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Promoting critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems

Promoting critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems
Urban gardeners don’t like to talk about contaminated soil. After all, who wants to dwell on the chemical legacy of industry, illegal dumping, paint chips, and leaded gasoline when you can discuss bees, the weather, or the cool purple beans you’re growing? But city growers must tackle this elephant-in-the-room subject. That’s the message {*style:<a href=''>*}Brent Kim{*style:</a>*}, a program officer at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, wants you to know.

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Food Science Network Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring, pale blue gas that makes up the familiar UV- shielding “ozone layer” in the Earth’s stratosphere. Unlike oxygen molecules (O2), ozone molecules are composed of 3 oxygen atoms (O3) instead of the two. Ozone is an unstable gas that readily decomposes into oxygen and it has a half-life of only 20 minutes in room temperature water. Ozone is formed naturally through the electrical discharge produced by lightning or when the sun’s ultra-violet rays reacts with the Earth’s stratosphere. Ozone can also be produced commercially with the help of ozone generators.

LESSIG Blog, v2 On Tuesday, Berkeley City Council adopted unanimously an ordinance inspired by Councilman Max Anderson, and which I and Robert Post helped craft. I was very happy to bat cleanup in an effort that has been underway for years. But there’s some serious misunderstanding about the ordinance and its purpose.

Tomorrow Machine Client: Innventia What will the future bring? How will materials from our forests be used in 20 years? Innventia commissioned Tomorrow Machine to design 3 demonstrators inspired by Ekoportal2035, a vision of the future that has forest-based renewable materials at center stage. Institute's Nourishing the Planet. Blog of Danielle Nierenberg Highlighting Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture. Share By Kristen Thiel Iroko trees are native to the west coast of Africa. Bacterial Communities Associated with the Surfaces of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fresh fruits and vegetables can harbor large and diverse populations of bacteria. However, most of the work on produce-associated bacteria has focused on a relatively small number of pathogenic bacteria and, as a result, we know far less about the overall diversity and composition of those bacterial communities found on produce and how the structure of these communities varies across produce types. Moreover, we lack a comprehensive view of the potential effects of differing farming practices on the bacterial communities to which consumers are exposed. We addressed these knowledge gaps by assessing bacterial community structure on conventional and organic analogs of eleven store-bought produce types using a culture-independent approach, 16 S rRNA gene pyrosequencing. Our results demonstrated that the fruits and vegetables harbored diverse bacterial communities, and the communities on each produce type were significantly distinct from one another. Figures

The six tech policy problems Congress failed to fix this year August isn’t the top time of year for thinking about tech policy. For many, it’s vacation time, a month when Americans are more focused on hacking a path to the nearest beach than hacking their computers. Congress just left for vacation too, heading home last week for its traditional August recess. When it returns to Washington, election season will be in full swing, which means that betting on the passage of any bold legislation later this year is a long shot. In light of that, now (and not December) is when we can look back at what activists, companies, and lawmakers were hoping to accomplish in the 113th Congress—compared to what actually happened. Food is a drug, and we have to learn to say no Food is one of the most crucial issues of our time. In America, 13 people die every hour from food-related illnesses, but we have no real solution to the obesity problem – the issues are myriad, and too ingrained in all corners of our life and our profit-loving world for any one idea to work. And politicians like simple ideas. So while there should indeed be a tax on sweetened fizzy drinks, that won't solve the problem on its own.

How to Grow Mustard January 23rd, 2009 Email 148 users recommend Phillip Harvey Louisa Rawle Tiné Nutritional Effects of Food Processing This page is an overview of some of the effects that cooking and other food processing methods have on the nutritional value of foods. See the sections below for specific notes on: Freezing, Drying, Cooking, and Reheating Nearly every food preparation process reduces the amount of nutrients in food. In particular, processes that expose foods to high levels of heat, light, and/or oxygen cause the greatest nutrient loss. Afghanistan and the Artificial US War on Terror (Gopal Anand's New Book) By Juan Cole I guest-hosted a book salon over at Firedoglake on Sunday concentrating on Anand Gopal’s expose of the so-called ‘war on terror’ in Afghanistan. Below is my review of the book. Do go to FDL to read the whole salon, where Mr. Gopal was kind enough to answer our questions about the book and the subject.

Gallup Historical Trends Do you feel confident or not confident that the food available at most grocery stores is safe to eat? Do you feel confident or not confident that the food served at most restaurants is safe to eat? How much confidence do you have in the federal government to ensure the safety of the food supply in the U.S., would you say you have -- a great deal, a fair amount, not much, or none at all? Have you, personally, done any of the following in the past year as a direct result of a government food safety advisory or a product recall, or not? How about -- [RANDOM ORDER]? How to Grow Quinoa Days to germination: 4 to 5 days Days to harvest: 90 to 120 days Light requirements: Full sun Water requirements: Water occasionally during dry spells Soil: Well-drained and fertile Container: Not suitable for container growing Introduction First of all, the name of this grain plant is pronounced “keen-wa”, and its seeds are high in protein which makes it a nutritious grain to grow. The protein is considered a “complete” protein, a rarity in the plant world. This makes quinoa a popular food among vegans and vegetarians.

Nutrient Data : Food Composition and Nutrition Links Page Banner United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service You are here: Beltsville Area Home / Nutrient Data / About Us / Food Composition and Nutrition Links FDL Book Salon Welcomes Anand Gopal, No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban, and the War through Afghan Eyes Welcome Anand Gopal ( (Twitter) and Host Juan Cole (Informed Comment blog - (Twitter) No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban, and the War through Afghan Eyes Anand Gopal’s No Good Men Among the Living is a deconstruction of the American “War on Terror” as it pertained to Afghanistan.