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That Video Site - The Best of Internet Media

Welcome to ClipShack Documentary Heaven | Watch Free Documentaries Online Annoying Orange | Fresh squeezed comedy Current TV: Official Site To Our Faithful Users: Current's run has ended after eight exciting years on air and online. The Current TV staff has appreciated your interest, support, participation and unflagging loyalty over the years. Your contributions helped make a vibrant place for discussing thousands of interesting stories, and your continued viewership motivated us to keep innovating and find new ways to reflect the voice of the people. We now welcome the on-air and digital presence of Al Jazeera America, a new news network committed to reporting on and investigating real stories affecting the lives of everyday Americans in every corner of the country. Thank you for inspiring and challenging us. – The Current TV Staff

SPOIL - A beautiful & powerful documentary on the Great Bear Rainforest SPOIL - A powerful documentary on the Great Bear Rainforest by EP Films. This stunning film shows the splendour of nature with beautiful photography and film footage. It highlights the nature we all want to protect, and how our incessant addiction to burn more oil, is helping to destroy it. It also shows how a First People live sustainably in wonderful wilderness. Learn also about the 'Spirit' bear, a rare white bear that walks this land. Spoil is a lovely film and a perfect way to encourage us all to help protect and nurture nature and not destroy it for the sake of dirty oil. And if you do ONE THING support the 38 Degrees Campaign to make Ecocide the 5th International Crime Against Peace by clicking the link and voting. Spoil won the Top Environmental Award at Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival. Find out more about the filmmakers:

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