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jQuery Spritely

jQuery Spritely
jQuery.spritely is a jQuery plugin created by Artlogic for creating dynamic character and background animation in pure HTML and JavaScript. It's a simple, light-weight plugin with a few simple methods for creating animated sprites such as the birds you see on this page, and dynamic scrolling backgrounds. Hello! You can use it on any html web page, and any part of the page can interact with a sprite (click anywhere on this page and wait and you'll see what we mean). Spritely has the following great advantages it works well on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad - check out this page on an iPhone.

Demo > maxImage Scaling Plugin Caution: This example is meant for expert users. Remember, with FillElement you can often accomplish an offset scheme very easily... just set your containing element where you want the images to be displayed. Because the first rule of Maximage 2.0 is to try to remain hands off and out of your way, the built in support for offsets have been dropped with version 2.0. This doesn't mean they aren't possible.

10 Mistakes in Icon Design - Turbomilk 10 Mistakes in Icon Design Author: Denis Kortunov12 February 2008 It is much easier to criticize somebody else’s work than to create something cool yourself. But if you apply a systematic approach to criticizing, make a numbered list and prepare illustrations, it will be regarded as a fully-fledged analysis! 10 Easy jQuery Tricks for Designers There are plenty of jQuery tricks and techniques out there, and the vast and powerful jQuery library can meet almost anyone’s JavaScript’ing needs. Since jQuery makes JavaScript accessible to designers who want to add simple interaction and visual techniques into their design without knowing extensive programming knowledge, it’s worth a few moments to explore this excellent library. As any designer knows, adding small bits of extra visual detail and user-friendliness can add professionalism and appeal to any web design. In addition, for designers that sell templates, WordPress themes, and other types of web designs, the use of jQuery in a design can be a great selling point. Let’s take a look at ten simple, effective, and useful tricks and techniques from several excellent jQuery developers and sites around the web that leverage the library to take your designs to another level.

List of Accredited Registrars » auDA auDA Foundation Established in 2005, the auDA Foundation makes annual grants to promote and encourage education and research initiatives that will enhance the utility of the Internet for the benefit of the Australian community ANZIAs The ANZIAs are an annual event celebrating the achievements of organisations, businesses and individuals that have made significant contributions to the development and use of the Internet in Australia and New Zealand.

Scrollable Fixed Header Table – A JQuery Plugin « Jerome Bulanad This plugin allows html tables to be scrollable horizontally and vertically while headers are still visible and in tack with the columns. This plugin can be used in two modes: 1. Import dependencies Sad Keanu Reeves - The Latest Image Meme It all started with the above paparazzi image. Doesn't Keanu Reeves look so sad? Cheer up, guy! BubbleUp jQuery Plugin to Spice Up Your Menu Hey friend, in the previous jQuery Learning tutorial, I wrote an article that helps you to create your own jQuery plugin with the fun zooming effect. This plugin has received a lot of attention for a while and there are some suggestion from you guys to help this plugin to be better. I collected some interesting recommendations and bug fixes from my readers to write it again and release it. This plugin now is more flexible, easy to customize and working with all major web browsers with any size of images. Sounds cool? Enjoy it!

GLAMOUR Woman Of The Year Awards 2010: Outstanding Contribution: Yoko Ono Woman Of The Year Awards 2010 Woman Of The Year Awards 2010 Winners Radio Personality of the Year – Fearne Cotton UK TV Actress of the Year – Billie Piper Accessory Designer of the Year – Emma Hill Band of the Year – Florence + The Machine Entrepreneur of the Year – Nicole Richie Comedy Actress of the Year – Ruth Jones Film-Maker of the Year – Sam Taylor-Wood Presenter of the Year – Christine Bleakley Writer of the Year – Sarah Waters Sheer Infusion Newcomer – Alexandra Burke Sportswoman of the Year – Amy Williams Editors Special Award – Anna Kendrick Solo Artist of the Year – Lily Allen Film Actress of the Year – Zoe Saldana Woman of the Year – Cheryl Cole US TV Actress of the Year – Lea Michele TV Personality of the Year – Dannii Minogue Fashion Designer of the Year – Isabel MarantOutstanding Contribution – Yoko Ono Man of the Year – Aaron Johnson Like this:

jQuery et Wordpress Jquery Plus WordPress : Plugins and Tutorials Posted by Vikas Ghodke on April 7th in Tutorials. Worpress is one of the famous blogging and CMS platform used by bloggers and now many corporate websites too. Columnizer jQuery Plugin The Columnizer jQuery Plugin will automatically layout your content in newspaper column format. You can specify either column width or a static number of columns. And, of course, it’s easy to use! 17 Essential Twitter Apps for Your Health and Happiness Technology and social media have made it possible for you to share your goals for health and happiness with the world. Such connection can also help you take charge of your health care, as it adds some accountability and can even provide support from friends, online and off. There are a number of applications designed to take your tweets and turn them into information you can use to support better health and increased happiness. If you are interested in improving your health and happiness, here are 17 Twitter apps that can help you reach your goals: Fitness

MooTools Zoomer Plugin I love to look around the MooTools Forge. As someone that creates lots of plugins, I get a lot of joy out of seeing what other developers are creating and possibly even how I could improve them. One great plugin I've found is Zoomer by Anton Samoylov. Zoomer provides an elegant method for zooming in on large images. jFlip Gallery Demo A flipping page gallery Author: Renato Formato. Common HTML code for the examples jQuery code

Information Architecture: Enhancing the User Experience Defined as ‘the structural design of shared information environments’, information architecture focuses on bringing the principles of architectural design to the online world. Just like the blueprints of a dream home or the outline of a well-written article, good website structure organizes information in a way that enhances the user experience and delivers pertinent information as quickly as possible. In fact, most website visitors only become aware of information architecture when it is poor and stops them from finding the information they require. Read on for more details and a case study. As usual, you can leave us your feedback at the end of the post…