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12 iPhone Tricks You Might Not Have Known (iPod Touch Tricks Included)

12 iPhone Tricks You Might Not Have Known (iPod Touch Tricks Included)
Follow Us on Pinterest! Update: When you’re done reading this, check out 8 More iPhone Tricks You Might Not Know. Whether you’re an iPhone rookie or a weathered pro, take a look at these quick-and-easy iPhone tips and tricks which not only save you time, but ease your overall iPhone experience. (These items are listed in no particular order.) Scroll to Top of Page - In any application, Safari included, you can automatically scroll to the top of the page by tapping on the “top bar”, which has the time, service bars, and battery. Continue reading for the next 11 useful iPhone tips and tricks. 2. When typing a URL in Safari, you don’t have to type the “www” or the “.com”.For instance, for just type “cnn” in the URL box. 3. Hold down the “.com” key for “.net, .edu, .org” keys. 4. Hold a letter for a popup of various versions of the character (i.e. to type Espa√±a with the “√±” simply hold “n” and simply slide/release to the appropriate character). 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. See also: Related:  iPhone Tips & Tricks

There Are Six Secret Buttons On The iPad's Split Keyboard I never, ever use the iPad’s split virtual keyboard – for some reason (finger size, I suspect) I just can’t get away with it, poor old me. However, for those of you who often hold down the hide keyboard icon and “split” the iPad’s virtual keyboard into two, smaller pieces, something of a major discovery has been made by David Chartier of Finer Things: the iPad’s split keyboard has six secret, invisible virtual buttons. Yes – “OMG,” indeed: the buttons, highlighted in the below image, are intended to make typing on the split keyboard a little easier. Take a look at the image, and you’ll see what I mean: If you often use the split keyboard, try typing in those open spaces to the left and right of the keyboard segments, and check out the discovery for yourself. Let us know in the comments!

iBiblia – The Ultimate iPhone Glossary As an iPhone user, you’ve probably found yourself in lots of “iPhone” conversations, especially lately with the release of the App Store and iPhone 3G. If throughout those conversations you’ve found yourself thinking, “Wait, isn’t jailbreaking and unlocking the same thing?” or “What does he mean by Pwnage“, then this glossary is for you. This glossary has lamens terms explanations of every iPhone term which seemed potentially confusing. If there’s something you’re confused about that we didn’t include, please let us know and we’ll update! (Note: The terms are listed in a semi-alphabetical, semi-logical flow manner. Activation - The process of registering your iPhone with Apple and AT&T. Accelerometer – A tiny 3 axis device which comprehends the iPhone’s physical position. Bricking - To take all function away from an iPhone or iPod Touch hence rendering it as nothing more than a shiny “brick”. Baseband - The iPhone consists of “two parts”, a computer half and a modem half. File System – Cydia -

how to Transfer Music from Ipod to Computer Easy free way for how to tranfer music songs from ipod to your computer or itunes. Best post for how to get songs from ipod to pc. this method is same for all type of ipod whether it is ipod nano, touch or shuffle to copy music. This post help to transfer music from ipod to pc or iture.But if you want to download songs to ipod here is the way how to Download Music to Ipod. As a new to ipod there are lot of question and problem about how to transfer music from ipod to computer and itune. 1. Now you can find ipod into my computer as a Removable Disk usually drive E:, F: or G:). Go to tools > folder option then click on view tab > choose show hidden files and folders and click ok. 2. •Look in the iPod drive, and open a folder called iPod_Control • There is one music folder. o If you want all the data from ipod then copy whole music folder and If you want only some files then select those individual files and copy them. • Select the folder you want to import and click OK.

How to disable your iPhone camera connected message in Windows X Tired of that “Camera connected” notification window? This recipe explains how Windows XP users can disable/change autoplay options when connecting an iPhone to a PC. Hint, its not in iTunes. Sick of getting this Camera connected prompt each time you connect your iPhone to your PC (windows xp)? Lets fix that! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. or You can also change your option to start a certain application such as the Microsoft Scanner and Image Wizard (transfer pictures from iphone to xp by davak) Voila! About Jimmy Selix Jimmy Selix is an early adopter that loves to be one of the first on the block to have the latest and greatest in technology and gadgets. Share this article If this article helped you, please THANK the author by sharing. The Conversation Follow the reactions below and share your own thoughts.

Eight great iPod hacks, mods and tricks The iPod is a deeply personal device. The music, contacts, calendars and notes you store on it reveal much about your personality. From playcounts to playlists, our iPods can tell others what we enjoy, how we think and even who we are. But if you truly want to transform your iPod into an engine of extreme personal expression, why not customize it? Hacking an iPod—whether it’s modding the case, installing custom software, or tearing it up and doubling the memory—can transform the ubiquitous music and media player into something unique. 1. We went over this customization in our last look at iPod hacks, but we’re featuring it again as iPod Linux is the essential hack, table stakes for many of the other hacks you might want to try. 2. Everyone loves Wikipedia. 3. One of the two most daring iPod hacks we’ve come across was this build featured on multiarcade. 4. If you have a lot of movies on DVD, odds are you’ve thought of transferring them to your iPod. 5. iPod to TV on the Cheap 6. 7. 8.

The Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials The Apple iPad is an amazing tablet, and to help you get the most out of it, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of every tip, trick, and tutorial for you. Read on for more. Note: This article was originally published earlier this year, but we’ve updated it with a real lot more content since then, so we’re republishing it for you. How to Maximize Your iPad’s Battery Life So you got yourself a shiny new Apple device, but you’re so addicted that the battery is running out way too soon—what you need is a couple of tips to keep your battery running for as long as possible, and we’ve got them here. How to Maximize Battery Life on Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch How to Lock the Screen on Your iPad with iOS 4.x If you upgraded to the latest iOS release on your iPad, only to figure out that the screen orientation lock doesn’t work anymore, here’s how to lock the screen using the new, annoying method. How to Lock the Screen Orientation on Your iPad (with iOS 4.2) How to Pause an iPad App Install

Do Not Track : Yahoo tire un trait dessus Pouvoir signaler, depuis son navigateur, ne pas vouloir faire l’objet d’un suivi publicitaire, c’est le principe du Do Not Track. Le DNT pourrait bien encore longtemps ne rester qu’un simple principe et ne finalement jamais s’appliquer. Yahoo vient d’ailleurs de siffler la fin du match. L’acteur du Web annonce qu’il ne tiendra plus compte de ce paramétrage du navigateur, dont il revendique avoir été une des premières sociétés majeures du secteur à l’implémenter. Yahoo, le faux ami du Do Not Track Mais pourquoi renoncer – même si Yahoo n’a jamais véritablement adhéré ni implémenté le Do Not Track ? C’est vrai (même si une étape importante a récemment été franchie), mais en grande partie en raison des manœuvres de ces mêmes entreprises pour éviter de parvenir à la formalisation d’un tel standard. Sur la confidentialité des moteurs, Yahoo avait déjà reculé Enfin, Yahoo n’en est pas à son premier revirement en matière de traitement des données personnelles.

Computer Stupidities: The World Wide Web One time, I caught my Mom working at the computer, printing out information for my brother's report. She was reading an article at Wikipedia, and she didn't know that if you edit Wikipedia, it stays there for the entire world to look at. So she was editing most of the links, pictures, and headings out -- and even put a little more at the top: "Here is the info, sweetie, good luck!" She almost pressed 'Save' when I went over and asked her what she was doing. She said, "I'm editing out the things [my brother] doesn't need." I used to do tech support for a company that made computer accessories and video game accessories. Tech Support: "Well, just go to [URL]." Back in 2001 our public library had a bunch of Internet terminals running Windows 98 with Internet Explorer. I told him about the 'back' button. This conversation took place through email. Customer: "I need something off the web, and I don't have any way to use a browser!" Overheard in a computer lab: Student: "I'm not on a web site.

Jailbreak et desimlockage iPhone 2.0 Towables are constructed of artificial fibres such as for instance nylon, polyester, PVC or neoprene. Polyester is the most durable while neoprene is the preferred & most expensive. If you have kids, you might like the latter. Before you even Norcross atlanta towing begin to decide what kind of motorcycle trailer to purchase you have to decide what you are likely to use your motorcycle trailer for and what features you need in a motorcycle trailer. Safety always comes first! You never want to end up getting a motorcycle trailer that is too big or heavy for the motorcycle. One aspect Alpharetta towing company to consider when buying new tires for the trailer is that larger tires rotate more slowly and generate less heat. That’s Norcross towing company how a business owner develops themselves. First we must know that not all vehicles are design for each kind of trailers, as not totally all trailers were created for many sort of load.

ZigTags / Published News Adding Bookmarklets on iPad and iPhone I made this page out of frustration. There is simply no easy way to add bookmarklets to your iPad or iPhone. I blagged a little about that here. I don't use Safari on my desktop, so I don't sync my bookmarks to my iDevices. So I took a few minutes to copy the Javascript from all my bookmarklets and made this iPhone/iPad formatted page with all the Javascript in a selectable textarea for each bookmarklet. This way I could open up the page on my gadgets, and in about 5 minutes have all of my important bookmarklets loaded into Safari on both my iPad and my iPhone. I know this is far from ideal, and even further from anything resembling a solution, but until some smart person comes up with a way around this, or until Apple adds some better bookmark management or add-on capabilities to mobile Safari this will have to do for now. I'll leave this page up for anyone who wants to add some of these bookmarklets to Safari on their own iPads or iPhones. Instructions: 1. Bookmarklets:

iPhone 5s - Conseils et astuces How to: Make a Hand-Drawn Font  If our freebies have benefited you personally or have helped you earn a profit please consider donating via paypal. Donate Now Before I start, let me say that this is by no means the only way to make a hand drawn font. Ever since I began giving away fonts, I’ve had many requests for me to write a tutorial on my font making process, so here it is. This is how I do it, and depending on your responses, I can go deeper into a FontLab Studio tutorial. This tutorial, however, is designed to reveal my process from start to finish. 1. I like to use India Ink and a primitive Bamboo Pens (above) to draw my characters, but you can even just use a pencil and paper if you like. 2. Take whatever tools you choose to use and start cranking out letter forms. 3. Next, I scan the images in at a relatively high resolution. 4. In order to get a better final result, I adjust the contrast of the scan. 5. 6. Vectorize your image using Live Trace to get the results your happy with, then hit “Expand.” 7. 8. 9.

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