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CSS Pattern Generator

CSS Pattern Generator
What is Patternify? Patternify is a simple pattern generator. I built it to save myself the pain of launching Photoshop just to export a 2px by 2px stripe pattern. Not only can you build your pattern online, but with the base64 code, you don't even need an image file anymore: just include the code in your CSS and you're ready to go! Instructions Draw your pattern on the grid.

WhatFont Bookmarklet « Chengyin Liu ← Back to Chengyin's main page What is the easiest way to find out the fonts used in a webpage? Firebug or Webkit Inspector? Tools of the Trade In my bookmarks bar, I’ve got a folder named “Tools” where I put all the useful widgets and sites I come across. The list was getting quite long so I decided to clean it up a little, and I thought it would be interesting to share the result. Without further ado, here are the sites, bookmarklets, and apps I use regularly in my design work. CSS3 Patterns Gallery Browser support The patterns themselves should work on Firefox 3.6+, Chrome, Safari 5.1, Opera 11.10+ and IE10+. However, implementation limitations might cause some of them to not be displayed correctly even on those browsers (for example at the time of writing, Gecko is quite buggy with radial gradients). Also, this gallery won’t work in Firefox 3.6 and IE10, even though they support gradients, due to a JavaScript limitation. Submission guidelines If you have a new pattern to submit, please send a pull request.

Cosmopolis Juliette Binoche is the only female in the world to be awarded the Best Actress award in all three main European Film Festivals: Cannes with “Certified Copy”, Venice with “Three Colors: Blue” and Berlin with “The English Patient”, confirming her unforgettable talent. In the latter, Juliette’s remarkable interpretation granted her an Academy Award. With the film “Chocolat”, which turned out to be one of her biggest successes, Binoche received an Oscar nomination.Her career has been paced by her astonishing versatility and audacity over her character choices. She is one of the most respected French actresses who has worked with highly renowned directors from different countries. Jean Luc-Godard, Anthony Minghella, Abel Ferrara, Michael Haneke or André Téchiné are just a few names to have directed Juliette Binoche.

CSS3 Animations Made Easy The Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management platform simplifies the challenges of managing the software development lifecycle of web applications. Now you can seamlessly design, develop, and test data-intensive web applications and deliver the right user experience, on the right screen, at the right time. Sencha Platform for Web Application Lifecycle Management The Sencha portfolio of products and services forms an integrated, modular platform for managing the lifecycle of your cross-platform web applications. Sencha products can be deployed separately or together to form an end-to-end solution.

Slide in Captions <figure class="cap-left"><img src="yay.jpg" alt=""><figcaption> yay!!! </figcaption></figure> 7 Essential Features a CMS for Beginners Must Have When you are looking for a CMS, there are many factors to consider. Obviously, the feature it has is one of them. However, you also need to consider your skill level because when you are a beginner, you can’t take advantage of all the advanced features a CMS can offer. If you are a beginner looking for a CMS, or if you are an expert who needs to recommend a CMS to beginners, here are 7 essential features to consider when choosing a CMS for beginners: 1. Intuitive Interface

40+ Various High Quality Free Paper Patterns and Textures Resources September 2, 2010 Paper will never leave our lives, no matter how digitized we get. Its potential for beauty is celebrated in many designs today, whether in textures, layers, or other additional effects.

45+ Stunning Facebook Timeline Templates Personalizing your Facebook page has never been easier with these easy to customize Facebook Timeline Templates. Created by the amazing designers at, these Timelines are professional, modern and unique. Amaze your friends or show that your fan page or business page has a bit of style! With over 300 designs to choose from, these 45+ Facebook Timelines are my favorite. Circular Discography Template with jQuery Today we want to share a simple website template with you. The template will show some discography or music albums in a rounded fashion, rotating the albums when clicking on next or previous. When clicking on an album, we will open the album details view which contains a music player (jPlayer) and […] View demoDownload source 25 Examples of Perfect Color Combinations in Web Design Today we will show you some examples of websites that are using beautiful and inspiring color combinations that match perfectly and create an eye candy result. From delicate and smooth colors to strong duos and super colorful pages, we have several styles to show you. Color is definitely a very important element of web design, and if you are familiar with the Color Theory used in visual arts, you may know that even with a lot of studies, the reaction to colors is pretty subjective and people react differently.

20 Free Original Hi-Res Stained Paper Textures Ive had these fully stained paper textures scanned in a while now made by soaking them in coffee for a few days, you can see all the little details on them they look great in my opinion!. You may also like these 20 Free Original Hi-Res Grunge Stained Paper Textures that i also created Dont forget to keep checking Texture Lovers for free textures. See All The Textures On Flickr You can see all the textures in the Flickr set before you download any of the files below or simply use them directly from Flickr, the choice is yours.

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