon's fragmented political culture is a byproduct of two general features.

Would Jesus Occupy Wall Street? There’s a fascinating article at Michigan Live about the faith community’s efforts to connect to the burgeoning Occupy Wall Street movement. I must say (and I’m as secular as they come) I did actually describe my three recent visits to Occupy Wall Street to several people as being like “Going to a new church and EVERYONE you meet is friendly and very WELCOMING.” There’s something special going on at Zuccotti Park and if you think otherwise you are… wrong. It makes sense that a state as hard hit economically as Michigan has been would have clergy so supportive of the anti-capitalist protests.

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