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Google Finance: Stock market quotes, news, currency conversions & more

Google Finance: Stock market quotes, news, currency conversions & more

Wave - Communicate and collaborate in real time As we announced in August 2010, we are not continuing active development of Google Wave as a stand-alone product. Google Wave will be shut down in April 2012. This page details the implication of the turn down process for Google Wave. Stage 1: Google Wave is read-only -- January 31, 2012 In this stage, you will no longer be able to create or edit waves. Robots that try to write to a wave will stop functioning. During this time, you will continue to be able to export your waves using the existing PDF export feature. If you want to continue using Wave, there is an open source project called Walkaround that includes an experimental feature to import all your waves from Google.

Google Actualités SEC - EDGAR Skip to Main Content Company Filings | More Search Options EDGAR | Search Tools Free access to more than 20 million filings Since 1934, the SEC has required disclosure in forms and documents. EDGAR Search Tools You can search information collected by the SEC several ways: Custom searches Resources Researching Public Companies Through EDGAR: A Guide for Investors In this guide, you’ll find tips for using EDGAR and answers to frequently asked questions about researching public companies. Buzz Google Buzz n'existe plus. Si vous n'avez pas lu tous vos posts Google Buzz avant l'arrêt du service, sachez que nous avons archivé votre contenu et l'avons enregistré sur Google Drive. Nous y avons créé deux dossiers : un qui contient un aperçu de vos posts Buzz publics et un autre qui contient tous vos posts. Par défaut, tous les internautes disposant du lien approprié ont accès à vos posts publics. Ils peuvent également apparaître dans les résultats de recherche et sur votre profil Google (dans la mesure où vous l'avez associé à vos posts Buzz). Les fichiers contenant votre contenu Buzz sont traités de la même façon que tout autre fichier stocké sur Drive. Nous vous remercions d'avoir fait confiance à Google Buzz.

Orcut A VC’s Advice On How To Pitch VCs Editor’s Note: In this guest post, Raj Kapoor gives entreprenuers advice on how to pitch VCs. Kapoor knows both sides of the equation. For the past five years, he’s been a VC at the Mayfield Fund. Before that he founded the photo site Snapfish, which he sold to Hewlett-Packard. Its been almost five years now that I’ve been in venture capital. The one thing I do know is how to give better advice on pitching VCs now that I’ve sat through hundreds of pitches and made 8 investments. I’ve mentioned in the past that there are some key things you should include in your presentation when you are pitching a VC. Also, I’ve found that if all the informoation below is addressed succinctly in an executive summary or first pitch deck, it can help us make a much faster decision —which is what the entrepreneur wants and so do we. What Do You Do? I hope this helps. Photo credit: Flickr/Adam Bales

Google Reader Bootstrapper » Calculate This! 100 Financial Calculators Every E Calculate This! 100 Financial Calculators Every Entrepreneur Needs Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 1:27pm by Site Administrator By Eliza Morgan Many entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of having a separate accounting department, instead doing their own number crunching. Business Operations Don’t get caught off guard by the unexpected financial pitfalls of owning a business. Loans Unless you’re bootstrapping it, or you’ve come into quite a financial windfall, it’s likely that your business will need a few loans to get up and running. Debt Management Don’t let your loans get out of hand. Business Debt Consolidation: Have multiple business credit cards or loans holding debt for your company? Investment Make your business and personal investment tracking easy with these investment calculators. Taxes Unfortunately, taxes are an inevitable part of any business’ day to day life. Personnel Make the business of doing your payroll easier with these free calculators. Personal Finance

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